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For a while, it seemed to be the easiest way for a founder to explain his or her way out of a proper business model. Using a combination of fortunate timing, Facebook’s Open Graph influence and a new way of playing the system, Socialcam has effectively gamed Facebook, YouTube and the App Store to keep a strong grip on that ever-so-valuable user base. The method is so effective that Socialcam skyrocketed from around 1.4 million monthly active Facebook users to a whopping 40 million in a span of little more than two weeks.
But it was only over the past few months that the mobile social video concept began to boil.
At some point on April 24, social video apps exploded, and it suddenly became clearer that Viddy and Socialcam were leaving all of their competitors behind.
Web view traffic to Socialcam through Facebook skyrocketed from around 10 million monthly active users to an astounding 40 million MAUs over a period of two weeks.
In a tweet on Saturday, TechCrunch writer Josh Constine noted that the sudden burst of growth on April 24 was due to a reporting error from Facebook to third-party app tracking site AppData. After receiving the boost, Socialcam’s founders discovered the perfect way of keeping that veritable fire hose of Facebook Web traffic pouring in.
According to multiple sources, it was around this time Socialcam began scraping video content from Vevo and YouTube to add to its own network of users, which essentially amounts to ripping content directly from other services. Then, sources said, Socialcam uploaded that video content to its own servers, where it began distributing it via different dummy accounts on the Socialcam network.
Herein lies the cleverness of the plan: Scraping and ripping stripped each video of its YouTube wrapping, or in the case of Vevo, its pre-roll advertising. Why go to this trouble, especially since it’s against the terms of service to rip off the YouTube APIs?
But what apparently happened, said sources, was that Socialcam got caught scraping and was told to knock it off. As of last week, nearly every top trending video on Socialcam’s site was a YouTube video. Despite the fact that social video on the whole received early initial traffic boosts by some yet-to-be-pinpointed variable, Socialcam was able to retain that traffic through proliferating YouTube videos throughout Facebook.
In a way, the guys behind Socialcam are brilliant, cracking a method of using YouTube and Facebook together to extend the app’s reach in a matter of weeks.
And it worked: The app still sits atop the App Store, using its Facebook viral success to boost download numbers immensely.
It seems, however, that in light of the recent negative press Socialcam has received, the company decided to tweak its app on Tuesday afternoon, incorporating a handful of subtle changes. Still, as the social apps using these methods proliferate, it’ll only get harder for non-viral videos to rise to the top. But, if all that is being watched are the most viral videos Socialcam has seeded, are users not just watching what Socialcam directs them to?
And again, like that old Valley adage goes — it’s all about the user base, right?
Avatar is now climbing to the top sales setting a new record after four weekends (total earnings so far are up to 48.5 million dollars, compared to Cameron’s previous hit, Titanic which was having about half of this). Even if Avatar is the most pirated movie at the moment earnings of one billion dollars are expected and these are reachable amounts judging by viewer’s interest.
This movie brings every video detail to higher standards making you not even blink while watching the action going on.
So online media was the place to start, places like YouTube, Facebook or Flickr were perfect to place video samples and pictures. Here are a few video players embeded in different websites to promote this new video revolution called Avatar.
As you see above video players can be customized making them fusionate with the theme you need to present. Cameron had the idea of using a special camera technology to capture the character’s face expressions which were then manipulated by the animation team. Online video networks and online video streaming are two of the most successfull options they choose to promote the movie and generate revenue.
A lot of short Avatar recorded videos were also placed on different streaming websites bringing a lot of traffic. Tags: Eyepartner, HD streaming, live streaming, TikiLIVE, video streaming softwareThere are no comments on this post.
