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In the NBA Playoffs, superstars such as Kawhi Leonard, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry and LeBron James dominate the headlines. With players like Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson, Robert Horry and Toni Kukoc, bench play is always imperative in the playoffs throughout the NBA’s existence. Let’s take a look at eight non-starters in the Eastern Conference who will be significant to their teams’ playoff success. Stanley Johnson isn’t old enough to purchase an alcoholic beverage, but the Pistons will count on him throughout the playoffs. The Boston Celtics have quite a few Swiss-army knives in their stable, and Evan Turner may be their most important at this stage in the playoffs. Turner, who excels as the role of a facilitator, has to take on bigger scoring responsibilities.
I’m still baffled that Mike Scott hasn’t received an endorsement from Apple, but that’s another story for another day. The Hawks lack size at the forward positions, but they make up for it with versatility and sheer tenacity. Justise Winslow plays mature beyond his years, and that’s one reason why he is hard to keep off of the floor. The Sports Fan JournalThe Sports Fan Journal was launched in November 2011 by editor-at-chief Eddie Maisonet, III and editor-at-large Kenny Masenda.
Whilst we try to ensure all details are up-to-date we do not make any warranty or representation as to the accuracy or completeness of the information shown. But as we know, a team’s success in the postseason often hinges on the play of the less acknowledged players on the bench. The rookie out of Arizona has the hard task of trying to guard LeBron James in round 1, and he’s been doing a lot of jabbering in the process.
Jeremy Lin has found a home in Charlotte after underwhelming stops in Houston and Los Angeles.

With Avery Bradley out through at least this series against the Atlanta Hawks, the C’s lost a reliable scorer and top-flight defender. In Games 1 and 2, the Celtics have scored a combined 62 points in the first half, creating a large hole for the team to get out of. The king of emojis, Mike Scott has played a huge role for the Hawks all season in his role off the bench, and it has transitioned into the playoffs. While playing, Patterson resembles the look of someone’s uncle who tells countless stories at a cookout reminiscing how good he was in his hay day.
As the Cavs look to make a run for the NBA title, Shumpert’s defense will be key from here on out.
We strive to provide a diverse perspective of fanhood from talented contributors all across the country. It’s likely that the Pistons won’t make it to 5 games playing against the top-seeded Cavs, but they will make things interesting just as they did during Game 1. Turner gives the Pacers rim protection and an inside presence that lacks in the starting unit. As the 6th man for the Hornets, Lin provides the scoring punch off the bench that the team needs. While Turner may not be the defender that Bradley is, he plays good defense and can guard three positions. The former second overall draft selection may not have lived up to his billing coming out of Ohio State, but he is still a good all-around player. He can step out into the perimeter and hit the three-pointer, and he can bang inside with the big guys. Patterson is the perfect energy guy off the bench that gets things going with his defense and ability to score. He also loves to write about sports while listening to Zaytoven master the keys on the piano.

Johnson is a bull of a small forward that has the athleticism and scoring ability to keep him on the floor during significant stretches throughout the series. While facing the Heat in the first round, Lin has to continue to provide his scoring output from the bench, but it will be easier said than done against the feisty Heat team. Scott has outplayed the starting forwards as well as the forwards that come off the bench for Boston. Against the Hornets, Winslow has played with a veteran’s savvy, and as the Heat look to continue their playoff run, he will be counted upon heavily. In Game 1, Johnson arguably played a better game than starting small forward Tobias Harris and his impact will increase throughout the playoffs if he continues his heady play. Against the Toronto Raptors, Turner can disrupt the pick and roll play initiated by Kyle Lowry with his length and mobility. As the Hornets look to keep pace with Miami’s suddenly torrid offense, it will be expected for Lin to step up just as he’s done all season.
So far, he’s come up big in the playoffs, which is crucial for Toronto in shaking off the pretender label and getting past the first round for the first time in 15 years.
Unlike most players his age, Turner likes to defend, and he also compliments his defense with scoring.
The Pacers are viewed as a sleeper pick against the Raptors, and if Turner continues to outplay the bigs of Toronto, Indiana may sneak into the next round.

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