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The promotion ( Promotional Mix ) is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term.
Promotion is the process of marketing communication between the company that sells the product and the potential customer, with the purpose of influencing the attitudes and behavior. Promotional mix is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term. Advertising is marketing communication with current and potential customers and consumers, done through paid mass media marketing services. Public Relationship ( PR ) is marketing communication toward public, but is turned more to reputation and image of the company, than to it's products. Personal Sales is a way of promotion activity where sales representative is directly contacting the customer.
Sales Promotion represents marketing strategy as a set of different promotional activities that has the goal of animating customers for purchasing.
The business marketing approach to promotional mix can be different, depending on marketing strategy.
The Promotional Mix than create the consumer's demand is then creating request for product through supply channel upstream.
The last few posts have focused on the tertiary colors of marketing which are all about specific tactics you can use to reach your audience. This section of the color wheel is all about service.  Freely share what it is that you know how to do well! Which leads me directly to the final tertiary color on our color wheel, which is blue-purple.
So the blue-purple section, similar to blue-green requires that you educate your clients about how to work with you and how you can best help them.
Again – my idea is not to overwhelm you with a laundry list of marketing tactics but to help you make some creative and educated choices about how you will spend your time. Remember, this is about having fun with your marketing plan but at the end of the day, we must turn our plan into action if we want success. Here are links to the rest of the series so you can start building your own color wheel of marketing. I am also proud to be a wife and mom of two teens doing my best to maintain the balance in my life and in my business.
Now, I host a Google Plus HOA called #GetBizy with Kit and Jim, wherein we showcase REAL, GENUINE entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to make a positive difference in people’s lives while also leading a profitable life themselves.

Feeling the love, Krithika, thanks so much and I would be delight to connect with you about your Google HOA!
Yeah is right, Kebba, with just these two you can’t make great progress in your business! Recent Commentsminette on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative Expressionminette on 5 Ways to Connect to Creative Expressionminette on 30 Ways to Boost Creative Confidence – Day 2: Ideas Listminette on Not Making a Profit in Your Business? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The promotional mixis always serving to specific goal through marketing strategy.
There are specific promotional tool that are supporting chosen promotional goal.
The promotion is always serving to specific goal of marketing strategy.
The channels of marketing communicationcommunication can be TV, radio, Internet, billboards, etc. The PR activity can be a press conference, TV interview with company representative, internet marketing, press article about donation of the company to charity or about latest environmental project.
This person-to-person contact has the goal of direct product marketing of the product and conclusion of sales. This can be value offer ( discount ), quantity offer ( 2+1 ), prize drawings, merchandising, direct contact by animators in retail outlet, etc. The push strategy is transferring the supply pressure downstream through sales channels.
Usually these two marketing strategy approaches are interlacing. If you are just discovering this blog post, go back and read the first post on Mix and Match marketing plans. Above you can see a sample color wheel that shows the primary, secondary and tertiary colors and their significance to a marketing plan.
If you are wondering what a tertiary color is, it’s a combination of a primary and a secondary color, like red-orange which is red + (red+ yellow). Blue is all about educating your clients about the problems you solve for them and yellow is about your unique genius which is also how you create outstanding results with your clients! The difference here, is that I want you to get out from behind your computer and do this face-to-face. First, some of you may need to take a deep breath, this next one on the list can terrify people but it really is one of the fastest ways to grow your business – no matter what business you are in!

These goals can be public informing, demand increasing, product differentiation, and product value increasing or sales stabilizing.
The promotional mix represents a combination of different promotional tools.
In the early stage of product life the pull marketing strategy is more dominant. I have been having so much fun developing the idea that we can use the color wheel as a model and analogy for making creating a marketing plan fun. The formula for blue-green is blue+blue+yellow so there needs to be a heavy emphasis on showing people what specific problems you solve.
Just like with our blue-green discussion above, you have a double dose of blue, requiring you to focus on the specific problems that you solve for your ideal clients. Come back for the final post in this series to learn about complimentary colors and selecting the tactics that will drive clients to you from as many different directions as possible, without you feeling overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted. I would love to offer you a complimentary strategy session where I guarantee you will connect to your marketing plan with more clarity and more enthusiasm! I am an award-winning entrepreneur with close to 15 years experience in marketing, sales and education.
The basic marketing strategy elements of promotional mix are Advertising, Public Relationship, Personal Sales and Sales Promotion. Later, when the market is saturated with own and competitor's products the push marketing strategy is predominant.
I only offer a few of these sessions each week, so shoot me a quick email if you are interested in learning more.
In my professional life, I am a coach, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping creative women entrepreneurs build profitable businesses. I love all of the roles I play and work every day to juggle all the balls that I am holding, sometimes I drop all the balls and drink a couple of glasses of wine. Give away, share, post, tweet lots of fabulous online content that showcases your expertise.

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