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Manchester United welcome Swansea City for the second time in under a week and are hoping for a better result than last Sunday. David Moyes is under an excruciating amount of pressure and is again missing both Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, who have scored 22 goals between them so far this season. Many United fans were disheartened to learn that the club are unlikely to purchase any new players in the January transfer window despite being linked to the industrious Ilkay Gundogan of Borussia Dortmund, who has missed most of the season so far through injury. It was a typical Swansea display in the fact they had most of the overall possession and continued to pass the ball from defence through the midfield and then wide. Up until a few days ago I would have said Moyes still had the dressing room but after the press have reported about a possible reduction in wages should the team fail to land a Champions League spot it seems he has some disgruntled players on his hands. 4) Bony looks a really good player, what have you made of him so far and how many goals can he get?
5) United look very ordinary without Rooney and van Persie, confident that you can get another win Saturday? This is the third season for us in the Premier League and I think this is the hardest season yet.
We’ve also been sent this nice infographic highlighting the results between both clubs since 1981. Didn’t really have much to do it, but dealt with the few tasks he was given in the first. Interestingly forgot to mention that he should have received a red card for an unbelievable show of petulance followed by the highly amusing shoving his head into Fellaini’s face , almost . Not much to say for a performance against probably the worse Man Utd we will face for many a year. In terms of the January transfer window, Arsenal need another centre-back, while Koscielny is out, and a holding midfielder.
Interesting to get an outside perspective and the industry leader for an independent viewpoint is the whoscored rating system (used by numerous sections of the football industry; including media, bookmakers and clubs themselves). Over 200 raw statistics are used to calculate the player ratings and are weighted according to influence in the game – taking into account the area of the pitch and its outcome for each important event.
No surprise to see the top six rated players on the pitch being the most forward six for Manchester United. The only two Newcastle players to rate a 7 or better were Jack Colback and Ayoze Perez, once again showing the rest the way to go. A dispirited Moussa Sissoko faded badly in the second half as he is in danger of being dragged down by the team’s malaise under Alan Pardew. The big question is will Chelsea be up for the S********d game or was last night their cup final. They'll still want to get second but I'd bet that Spuds will match what Arsenal do away to Citeh when they play Southampton. Sign up to The Mag Daily Update and receive a daily roundup of our NUFC news and opinion direct to your inbox. Monday 6th January is generally considered the most depressing day of the year, when the majority of people head back to work following the Christmas break – this of course was made even worse by the fact that United had lost both opening 2014 fixtures and were set to lose again mid week to Sunderland in the League Cup.
Centre half Jonny Evans is a doubt having picked up a back injury midweek against Sunderland whilst Pablo Hernandez and Roland Lamah are missing for Swansea City due to hamstring and abductor problems respectively. One thing that was noticeable was the Swans whipped in more crosses than they usually due, and most of these came from the right-back Tiendalli. I think the Board will stick by him for a good while yet but he certainly won;t have the time or opportunity that Ferguson had all those years ago. However, there have been rumours of unrest between him and the players due mainly to his coaching methods and laid back approach but I guess this can be said of a lot of clubs.