Tags: AVi, Eyepartner, flv, HD encoding, iPhone, video streamingThere are no comments on this post. A digital signage solution needs a few hardware components to be able to deliver the content. Tags: flash streaming, HD flash broadcaster, HD streaming, live streaming, streaming HD contentThere are no comments on this post. BlipSnips also recently announced that Chris Kelly, former Chief Privacy Officer at Facebook and a lead investor in BlipSnips, has been appointed a senior advisor to the company’s Board of Directors. The apps emerged out of BlipSnips’ CEO, John Bliss’s own personal experience when he received a long video of a cycling race he’d participated in. Justin Osofsky, Director of Media Partnerships at Facebook added, “People engage more with any type of content – including videos – when it's surfaced through people they know and trust. The TechStars startup first launched its video sharing and commenting service upon graduating the 2010 summer class in August. BlipSnips’s move into Facebook brings their features to the fastest growing video hosting and consumption platform in the world.
Having the ability to easily tag people and moments in a video, as well as comment on those tags rather than just indicate your appreciation with a smiley, makes this product suite interactive for all levels of users.

The BlipSnips for Facebook application suite is patent-pending, entirely free and available now for use. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The new video interface works a lot like YouTube, offering up a handful of related videos along the bottom of the screen while the one you’ve selected plays. All the suggested videos come from other people on Facebook, though not necessarily from someone you’re connected to. Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007.
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Facebook is so successful largely because they bring together people and engage them in activities that are inherently social.
Listening to music and recommending the best bits to our friends has been social ever since.
To make the player attractive to both users and content owners, Facebook should have a butcher’s at how Bandcamp does things right. I guess at some point Facebook has decided to be a platform for other services as opposed to provide those services themselves.
When we build applications, when we report and present stories in novel ways, code is what drives them. My work has appeared in The Guardian, Quartz, Spiegel Online, Das Magazin, Tages-Anzeiger, SonntagsZeitung, TagesWoche, among others. All content on this site, excluding images, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Bands and labels that stream music from their Facebook pages, the way they do with Myspace, are in for a big surprise: Facebook is phasing out its native Music Player app, which allowed them to post songs and discographies on the social network. Instead, Facebook recommends that they post videos instead, rely on third-party apps, and stay tuned for more ways to put their music on Facebook. Rumors swirled as early as 2008 about Facebook either launching its own music service to let artists and labels distribute music directly or partnering with outside companies instead. First, it partnered with seemingly every major music service under the sun to let people hear what their friends are listening to. Yes, Facebook could build that itself, but that would A) expose it to copyright headaches, and B) put Facebook in competition with some of the music companies with which it is trying to partner. But with Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of the entirely revenue-free Instagram, that adage now carries more weight than ever. In the short term, at least, the three-man Socialcam start-up team has discovered a method to beat the 20-plus person outfit that is Viddy.
Socialcam surpassed Viddy in the Facebook app rankings last week, and currently sits fat atop Apple’s powerful App Store as one of the most downloaded free applications.
Threads arose on Quora and Hacker News questioning the validity of the app’s growth, and TheNextWeb picked some of this apart on Thursday. Viddy was founded in December of 2010, while competitors like Mobli, Klip and Socialcam came along at various points during 2011. Viddy jumped from around eight million MAUs to upwards of 36 million over that same period. Or perhaps it was the announcement that Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, Shakira and Jay-Z would back Viddy financially, the news of which occurred two days before Socialcam’s Open Graph integration.
It’s feasible, then, to think that Facebook could tweak things in the other direction, in order to favor video apps.
That also seems reasonable, although doesn’t fully explain the sudden traffic explosion that occurred over that two- to three-week period.
If an app is integrated into Open Graph like Socialcam and Viddy are, using those apps publishes activity to three sections of Facebook: Timeline, Ticker and the News Feed.
It has soared beyond Viddy and other similar apps, most of which have been around much longer than Socialcam has.
The company spent the past 18 months building its subscriber base out with user-generated content, not to mention raising tens of millions of dollars in venture funding in order to do so. Of the top 10 fastest growing Facebook apps from the past week, half of them are social video apps. According to one source, Facebook’s News Feed only allows for a certain percentage of its inventory devoted to video.
Since Socialcam essentially cracked the video sharing code, does it not deserve its seat at the top of the charts? Video quality depends on how the movie was encoded, the bitrate used and the number of frames per second. You can find all the details regarding the software technology used to create the scenes in this interview.
