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We had been working over the last couple of months to come up with a new revamped LMI Players Rating System. It would help if we can show 3 different cases in action ( players getting advantage, players being penalized ) with some numbers.
2) to get benefit of being a regular player, he has to play more than 7 tests consecutively.
Also we discussed few posts back in this thread that we'll add an option for players who would want to consider the results to be rated. If someone checks the box allowing the score to be considered then I would say even zero scores should be considered.
If I understand how the weighted average is calculated correctly (all of this may be moot if not), player F gets the higher rating here, because his 500s that are thrown out have a higher weight so the 900s get emphasized more in the calculation. Both of these issues would be fixed if the weighted average divided by the total weights of the most recent U tests, instead of the weights of the highest scoring tests.
Out of 116 players who started the test, exactly 7 marked that their results shouldn't be considered for ratings. Is it possible to have a link to a full table also (like the 'pink' table of examples you published above)?
MaYnipulation has 83 participants according to result table but 82 participants according to the LMI rating. MLB The Show 16: Talking Game Modes (Roundtable)Taking a look at the game modes in The Show. If you've played at least one of developer Supergiant Games' previous titles (2011's Bastion or 2014's Transistor), then you probably wouldn't expect them to be making a sports RPG for their third game. Pyre promises plenty of story (presented in text boxes), some voiced-over cutscenes, and lots of Dead Can Dance-inspired music. The PAX East demo allows only one character per side to move at any given time, with the other teammates standing in a defensive position waiting for the player to press a button and switch onto them. Pyre challenges your party to escape purgatory by rolling a wagon across its dangerous, detour-filled overworld, while defeating any competing exiles who cross your path.
Supergiant's team of 12 people has been working on Pyre since July 2014, and they plan to release the title on PC and PlayStation 4 sometime in 2017.
There?s been a heavy focus with recent episodes of the Press Row Podcast on the two big games that released in March, but now attention turns to some news relating to titles that are still off in the future and a favorite that has just been updated. In addition to all the other listening platforms the Press Row Podcast can now also be found on Google Play Music! Daddy Leagues have posted the attribute changes for the roster update, some of the changes include Bryce Harper +2 (99), Noah Syndergaard +4 (93), Dellin Betances +3 (90), Max Scherzer -2 (93), Andrew Miller +1 (92), Stephen Strasburg +5 (92), Zack Greinke -4 (91), Matt Harvey -3 (91) and more. NBA 2K16 patch #6 is scheduled to arrive for PlayStation 4 users within the next 48 hours, so keep you eyes out for it.
EA sent us over a note, wanting to remind users that you can still play Madden for free through tonight and that all of the newest NFL players drafted in the 2016 draft's first round are available in Madden Ultimate Team. Madden Ultimate Team is the series? fastest-growing mode, challenging fans to build the best team possible from an ever-growing collection of current NFL players, all-time legends and newly-drafted rookies. Those who haven?t yet experienced Madden NFL 16 have another chance to get in on the action with a special free trial* available right now on Xbox One and PlayStation®4.
Now that EA Sports has been out for a couple of months, we can take a bit of a breather and really re-assess how we feel about it. Our review of EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty glowing, as we gave the game an 8 -- which is a great game on our scale.
EA recently treated us to our first look at NHL 17 with the unveiling of a brand-new ?Vision? trailer.
We?re going to have to wait a little longer to see what EA has in store for us, but in the meantime, I've drawn up a wishlist of the some of the most commonly requested features ahead of the game's release later this year.
MLB The Show 16 patch 1.04 is available now, weighing in at 237 MB, check out the details below and let us know what you are seeing!
Fixed an issue within RTTS while pitching with certain Perks equipped would result in a crash. Following a Year to Year file upload in Road To The Show, the player card stats would display incorrect team and player info. Tweaks and adjustments were made to AI behavior and animations that should streamline game-play performance.

