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S4 V.2 Software Cable- the Series 4 monitor the PC interface connector is a mini-USB connector on the back of the monitor.
S4 V.1 Software Cable- the Series 4 monitor the PC interface connector is a 6 Pin mini Din connector on the back of the monitor.
S3 (later than version 1.8) Software Cable- the Series 3 model the PC interface connector is a 9 Pin serial connection on the back of the monitor. NOTE - older Series 3 monitors (early has the PC interface connector in the end of the spigot tube supporting the computer.
S2 Software Cable- the Series 2 and early Series 3 (version 1.8 and earlier) monitor has the PC interface connector in the end of the spigot tube supporting the computer.
If you have a separate sound system that connects to your computer, it is suggested that you use an RCA cord to hook up the advanced audio to your television.
For Mac users, you are able to simply use your DVI port along with an RCA cable to connect the computer to the television. PC users: Depending on the resolution and aspect ratio of your television, they may not be the same. Mac: Your computer will automatically adjust the resolution and aspect ratio, otherwise, you can find the settings under System Preferences to auto adjust them yourself. I have HDMI and VGA port with my newly purchased HP laptop but on the other hand in TV I have RCA port.
Do I need to install any software for that or is there any HDMI to RCA cable available in market, please guide me. I have been doing it a different was bu using a PC VGA to TV Converter Box its very simple and effective.
Ahora con tus compras en PcComponentes podras ir acumulando puntos y canjearlos por descuentos. Dans le premier cas, il te faut un ordinateur muni d'un carte TV ou alors tu peux passer par un adaptateur TNT USB, ce que j'ai fait.

Dans le deuxieme cas, il te faut au choix une sortie HDMI (recent) ou alors une sortie S-Video sur ta carte graphique.
Je ne mis connais pas tant que ca en branchement et cable mais il faudrait aussi que tu indiques ce que tu as du cote de ta television comme connectique. D'un cote j'ai branche la cable antenne car je trouve que les resultats avec la petite antenne sont moyens, mais cela depend ou l'on habite, et sur le PC cela se fait par un port USB. Pourquoi employe une cle USB TNT me diras-tu puisque d'autres moyens comme ADSL TV permet aussi d'enregistrer la television sur son ordinateur ? Si tu n'as pas de carte video, c'est etonnant mais bon toutes n'en n'ont pas, avec une sortie S-Video au moins, tu ne pourras pas, d'apres moi, brancher ton ordinateur a ta television.
L'ordinateur que tu decris ne semble pas avoir cela, mais la description est plus que legere. Si tu as le nom de ta carte graphique, peut-etre apres recherche, pourrait-on te dire si c'est envisageable ou non ?
Et avec HP Pavillon, on se sait rien car beaucoup de modele portent de le nom de cette gamme, que ce soit en portable ou en ordinateur de bureau. Paladin Tools PC cable mapper pro comes to you in a sturdy carrying case which has a rubber bottom to alleviate unnecessary shifting during transport or movement while in use.
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This interfaces with your serial port on your PC using a standard serial cable (or RS 232). First, you need to identify the connections on the back of both your computer and your television.
RCA cables are identified as three round plugs, white for audio, red for audio and yellow for composite video. When connecting it to a DVI port, however, you would need a DVI-to-HDMI cable for the video, and an RCA cable for the audio.

This requires you to adjust the settings on your computer so that the video will work properly onto your television.
Peut-etre le DVI si tu en as en plus du VGA pourrait le faire mais je ne connais pas trop, c'est ton second lien si je ne me trompe pa. Ce n'est que mon avis, il peut-etre faux, car comme je te l'ai dit, je ne suis pas specialiste de ca. Ce qui compte, c'est le processeur, la carte mere, la memoire, la carte graphique, et l'alimentation plus le systeme d'exploitation si un en ai fournit. You may make the cable yourself by following our specifications or you may order directly through WaterRower.
If you determine you do need these cables for your exterior audio equipment, also know that you are able to connect any RCA computer to your television by this method as well, without the use of an S-Video cable. You plug the VGA cable into your computer and into the box, and then use an RCA or an S-Video cable to connect it to the television. The device will shut down if not used within 30 seconds to help preserve the life of your battery. Also note that there are RCA to S-Video cables available for you to have the option to hook up an RCA prong device to an S-Video connection. It is usually identified as ‘S-Video’ on the back of both your television and your computer.
Here, you can adjust your screen resolution to match it to your television, and if you aren’t sure of your televisions settings, adjust it until you get the best picture. If you are able to locate this, then you simply need an S-Video cord, which you can purchase at any electronics store for less than $10.00 if you do not have it readily available.

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