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If you're interested in turning your PC into a Hackintosh, but you have no idea where to start, this is the right guide for you.
A compatible computer: Not every computer will work with Mac OS X, even with the help of tools like iBoot and Multibeast.
An empty hard drive: You cannot install Mac OS X on a hard drive that already has Windows installed. Unplug all USB-connected devices from your computer before you begin the setup (except your keyboard and mouse). Open up your computer and unplug any extra internal hard drives that your computer has, besides the hard drive that you're installing OS X on. NOTE: If you already have Windows installed on another internal hard drive in your computer, you may have to enable AHCI for Windows before installing Mac OS X.
SATA Control Mode (your BIOS might call this a different name) - This will probably already be set to "SATA", "IDE", or "RAID".
Keep in mind that the BIOS on most motherboards do not support using a mouse, so you'll probably have to navigate through the BIOS with the arrow keys on your keyboard. In the worst case scenarios, instead of loading the Mac OS X installer, you may end up at a dark gray screen that tells you to restart your computer (a kernel panic), or you may end up with a small crossed-out sign (a loading error). Normally, the installation screen will be loaded within a few minutes (5-10 minutes for me). You need to use Disk Utility to erase your hard drive so that OS X can install itself on it.
If you're not sure what Multibeast options are best for your computer, your best chance at finding the right setup is to Google your specific motherboard or computer model.

Though installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard on a PC is a rather simple process in theory, it can be a lot more difficult in practice. A faulty external USB hard drive can cause your Hackintosh bootloader to give you EBIOS errors on startup. To enter the BIOS on my own computer's Gigabyte P67A-D3-B3 motherboard, I have to press the delete key when it boots (before the operating system starts). However, installing OSX is incredibly prone to error, so it's best just to reset all of your BIOS settings to their factory defaults before doing anything.
Then press "F5" to refresh the iBoot menu, so that it can detect the new installation disk.
You will eventually come up to a page that asks you for a "destination" for your Mac install. In the sidebar of Disk Utility, choose your computer's hard drive and erase it by using the "Erase" tab (the Format should be set to "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)". Hackintoshes that have the newest generation of Intel processors (Sandy Bridge) get a kernel panic when they try to upgrade. Multibeast is a collection of kext files that you'll need to install for your Hackintoshes to have sound, internet, a high resolution screen, and more. For example, if your computer has a GA-P67A-D3-B3 motherboard like mine, Google "GA-P67A-D3-B3 hackintosh". If your PC is built of nothing but Hackintosh-compatible parts (known as "vanilla"), this entire process might only take around 2 hours.
On Gigabyte motherboards, you can reset your BIOS settings to their default by selecting "Load Optimized Defaults" on the main page of the BIOS.

After you finish installing Mac OS X, you should change this setting back to default, so that "Hard Disk" is the first boot device (this optional, but it will speed up your boot times). Check out this list of common boot flags for reference (PCIRootUID=1 -v -x is one popular combination of boot flags). If you want, you can then partition the hard disk by using Disk Utility's Partition tab (OS X cannot boot from a partition that's larger than 1 TB in size, so if you have a 2 TB hard drive, you will have to partition it). Different Hackintosh builds require different Multibeast setups, though most setups are very similar.
If you're lucky, somebody will have written a guide on installing OS X for your computer, and you can just copy their Multibeast setup.
This guide on installing Snow Leopard attempts to explain every part of the Hackintoshing process, from start to finish (with pictures, courtesy of Virtualbox). This time, instead of ejecting iBoot and inserting the Snow Leopard DVD, use your keyboard's arrow keys to select your hard drive with Snow Leopard installed, from the iBoot menu. If you have a Gigabyte GA-P67A-D3-B3 motherboard like me, check out my own Multibeast setup. If the installation doesn't boot within 30 minutes, try entering boot flags again (you may have to enter different boot flags this time).

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