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Sie die aktuellste Version dieser Freeware für den privaten Gebrauch erhalten, finden im Kapitel Softwareempfehlungen. Klik op de onderstaande knop om het volgende toe te voegen: Phase 5 Rosso aan uw verlanglijstje. Half-stepping or microstepping a 5-phase motor actually increases torque by up to 10% due to more phases being energized. When the stator is energized it creates an electro-magnet which attracts the magnetic flux of the rotor. Using a Full-Step drive, a 2-phase motor repeats states every 4th step, while in a 5-phase motor the states repeat every 10th step. Once the motor completes a full 360° rotation, the same tooth is now lined up at the original starting point, eliminating mechanical error. The 2-Phase Full Step system energizes both Phase A and Phase B and switches between positive and negative to create rotation. The 4-Phase Excitation System is unique to 5-Phase motors and offers more stable operation. Microstep drivers divide the basic step angle of the motor by decreasing the current to one phase while increasing the current to the next phase in increments. Figure 2 - the current to phase A is decreased to 75%, while 25% of the current is now in phase B. Figure 3 - the current for both phase A and B is 50% so the rotor lines up directly in the middle of the two.
Figure 4 - phase A is now at 25% and phase B is at 75% so the rotor moves closer to phase B. Figure 5 - phase A is turned off and phase B is at 100% so the rotor finally lines up directly with phase B.

By microstepping the motor in this example we have divided the basic 500 steps per revolution of the 5-phase stepper motor by 5, increasing it to 2,500 steps per revolution. Microstepping not only provides a higher resolution, it also ensures smoother operation, lower vibration and less noise than other drives.
Learn More about ORIENTAL MOTOR's New 2-phase and 5-phase motors and drivers, the CVK Series. ORIENTAL MOTOR's Technical Support Team and Application Engineers will work with you to determine the best solution for your application. The graph to the right shows the vibration generated from a 5-phase motor versus the vibration generated by a 2-phase motor. 2-phase motors will lose torque by up to 40% when half-stepping and microstepping, however, many 2-phase drivers compensate by overdriving the opposite torque vector. Although the teeth on a motor are supposed to be square, the stamping process and age of the die can cause some of the teeth, or portions of the teeth to be rounded.
Any electrical error caused by imbalances in the phases is negated every 4th step in a 2-phase and every 10th step in a 5-phase, leaving only mechanical error. Since a 2-phase motor takes 200 steps per revolution it is almost perfect every 200 steps, while the 5-phase motors take 500 steps per rev and are nearly perfect every 500 steps. A motor will lose synchronism or miss a step when the teeth on the rotor don't line up with the correct teeth on the stator.
There are a number of ways to drive a stepper motor and the drive greatly affects the motor's performance. When coupled with a microstepping driver, the 5-phase motor can make steps as small as 0.00288°, however, position accuracy and repeatability are still subject to the motor's mechanical accuracy. Instead of the magnetic flux flowing directly, it can flow elsewhere when the teeth are rounded.

For applications requiring high precision, low noise and low vibration, 5-phase is the better technology. The rotor in turn is made up of three components; rotor cup 1, rotor cup 2 and a permanent magnet. Wave Drive, Full Step, Half Step and Microstep are the most common drive methods and each offers very different performances. The mechanical accuracy of both the 2-phase and 5-phase motor is ± 3 arc minutes (0.05°). This difference between the phases would cause the rotor to align more towards one phase than another. First, in order for a rotor tooth to not align properly another tooth must have aligned where it was supposed to. In order for this to happen the rotor must have either overshot (went past the correct stator tooth) or undershot (not moved far enough to line up with the correct stator tooth) by more than 3.6°.
Call 1-800-GO-VEXTA (468-3982) to speak with an ORIENTAL MOTOR Technical Support Team Member. The guide covers the basic differences between both technologies in the key areas of step motor performance: resolution, vibration, torque, accuracy and synchronism.
So when the rotor overshoots the correct stator tooth by more than 3.6° the next tooth will align in its place, causing you to skip a step. Conversely, if the rotor fails to move more than 3.6° the current rotor tooth will remain lined up with the stator tooth and the rotor will not rotate, meaning you missed a step.

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