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Drag single MP4 video or multiple MP4 videos from your desktop or from explorer to FLVPlayer4Free. Just suppose that you have found an amazing video on YouTube, one of the most popular video sharing platform on the Website.
Step 4: Choose output format as “Apple iPhone MP4” or others as you like in the profile list. Step 2: Click the button Mac To Device or through Menu->File->Mac To Device, an adding window will pop up.
And you just wanted to download the video to play it on your MP4 player, computer or other mobile devices.

Unfortunately, YouTube video files can only be enjoyed on a browser-capable multimedia device with internet access. So you can't directly download a video or audio file from YouTube to save it on your MP4 player unless you use some helpful third-party YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter. The player supports any codec and MP4 movie types that are supported by Windows video players. This player will play all kinds of DVD 's and CD MP4 movies, and the best of all, it's free. The player supports any codec and movie types that are supported by Windows video players, and will play smoothly and on full screen any type of movie and video you will wish to watch.

MishInc MP4 Player will install any missing codecs you have on it's own, and make your computer be ready for an exciting experience of MP4 video's watching.
Free Mp4 Player is a simple player that can find and install correct codec if you don't have on your machine and play mp4 file. It is simple to use and easy to install, It allows you to open and play an mp4 video file within three click.

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