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There are many features that make Blogger a good choice for people looking to setup a simple blog.
Since the service is free, there are limits to the content storage and bandwidth usage for each account.
Peter Roesler (1199 Posts)Peter Roesler president of Web Marketing Pros has an extensive background in all things marketing, social media, and search engine optimization.
There is a new kid on the block when it comes to managing your social media marketing efforts, Hootsuite is for the birds.
Converse allows you to schedule out Emails to whomever you wish and social media messages to a variety of social media spaces including: Facebook, twitter, google buzz, LinkedIn, Flickr Blogger, Delicious, Plurk, Foursquare, Brightkite, Myspace, and many more. Their handy calendar lets you see the overview of how your campaign currently looks and easily tweak and adjust as your get the analytics back from your campaigns. It also allows users to add in multimedia elements to their social media campaign, gone are the days of 140 characters of text and a link. This gives companies, businesses, and individuals the ability to drip out their content on a daily basis instead of dumping it all onto Facebook or flickr in one day.
You can easily inject content into you social media profiles with the converse bookmarklet they recently introduced.

Converse also has a handy RSS content grabber, in the Message box feeds section, that allows you to feed in relevant RSS feeds into the system and then pick and choose which content you would like to share within your social media channels.
This helps take the work out of find every piece of relevant content you want to share with your fans or followers. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Google has refined the quality score formula as part of its ongoing process to better match user search queries with more relevant ads. What can be inferred from the changes is that Google is taking a more granular approach to calculating the quality score. Previously, when an advertiser made changes to his ad, the changes will overwrite the existing ad copy, but he still retains the same ad id for that particular ad. Free hosting is beneficial to Google, the service’s owner, because the more people using Blogger, the greater the potential reach of the Google AdWords network. The service has multiple designs to choose from and the sites are easy to integrate with other Google services like Google Docs and Picasa. His impressive work history includes VP of Development at AppSoft Development, Director of Multimedia at Advantage Services, and Creative Director at Mammoth Technology.

Socialize Your Cause, a site dedicated to advocating and educating social media for nonprofits, just launched their free social media marketing platform, Converse. With Converse you can attached photos and audio (video is coming soon) to your messages before they are sent out. If the advertiser makes changes to his ad now, his modified ad will over write the existing ad, but more importantly he also gets a new ad id and loses his old ad id.
Blogger also recently created mobile device support so blog owners can edit their blogs with Android or iOS devices. And there are additional limitations on the size of pictures, maximum storage space, and other restrictions.

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