Video sharing is free on places like MySpace or Youtube that’s why you can widely spread your video content to make it available all over the world and let people know what you do. Bliss grew frustrated with how long it took to scroll back and forth through the video to identify himself in the race. The platform provides Internet users the ability to mark, caption and share their favorite moments of online video within their social networks and to embed their video content within blogs and websites.

The integration also exploits many of the latest aspects of the Facebook platform’s Open Graph protocol to provide new abilities surrounding Friend Tagging within key moments as they appear in videos. BlipSnips is a social sharing service enabling users anywhere on the Internet to tag, share and discuss specific moments that matter to them within online video. Opening a video to fullscreen pulls up the carousel, which will stay in place until you physically close out and return to your News Feed. It’s possible the carousel could be used to push video ads in the future, though for now the company is treading lightly. You won’t see any content from YouTube, Vimeo or Vine, which could potentially encourage more people to upload their own videos straight to the social network.
The .EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) extension is for the illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Photoshop, etc. If our design resources have violated your copyright, please through Feedback to us so that we can delete a timely manner to protect you! People on Facebook, as if any proof was needed, like music and like to connect to musicians on Facebook.
Intriguing articles, stunning photographs, telling visualisations, excellent songs, smart videos. Facebook seems to be going the latter route, letting other companies deal with the headaches associated with securing rights from artists, labels, and publishers.
Now, it is deleting its homegrown Music Player app, so the MP3 streaming and discography features are currently disappearing from band pages. But Viddy’s Open Graph integration had already occurred on March 12, more than a month previously, at South by Southwest, and both apps received immense boosts in traffic during that same time period.
Socialcam systematically targeted a number of the most viral videos uploaded YouTube in the past four to five years, said sources, aiming to harness that viral success and bolster Socialcam’s network. With every click, each user would broadcast the videos they had just watched, and that traffic fed on itself.
The algorithm that determines which videos make it into that inventory is based on click-through rate, as well as the number of comments, likes and shares it received.
Or perhaps Socialcam and others like it will ride to the top on YouTube videos, then see an influx of user-generated content after reaching a critical mass of subscribers. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
Video players can be embeded in different websites offering you the possibility to broadcast live or on demand. He wanted to be able to tell the friend who’d sent him the video that he indeed saw himself in the race, but it was taking too long to view. The design is pretty slick without going over the top, and it’s very easy to watch a handful of clips without giving it much thought. At the very least it should cut down a bit on the traffic competing companies like Google and Twitter get off videos shared to Facebook.
So of the now more than 500 million people on Facebook, quite a few must be into music, right?
And more importantly: Facebook fails to offer to its users the music experience they deserve. Let people embed songs from these players in their status updates and have them create playlists they can share with their friends.
Bandcamp offers a clean and simple music player that can be embedded anywhere across the web. Chosen wisely, put in the correct order and structured well, words are as powerful as ever. All but Viddy use a mix of content, both user-generated and user-curated — although Socialcam still remains the most adept at working the larger ecosystem. Bliss knew that there had to be an easier and faster way for people to share video moments. If you mention it somewhere else, please always link to this page instead of download link. It’s hardly surprising that all big music services on the web have implemented social features that allow to share music with friends. And it has a built-in business sales desk, allowing bands to sell their music in a clean and simple process.
And for regular people, there’s the incredibly easy option of embedding youtube, which has become a de facto (free) cloud music service. For live broadcasting you need to plugin a video camera to your computer, use a broadcasting solution (includes an embed code of the video player you want to share) and you are ready to speak about your achievements. Bandcamp encourages music sharing, empowers musicians to make a business and gives them detailed insights on how their music is played and shared. While others figure out complicated stuff about copyright, bandwidth and whatnot, FB can consolidate its position as the platform for EVERYTHING social.
Also, ironically, while people have migrated in masses from MySpace to Facebook, music hasn’t. People connent to their favourite musicians on Facebook, but if they want to listen to a couple of songs of a specific artist or band without any big hassle, MySpace is still the place to go.

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