I think this is a combination of the change of manager and a team that is showing its age a little: Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra. From bottom to mid table the points are so close and which the change of managers and lower clubs looking to invest heavily during January i.e. Most Swans fans would like to see him at the Liberty Stadium but it has been on-going saga.
Unfortunate to get inured as well as  to concede Gibbs’ own goal and I thought Wojciech did ok for us today. We may have some good players and not so good players, but saying Gibbs is bad is ludicrous – he’s one of the best left backs in the league!
All great teams have a holding-midfielder and I feel Viera has never truly been replaced (except Song but he left). He has shown time and time again that he is tactically inept by being unable to beat defensive teams, especially lowly ranked ones. While Newcastle’s four lowest rates were in defence, Daryl Janmaat the honourable exception with yet another energetic and spirited display.
I've a sinking feeling that the result won't be what we need at the SOL, young Chelsea players getting a run out together with senior players cleaning their flip flops.On the subject of Clattenburg and his assistants last night, how Spurs finished the game with a full team is testament to their incompetence. That would leave it so they could lose against us and Arsenal would need to make up 14 goals in goal difference, i.e. If we could just demolish Villa by 4 or 5 goals and Sunderland could take an absolute battering in 1 of their games i'd be feeling a lot more comfortable. Players get pulled up, yet Refs can cost a team a game (at least) and perhaps survival at worst, and they get away scot free? If tv or video is to be an accepted part of the game then it has to apply to the officials too I would say. How spurs ended with 11 players is a miracle.I think the ref should be suspended cos he was far too lenient for such a big game. Stop moaning at authority and take charge of your own actions and I include Hillsborough in that as well.And a massive Congrats to Leicester, victory for the unassuming person at last!! Refs did nowt nor the 4th official.I'd have more respect for Costa if he decked his opponents (the eye gouging) rather than only reacting like he's been shot while on the pitch if anyone comes within a foot of him. Having said that I watched the Burnley game v QPR when the crowd announcement was made "Please stay off the pitch" yeah right as if that was going to happen!!!
Before the game, many Swans fans had been talking about the fact that Wilfried Bony is not getting the service he deserves and I think we saw more opportunities come his way during this game from the crosses etc. It seems unthinkable that United won’t qualify for a Champions League position but that seems a real possibility. He has signed a year’s extension taking him to 2015 but I think he may go in the Summer. However, I still believe Van Persie is one of the best strikers in the World and Rooney on his day can be an outstanding talent.
He hasn’t played every game but I think we have uncovered a real gem and should Chico or Ashley Williams leave, he is more than a capable (if not better) long term replacement. He has been loaned out to Wrexham previously but only this week it was announced he has been loaned to Portsmouth for a month. Szczesney got not rating despite having ballsed up the only thing he had to do before going off. Either the manager is no longer up to the job, or the players are letting him down, or both. Glaring schoolboy errors are obvious and one could write the script of Arsenal’s downfall minutes before opposition teams score. Just getting promoted into the Premiership.It appears no one is trusted any more to behave themselves.

But in Moyes they chose a manager who hadn’t won anything at Everton so are people’s expectations of him too high?
Mnay were touting Solksjaer as a possible replacement but of course that will never happen now.
However, this has improved game-by-game and his performance at Old Trafford last weekend was one of his best yet. I doubt very much United will keep hold of either of those players if the club doesn’t achieve a top four spot in the league. Our season of course has been occupied with the Europa League too but I personally don’t fee it has been a distraction although many would disagree with me. We need another striker as the back up Bony is Vazquez who is yet to score for the Swans and hasn’t impressed so far. If Newcastle withstand that and get what they need to stay up, fair play, but don't kid yourselves our season is over.
Man Utd play well enough but it was difficult to see where the goals were going to come from. Napoli in the next round will be extremely difficult but if we could beat them who knows what we could achieve as European football suits our style much better.
Chambers has been shoved in at the deep end even though he has had some good games at this present time he’s suffering from a lack of confidence.
I don’t think we have seen enough to warrant that amount of money, however I think he is definitely getting there.
I think we will see a more determined and attacking side in United this coming Saturday, so a draw would be a fantastic result for us. Signed by Brendan Rodgers, he has scored for fun in the reserves but has had little opportunities under Laudrup. He was prolific in the Dutch League and I’m sure with a better service from the wide players we will see him score more goals consistently.
Pre-season and during the beginning of the campaign I thought we had signed someone very special but he has been a disappointment of late with losing possession and misplaced passes. Welbeck is a good signing but in the really good Arsenal teams of the past he is at most a bench player. However, he has been played out of position on the left or right wing but he prefers a more central role. As Arsenal Fans, we all watched the game today and as many have said this was the most average Man U side we’ve played for years.
As a team we do not know how to defend whether we are one nil in front or behind; and clearly there is no plan B. I think we all agree we have one world class player in Alexis who is forced to be all over the pitch. As I have said, and many Arsenal supporters have said in the past, we have not addressed the positions that Arsenal truly need. My last comment, getting back to the original point, we are simply not good enough and need to urgently regroup.

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