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Adobe on Sunday released Lightroom 5, the latest version of its image management and editing software popular with both professional and enthusiast photographers. The official launch comes two months after the release of the beta version and brings with it a raft of new features designed to tempt current Lightroom users to fork out for an upgrade as well as bring on board new users looking for an efficient way to manage their photo collections. With Lightroom 5, Adobe continues to expand its range of editing tools which, while well short of what a dedicated image editing application like Photoshop has to offer, does nevertheless allow for speedy and effective image manipulation. The new Radial Gradient feature allows you to highlight important parts of your photo with greater flexibility and control, offering the opportunity to create off-center vignette effects as well as multiple vignetted areas on a single image. Lightroom 5 also brings with it advanced black-and-white conversion capabilities together with highlight and shadow recovery options. Improved photo-book creation also comes with the refreshed software while the slideshow module now offers the chance to combine still images, video clips, and music to create an HD video showing off your creative skills.
If you happen to be a professional photographer or even a photo editor, you may be aware of the importance of a photo editing software, which is capable of delivering the most outstanding results. Whether you are simply editing some family photos or even improving the quality of photos for commercial use, it’s imperative to find the perfect photo editing software that can be matched with all your requirements. In the modern online world, there are thousands of applications, which are being used for photo editing, but not all of them can be used for professional purposes. Let’s have a look at some of the best professional photo editing software available in the market. Without a doubt, Photoshop is the most excellent photo editing software, which comes to mind when we think of photo editing.
It has gained such recognition among professionals as well as non-designers owing to its high-end features and various options that no other software is capable to provide with.
There is not denying the fact that most of the methodologies and techniques that are found on different photo editing software, were essentially pioneered in Photoshop; for instance, slices, layers, correcting filters and macros, among others. Photoshop can be installed both on Windows and Mac, and it comes with a high price north of $500.
When a professional designer needs to manipulate photographs without any limitation, it’s quite hard to beat this photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop for functionality and flexibility.
GNU Image Manipulation Program or commonly known as GIMP is an open-source photo editing software, which is also considered as the strongest competitor of Adobe Photoshop. GIMP is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and the best thing is that it is available for free. Moreover, this professional photo editing software comes with some outstanding features such as vector rasterizing, pen tablet support, a number of editing tools, options, and filters, among others that allow its users to carry out advanced image manipulation and retouching. Another significant advantage of this software is that it can be used for editing images with high resolutions and it also can manage the conversion of raw images. This photo editing software has been developed by Apple exclusively for Mac users, who seek for a professional photography application.
Aperture has been significantly developed since its launch and it is capable of managing and editing photos at the same time. With more than  70 plug-ins including depth of field, HDR, auto correct, sharpeners,  noise and lens corrections, and file transfer, etc, Aperture is considered as one of the best  photo editing software available in the market these days.

PaintShop Pro Photo X5, most commonly known as PaintShop Pro Ultimate, is one of the photo editing software available for low cost.
This takes the photo editing experience of its users to a whole new level with its unique photographic filters, portrait-enhancement tools and the massive collection of extra photo editing features and tools.
Also, it comes with an exclusive collection of more than 100 royalty-free backgrounds, new textures, and brushes, among others. There are other photo editing programs available, the choice will come down to what your budget and comfort level is for each! Video editor Pro for Mac is an all-in-one video and photo editing and DVD burning tool for Mac. Besides, with this best video editing software for Mac, you can export videos to a wide range of popular video formats and portable devices for sharing and enjoyment, and you can also directly upload your videos to YouTube for sharing with family and friends. Highlight the video you want to edit and click the Trim, Crop, Rotate and Voiceover button  to start editing the video or click the gear under the video and choose the function you like.
If you want to get several video parts, just click the trim button to add another mark and drag the slider to select the part you like. Many free filter and text effects are provided for you to bring your videos to the next level instantly. Filter: Choose from 34 professional filter effects and double click the one you like to apply to you video.
Video: You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, and deinterface to achieve the best video effect.
This video editor pro for Mac supports dozens of devices and formats, and you can also share your edited movies to YouTube and burn them to DVD. Whether you are working to make a professional videos, or just trying to add awesome effects to your videos.
A very easy to use software to edit and add awesome visual effects to your videos is MAGIX Video deLuxe, just after installing it and exploring some settings you'll be familiarized with its interface, buttons and timeline usage. It's true that Ezvid doesn't provide too much of effects to add, but it's the easiest to use. With over 1500 visual effects provided, Pinnacle Studio is a great way to professionally edit your videos in a very easy way.
Another video maker is Muvee, if you want to make videos for Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo then you can use this software to create High Quality movies by adding some effects and slides. If you don't like to use the above programs, then you can their alternative Online Video Editor WeVideo. While the software already has a removal tool for photographers looking to zap those pesky dust spots, a new Advanced Healing Brush helps you to more effectively eliminate unwanted artifacts from images, including irregular shapes. A new location-based organization tool lets you find, group and tag images by location and create a photo journey.
Although the jump from Lightroom 3 to 4 saw its price fall by 50 percent to $149, Adobe is offering no such reduction this time around, with the new software continuing to retail for $149. Though the price is relatively higher than that of other software available in the market, this amazing software offers additional tools to edit even 3-D images.

The package of GIMP includes color correction, advanced cloning, channel mixing, layered compositions, and paths. This software provides the photographers with a streamlined way to speed through editing, making necessary adjustments, and delivering photos online or in print. The best thing is that this outstanding photo editing software is available for as low as $40.00. It is ideal Mac video editing software to edit and retouch videos with rich video and photo editing functions. If you need, Mac video editor pro also enables you to burn videos to DVD for better video preservation. You can also click the icon which seems like a small clock to open the duration setting window and set the trimming begin and end time manually. Select the way you want to share your videos or randomly choose one since you can freely switch the tab in the Share window.
When we talk about Video Editing we can say that almost programs are hard to use and take too much of time to learn, just like Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. You can easily add Texts with cool fonts and styles, you can also add text slides and add audio streams to your videos. You can also create stunning 3D Stereoscopic videos and energize them with some other effects to make it ready to be a movie. It's very easy to use and beginners can familiarize with its interface easily, and you'll be making fun with your videos. With WeVideo you have access to a large variety of effects, styles, slides, animations and texts that you can add to your videos just after uploading it in the dashboard of WeVideo. This new tool lets you automatically square and align an image with a single click, though you can of course still correct it manually, with sliders allowing for minute adjustments to characteristics such as distortion, scale and aspect.
If you’re running an older version and fancy making use of the new features, you can upgrade for $79. It enables you to trim, crop, rotate, add stylish titles, apply filter effects, insert transition and motion effects, etc. So in this article you'll find the 5 most popular and Easy-to-Use Video Editing Software to add professional touches to your videos easily. Another perfect option in Ezvid is that you can upload the video to Youtube directly from the program itself with one click.
The only negative of Pinnacle is price, because Pinnacle studio is a little expensive for normal users.

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