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An excellent way to speed up your editing in Elements, on either the Mac or PC, is to start using keyboard shortcuts. When I first started photo editing I did everything using the pulldown menus, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Don’t worry if you do not understand what all of these keys do yet, all will become clear as we explore deeper into the wonderful world of Elements. In addition to the images above, which have limited practical use in this format, I have provided you a PDF which you can download to use or print. You are welcome to use this document however you wish, even put it on your own web site or blog, as long as you do not remove the Dark Side of the Lens information shown within.
Please visit my Facebook page to let me know what you enjoyed, what new material you would like to see, or any suggestions for improvement. As part of a recent online workshop I attended virtually, Adobe's Karl Soule mentioned that PCs seem to be getting 3-5% better performance in CS5 than Macs. I consider myself a technical person for better or for worse, and I'm well aware I spend way too much time using and talking about computers.
Despite the fact that it's not "officially" enabled yet (you have to apply this hack for now), the best price-performance GPU is the recently-released GTX 480, which retails for just shy of $500 and bests the $1,700 Quadro CX (which is a generation old).
Regardless of video card, there are no hard Mac numbers in the database right now because, as PPBM5 states, "there might possibly be a Mac version, we are looking for beta testers." So: do you have a Mac? I suspect the best of both worlds (meaning, PC pricing, with the Mac OS) would be to build a hackintosh specifically tailored for editing in CS5. Hey Men!, I would love to see how you put together your hackintosh, since I'm in Chile, and all the mac's products are waaaaaay to expensive (actually, they doble the original U.S. Get your FREE copy of the eBook called "astonishingly detailed and useful" by Filmmaker Magazine!
It's 100+ pages on what you need to know to make beautiful, inexpensive movies using a DSLR.
On one side sits Mac, smooth with graphics programs and video editing as well as being very intuitive. The problem is that both are really good at a hand full of things and not everyone is necessarily looking for all of the things that can make one better than the other. Most people in my generation grew up on PC so we innately know how to get around on one better and understand it more than we do the MAC.

The ability to endlessly upgrade a PC keeps it relevant for a longer period of time with less money.
MACs do not have anywhere near the upgradability as PC does meaning that when a MAC gets outdated the only options are to buy an entire new system or just deal with it. If you are using your computer for school mostly both systems carry versions of Word and Excel and neither really has a standout feature, unless you are doing video editing or graphic design, that would really sway me one way or the other. Se state leggendo questo articolo, molto probabilmente amate la musica quanto me, avete in mente di registrare delle canzoni a casa vostra e siete seduti. Come faccio a saperlo?
Beh, il testo che state leggendo e ospitato su un sito e, a meno che non l'abbiate stampato, lo potete leggere esclusivamente tramite un computer. Ho iniziato a registrarmi in casa nell'estate del '92: avevo 16 anni, una chitarra elettrica e la certezza di cambiare il mondo con la mie canzoni. The list is not exhaustive but it covers all of the ones that I feel you are likely to use frequently enough to make them worth remembering.
I am also happy to answer questions from my videos, or Photoshop Elements questions in general. PC is a never-ending debate, but when it comes to video editing, what we need are hard and fast numbers. I tracked Karl down afterwards and asked him why this was the case, and while he didn't offer an explanation for the 3-5% difference, he did say that PCs blow past Macs when it comes to super high-end configurations -- presumably, the new Mac Pros will alleviate this discrepancy.
However, when it comes to the vast untamed expanses of the internet, there are wayyy nerdier folks out there. If I built such a machine for my own editing needs (and for my budget), would you be interested in a how-to post here? On the other side, PC with its superior gaming abilities and unparalleled upgradeability glares across the now well-established battle lines. The MAC with its use of the app approach, among other features, works so well that even Windows tried to copy it in Windows 8. They can run many of the Adobe programs, but at last check, some powerful editing software such as Finalcut Pro X are MAC only. The Griffon News 6 days ago A new budget has been approved for the next fiscal year, but is it enough?
Even those these may seen, to some, an antiquated approach (who else remembers the days of using something like Wordperfect with huge keyboard overlays to help you remember eleventy hundred keyboard shortcuts?) they can greatly increase your speed when doing common tasks.

It would be impossible to generate a comparison of apples to apples (zing?) by using Final Cut Pro, since that NLE is only available on one platform. Some of these nerds (absolutely no offense intended, Bill Gehrke and Harm Millaard) have put together a site specifically for benchmarking Premiere Pro, giving it the unfortunate name of PPBM5. We'll see if it ever arrives, given it's apparently going to be absent from the new Mac Pros. People develop habits, finger movement - navigational sequences depending on what platform the are used to.
Instead, Adobe's CS5 suite is the ideal candidate -- and considering CS5 is 64-bit native on both OSes, it should be a fair fight.
Naming decisions aside -- the acronym sounds like it was imagined by a scatalogical toddler -- the site has the potential to answer a number of performance questions for editors. Run the benchmark and let's see how the two platforms compare when it comes to editing efficiency. Building a Super Hackingtosh using super components not designed for the MacOS is quite a challenge - something i have tried many times in the past four years. The best way to settle this would be to open the exact same CS5 project file on a Mac and a PC, play it back, render it out, and measure it in other ways -- on various machines, at different price points -- and compare the results. If you're looking to configure a PC for editing in CS5, this is a great resource, with real-world benchmarks across a number of different hardware configurations. ANd the problem is the MAC OS itself and the poor driver support and the very narrow range of hardware it supports. View on Facebook·ShareThe Griffon News 2 weeks ago Alex Atkinson and Ida Haefner have been named as commencement speakers for the Spring Commencement ceremony! Building a super computer means that you use that objective (a super computer) as your decision guide. Although I do have to add that they did cop to their mistake and did fix much of what was wrong with it.
When you are building a hackingtosh the OSX86 HCL is your decision guide - No supercomputer.

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