Within Franchise mode, some generated or additional players were listed as born in ?Alaska? instead of their correct place of origin. Fixed numerous hangs, crashes, soft locks, etc., reported by the community through the bug reporting tool. ONLINE GAME-PLAY:Fixed a bug that could cause a loss for users who requested a friendly quit at certain times. Fixed an issue where a pitch could occasionally change path on its? way to the plate, shifting from inside the zone to outside the zone within a frame.
Addressed an issue under certain circumstances a pitcher would automatically pitch when the batter came out of Batter's Eye Cam. Changes were made to the Batters Eye Cam: How long it can be used, how many times it can be accessed per at bat, etc? This should limit exploits, but keep the feature usable for its? intended purpose.
We?ve shortened the total amount of pause time from 6 minutes to 5 minutes during an online game. The pitchers pitch type interface will now be hidden if the batter is using Guess Pitch or Pitch History (L2 Button). Fixed a bug where the user was not being awarded the ?Free Swings? trophy in an Online Home Run Derby if specific operations were being performed. Fixed an issue where player yells were being disabled through the controller within Road To The Show.
Every Sunday, we will get you caught up on the sports gaming news you might have missed during the week. For the few of you out there that haven't tried Madden NFL 16 yet, you can play it for free now through May 2 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Forza Motorsport 6: Apex Open Beta is scheduled to arrive on May 5 for Windows 10 users.
Forza Motorsport 6: Apex includes 63 cars (500+ on the Xbox One), 20 track configurations across six locations, including night and wet-weather variants. EA Sports posted screenshots of several of the first round draft picks in Madden NFL 16 in their new uniforms on their Twitter last night. We grabbed the shots we could find and have them available on the Madden NFL 16 media page. If you are a FIFA player and have been following real-life transfers, you’ll know that Luke Shaw to Manchester United has been a hot transfer saga that has been going on for a few weeks. Luke Shaw only shipped with a 70 card in FIFA 14, but his excellent performances merited an upgrade from EA and Shaw even featured as an in-form player with a 74 card. Looking ahead some players have argued that Luke Shaw is due an upgrade for FIFA 15 and should be given a 77 card. Will this transfer to Manchester United boost the chances of Luke Shaw getting a FIFA 15 upgrade, or will EA do it anyway?
I am a United fan, and i actually think that EA is underrating the Manchester United players, i think he will be rated up to 74 rare silver or maybe 75 unrare gold. Fifa 15 geeks will have raised some suspicious eyebrows after learning that Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has been rated higher than Germany World Cup winner Mario Gotze and Chelsea striker Diego Costa on the latest edition of the smash game. Makers, EA Sports, released the names of the players listed in places 20 to 11 on Saturday as they continue to reveal their best-rated stars in this year’s game. The real surprise, though, was that the England international got a higher rating than Gotze, whose goal against Argentina in the World Cup final clinched the title for Germany this summer. Rooney also managed to beat Costa, who helped fire Atletico Madrid to their first La Liga title in 18 years last season, and France striker Karim Benzema – who helped Real Madrid secure their historic 10th European Cup last term. And, we are happy to share the details (including the rating calculation mechanism) of the new system with everyone.
But I don't know the numbers that were used to calculate it (like my last 12 scores), or the numbers for other puzzlers with similar ratings (these are the people I want to beat in the monthly test to move higher). The weighted average of my NS should be 707, my rating is 724, though.Are you sure that you have implemented the weighted average of the NS correctly? But instead of the genre's usual fight-'til-death battles, enemy encounters involve squads of three casting spells and firing energy beams while trying to gain control of a glowing orb that you then try to transport to the opposing team's pyre. Basically, it's a mystical, supernatural Oregon Trail with a much bigger backstory and Quidditch competitions replacing the buffalo hunts.
The trio this week discuss the first features to have been revealed for NHL 17, how EA Sports is considering adding Virtual Reality to the next UFCgame and what that might mean for others out before then, and how a basketball mode is the latest success from Rocket League.

Don?t reset 3-in-the-key offense timer in baseline behind paint for human controlled blacktop players. For those of you that might still be unaware, EA Access is an Xbox One exclusive, allowing members to try upcoming EA games prior to release, offering 10% off all EA digital purchases and more. Highly-touted players such as Carson Wentz, Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott and first overall pick Jared Goff are now in packs in Madden Ultimate Team?, ready to take the their shot out on the field. Prove your skills either in Solo Challenges, or go online and take on other Ultimate Teams. The trial includes access to the full game, so players can experience everything Madden NFL 16 has to offer, including new playmaker gameplay features on both sides of the ball, the new Draft Champions mode, and their first chance to play as NFL first-round draft picks in Madden Ultimate Team. Looking back, most people also thought EA Sports UFC 2 was pretty good in our previous poll. Users are currently reporting the dreaded "Challenge Failed" error, pitch speeds not displaying correctly, and other various online problems. This should help the user who is pitching understand when they can and cannot start the pitching motion.
From there, Joey Bosa, Ezekiel Elliott, and Jalen Ramsey rounded out the top five of the first round. Now, lightning may strike twice as another Southampton player, Luke Shaw could be heading to Manchester United.
Luke Shaw is one of the most improved players in the Premiership this year and now we offer you a prediction on what his potential rating could be in FIFA 15. That is a massive boost from 70 you have to say and it will be interesting to see if EA are willing to listen. Give us your thoughts on this if you are a fan of this player and currently use him in your FIFA 14 Ultimate Team.
Relative to a 738 rating Player C has had a lot of dismal recent performances in that simulation. But I don't know the numbers that were used to calculate it (like my last 12 scores), or the numbers for other puzzlers with similar ratings (these are the people I want to beat in the monthly test to move higher).If you click on your name, you go to your profile page that contains scores in all tests that you have taken part.
724 when I compute a non-weighted(!) average of my results, including the EvergreensI-result which should have weight zero by now.
It also gives users access to The Vault, which houses a growing library of EA games subscribers can play as much as they want. 724 when I compute a non-weighted(!) average of my results, including the EvergreensI-result which should have weight zero by now.Thanks for pointing out this discrepancy. And, feel free to discuss the ratings in this thread.As for the new rating list, it will be published after MAYnipulation, for both Sudoku and Puzzles.
The fact that they never take effect if he picks his game back up is a feature I'm undecided about. Overall 487 players (from 45 countries) are included in the sudoku ratings and 425 (from 44 countries) in the puzzle ratings. There are no problems with the implementation; however, we did find that your Twist score was completely missed in the ratings calculation.
Now you can see your normalized scores for even those tests which are not included in current ratings (like EG1). Is it possible to have a link to a full table also (like the 'pink' table of examples you published above)?We have shared the computation logic already.
But we feel that a full table of numbers used during ratings calculation can be cumbersome and complex, so it may not be needed online.But, since you have asked, your normalized scores in the three tests are 601, 670 and 723. And, they are justified to get the benefits of a reduced N.2) to get benefit of being a regular player, he has to play more than 7 tests consecutively. Although the weighted average rating (based on these tests) is 665, you are penalized by a small factor to arrive at your final rating which is 651 currently. In order for the player's poor performances to be ignored from rating calculations, about 7 tests out of 12 would be needed. Is it possible to mark those players' names in the result tables who have opted not to be included in the LMI rating?

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