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Does your website have a share tool for your audience to share with their friends and followers? By embedding share links on your website, you are encouraging readers to share your business and services with others. There are a few share link plug-ins that can be used which create very simple ways for your readers to share and recommend to their chosen social site. Read about website design, branding, customer interaction, eMarketing strategies and unique ways to increase your Google ranking here on the Italics Bold website, and as you read through each page, share what interests you.
Yes it is true today July 17, 2012 Facebook will no longer offer a SHARE button track your FB shares in real time which people can put on their website. Facebook sharing is a huge way to generate traffic to your website and form awhile now there were 2 options of allow your visitors to share your content on Facebook with there friends. The strange thing is that on some sites it still works, but on mine (and yours) it just disappeared. The sites that you still may see the button on are not using Facebook’s live API which tracks shares in real time. Just like to add another downside, the Share button let’s you put captions or descriptions for the link you want to share while the Like button will just post the link from your personal profiles without any introductory descriptions. You can add notes to slides to help you remember the important things related to a particular slide.
You can also check the total number of viewers who have currently opened your presentation.

During the presentation, you can focus on a particular part of the slide and can also use a pen to annotate.
Step 1: You need to create a free account by accessing the homepage and then you can create, store, and share presentations.
Step 3: When the presentation is ready, you can play it or share with others by generating the sharing URL.
Your company does not need to have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Pinterest account as the reader shares your content and your message to their page. We help businesses thrive on the web by taking a holistic approach to their website, branding, email marketing and social media. One way was putting a Facebook SHARE button on your site that when pressed would pop up a window that let’s you either post to your timeline or send as a private message to one of your friends. A full service Internet presence provider specializing in WordPress development for business owners.
I noticed this on my site too and have done many searches to try find something official, but can’t. But yes, this might be a good for some thought, since the Title and description from the Link can’t be changed (Optimized Meta Tagssss Remained!). The first thought that might have come to your mind is that it is just another presentation sharing site, but it ain’t so. That means, only when you change the slide, only then viewers will be able to see the next slide.

I also didn’t find any size limit for presentation and the total number of presentations that can be stored after creating the free account. Once shared, this opens the door to endless potential clients, who are introduced to your services through friendly recommendations from someone they know. Jarrett Gucci along with his team of professionals have designed over 400 WordPress websites. I did come across this blog post though so it’s good to know that someone else is aware of it. I suppose if you want to share an article more than once on Facebook, you will now have to copy and paste the URL and take extra steps to share that way. But I wonder, too, why you’d want to change the title, description, or image of someone else’s article?
This website has some really interesting features that make it better than other similar sites. This feature might also be considered as a restriction, but it is good when you want to let others see only what you want them to see.
Jarrett Gucci believes strongly in creating websites that are unique, functional and generate referrals.

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