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For the last few weeks Ia€™ve casually thrown around phrases like a€?hover your cursor over,a€? a€?press the Command key,a€? and a€?swipe to the side on your trackpad.a€? And while Ia€™m fairly confident that such suggestions are well within your powers to understand, ita€™s possible (likely, even) that you, your keyboard, mouse, and trackpad are not on entirely intimate terms.
Very broadly, we term any device you manipulate that causes letters to be typed, the cursor to move, external sounds recorded, or lines drawn an input device.
A Mac keyboarda€”whether ita€™s built into a laptop or ships with a desktop Mac such as an iMaca€”uses the traditional QWERTY typewriter layout in the United States.
At the bottom of the keyboard youa€™ll find not only the space bar but a few keys to either side. I just mentioned that the very top row of function keys perform certain operations by default. Command (a??): The Command key, which appears both to the right and left of the space bar, is the Big Kahuna of modifier keys. Shift (a‡§): Although the Shift key is most often used to capitalize letters or choose the punctuation characters above the number keys and other punctuation keys, it can also be used in combination with another modifier key. One great thing about the Mac OS is that these common key commands are used by nearly every application youa€™ll work with.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. It’s beautifully solid, the opposite of clunky, and I am rapidly getting very used to it. I had an apple wired keyboard on my PC for a while after giving up macs but not wanting to give up the interface. I bought my laptop in the USA and switched the windows language option to UK and got exactly that result so, maybe, you could get your delete by playing with the language options a bit? Interesting how comments spring to life when I write about something geeky to do with computers, which seems to be the one thing that all my readers have in common, apart from being my readers that is. It could be that the previous Rob has it right and you’re just pressing Ctrl when you should be pressing Fn. The del button on a full size Mac keyboard is on the numeric pad, which is why you don’t have one on your compact version.
As for that delete forward thing, well, I only have to put the cursor forward a few characters before deleting, and I am getting used to that. Using a Windows keyboard on a Mac is much more common if course, given that Apple sells the Mac Mini with few accessories and encourages people to use they keyboard, screen and mouse they have already if they like them. My main irritation concerning # is not so much that it requires the alt key as that the character is not printed on they key. I am not actually using a Mac keyboard with PC hardware running Windows - I am running Windows as a secondary operating system on my Mac.
Brian, if you want to always get the character printed on the key, I can install an appropriate driver on your computer. I doubt Brian is about to do this right now (although the current Mac Mini is a great little machine) but if he is he should wait a week or two, as rumours have it that a better and cheaper version will be released real soon now. Note that on some larger Apple keyboards Boot Camp maps F14 as the printscr button instead, allowing you to just hit F14 for the full screen or Option+F14 to grab a window.
These keystrokes are mapped to the Windows Print Screen function, and the screenshot will be copied into the clipboard which can then be pasted for use elsewhere.
Nice tip from MacTrast, who notes that you can also tweak a setting in Windows to remove the necessity of hitting the function key.

On the PC keyboard, you have the Ctrl (Control key), ? Win (Windows logo key), Alt (alternate key).
When used in applications, it often function as a modifier in combination with other modifier keys. If your Windows's keyboard layout is set to a European language, then right Alt plus a letter key inserts special characters. Under Mac, the Command key (labeled “?” or “cmd”) is used as a modifier key to invoke shortcuts. On Apple's keyboards, the main enter key is usually labeled “return” or just by a symbol “?”.
On the Mac, the Return ? key and the numeric keypad Enter ? key usually serve the same purpose, but sometimes different.
On the Mac, from early 1990s to 2006, the ? Delete key is almost never used, even in text editors. I think the difference is NOT just labeling; they may actually send different key signals, but the OS or keyboard driver software may interpret them so to user it's the same. These keys have old history back to the 1980's (or earlier) and in general are not used since 1990, except on Windows the PrtScn key is for screenshot.
All of these except the Arrow keys (the ones with the triangle symbols) are termed Modifier keys.
It is on todaya€™s Apple laptops and wireless keyboards, but some older keyboards still in use (and many third-party keyboards) dona€™t have a Function keya€”at least not in this position.
If youa€™re a Windows user you know these as the menus that appear when you right-click something. Known by many namesa€”pretzel, four-leaf clover, propeller, Apple key, puppy-foota€”the Command key is the modifier key youa€™ll most often invoke. So, regardless of which application youa€™re using, Command-S will always save the document youa€™re working in just as Command-Q will quit the application. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. We give you the scoop on what's new, what's best and how to make the most out of the products you love. When I installed it, there was a prepackaged set of drivers to install on Windows to get all the Mac hardware (including the keyboard) right. It’s not quite as convenient as having the screen capture saved directly to the desktop, but that’s just the way it works in theWindows world.
For example, pressing (and releasing) Alt by itself will activate the graphical menu, then the user can press a alphabetic key to invoke a menu command or use arrow keys to navigate the menu. For example, ?Alt+F4? closes the current window.When held down then type a number on the numeric keypad, it enters a special character. For example, in a browser, pressing right mouse button on a link pops up a context menu for that link. For example, in Mathematica since at least version 2 (early 1990s), the Return ? key is used to insert a line break, but the numeric keypad Enter is used to execute the code in the current cell (?? Shift+Return ?? does the same). For example, on desktop, select a file, pressing ? Delete will put the file to the “Recycle Bin”. But a digital drawing tablet with stylus, trackball, or even a microphone could be considered input devices.

Theya€™re called that because, when pressed, they modify the behavior of other keys you press at the same time. For example, if you press the F12 key all by itself, then the Maca€™s audio volume increases. If youa€™re just starting out on any computer, these are commands that apply to the context of your current activity. This is largely for the benefit of Windows users who are accustomed to finding such a key on their PCa€™s keyboards. For example, when saving a document you needna€™t traipse all the way to the File menu to choose Save. If youa€™re using an application with a metric ton of commands, youa€™re likely to see all kinds of key combinations when you visit these applicationsa€™ menus. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
Apple have decided to use the alt key as a second shift to make it possible to generate all kinds of characters directly that one cannot get on Windows keyboards. I suspect Brian has no such keyboard driver installed, which is why he is not always getting the character printed on the key. However, MS Windows also use the key to “go back”, such as going to a previous visited page in a browser. In any case, when either PC keyboard or Apple keyboard is plugged in on a Mac running Mac OS X 10.4, these keys have the same behavior (could be due to operating system). These are keys that, when pressed, cause the Mac to perform one trick or anothera€”make your Maca€™s screen brighter or increase the Maca€™s sound volume, for example.
When you press keys to make the Mac do something other than type a letter, number, or hunk of punctuation, youa€™re said to be invoking a keyboard shortcut or keyboard command.
Press fn along with F12 on a Mac running Mountain Lion and your Mac's display shifts to something called the Dashboard environment (something wea€™ll look at in a future column). Now you get a menu that includes New Folder, Get Info, Change Desktop Background, Clean Up, Clean Up By, Sort By, and Show View Options commands. As its name implies, pressing the Option key can cause optional or alternative actions to take place. And for this reason youa€™ll want to become familiar with each commanda€™s symbol so that you can recognize it in your applicationsa€™ menus.
This is fine, but different from Windows, and when it is being used to generate characters that are on Windows keyboards but are accessed differently, it needs slightly more signposting. The key's function is for the same purpose as the mouse's right button, or pressing ?? Shift+F10? in most applications.
You can use one modifier key with a a€?regulara€? key to invoke one of these shortcuts or commands or use multiple modifier keys along with another key.

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