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What application springs to mind when you think of creating visual aids to accompany your business presentation? Wea€™ve rounded up five compelling alternatives to PowerPoint, including Web apps that let you dispense with installing software, and mobile apps that allow for presentation-building (and presenting) on the go. Our goal is to showcase presentation options that will help you get your point across a little differently, so your audiencea€™s eyes dona€™t glaze over in the middle of your pitch. Haiku Deck for iPad is designed to turn your ideas into beautiful presentations in about the time it takes to ride the train to work. Haiku Deck provides excellent tools for finding free art to illustrate your business presentations. Indeed, half the battle in crafting attractive slides is finding appropriate artwork to go with the text.
Leta€™s say your slide contains the word profits and the phrase 3D printing: Youa€™ll quickly get a list of thumbnails matching those terms. Ultimately, Haiku Deck is all about whipping together attractive slides, and ita€™s great for that task. The app doesna€™t support sound, transitions, or animations, though, and you cana€™t manually place your text or change the background color for charts.
That said, once you figure out Haiku Decka€™s mechanics, youa€™ll find it a great tool for building short, simple, and attractive slide decks on the run. If youa€™re looking for a more traditional alternative to PowerPoint, one that runs in Windows and closely emulates the standard slideshow-building process, Kingsoft offers a compelling option in Presentation Free 2013. If youa€™re already familiar with PowerPoint, youa€™ll have a huge head start on Presentation Free: Its default interface borrows heavily from Microsofta€™s Ribbon, though it has a second interface option that closely resembles older versions of PowerPoint.
Presentation Free 2013 looks and works very much like Microsoft's PowerPoint, but you don't need to buy an entire productivity suite to get it.
Kingsoft supplies a generous library of presentation templates that you can use as a jumping-off point, along with a nice selection of layouts, color schemes, animations, and the like.
Perhaps of greatest importance, Presentation Free can open existing PowerPoint presentations, including those saved in the newer .pptx format.
Presentation Free 2013 is without question the prettiest PowerPoint clone you can get, and save for VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) support, the free version is every bit as capable as its commercial counterpart, Office Suite Pro 2013 (which also includes word processing and spreadsheet programs). Building a story works the same as building a presentation: You create individual slides (known here as scenes) and populate them with data.
These needna€™t be static additions, either: Perspectivea€™s bar and bubble charts are a€?motiona€? charts, meaning that you can animate the elements to better highlight data such as sales forecasts and market trends.
Pixxa Perspective Pro costs between $50 and $100 depending on the features you want, but it allows you to create compelling presentations in the office or on the go.
Alas, the app doesna€™t let you embed videos or webpages, and you cana€™t add audio elements such as music or sound effects. It may take you some time to learn how to use Perspectivea€™s various tools, especially for arranging elements in a scene and tweaking the data in motion charts.
Although the Perspective app is initially free, you can use it to create only one storya€”think of it as an app test drive. Thata€™s a little steep relative to some of the other tools here, but Perspective offers robust data-visualization options. It works like this: You assemble various snippets of informationa€”text, graphics, videos, and the likea€”onto the virtual equivalent of a giant, themed poster board. If Microsoft ever decided to release PowerPoint for Android, it would probably have a lot in common with SoftMaker Presentations Mobile.
To be fair, Presentations Mobile offers little of the mobile-presentations finesse of Haiku Deck or Pixxa Perspective.
It can, however, import presentations from a variety of sources, including local memory and online services such as Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and SkyDrive. In our tests, Presentations Mobile did a great job importing a 54-slide PowerPoint file from a Google Drive account to a Barnes & Noble Nook HD. Ultimately, this app isna€™t so much about replacing PowerPoint as it is about making PowerPoint mobile, with simple tools for building basic slides and robust tools for accessing your existing presentations on the go.
The only experience more painful than sitting through a boring presentation is givingA a boring presentation. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. For more than 20 years, Rick Broida has written about all manner of technology, from Amigas to business servers to PalmPilots. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. PowerPoint’s grip has tightened as more and more people, not just in technology but in all walks of life, are being asked to give presentations. For iPad users, the best and most obvious alternative would be Keynote, Apple’s answer to PowerPoint.
As is the case in other technology sectors, the more interesting alternatives tend to be Web-based. SlideRocket offers the ability to import existing presentations, convert them to HTML5, and beam them down to your tablet.
Both Prezi and SlideRocket offer free versions with limited functionality or a subscription-based model that offers the works for a monthly or yearly fee. One of the coolest capabilities of using a tablet during a presentation is the ability to wirelessly control what’s going on.
Perhaps the best idea to break out of PowerPoint chains is to not only reconsider the tools you use to present, but also the presentation itself. I was presenting the Mindworks Presentation Method to a team at Microsoft this week and I asked them what challenges they had creating PowerPoint slides. My one caution is to not fall into the trap of just blindly following presentation experts.
A agree that there needs to be a right balance between engagement and the quality of the content. We, along with our bosses and our co-workers, have been seeing the same slides, text effects, and animations from MS Office PowerPoint for the past 10 to 15 years. If you are not in the business of assassinating your organization via boring slides (we know that you’re not THAT kind of office ninja), take a look at the following 5 presentation alternatives. For an in-depth tutorial about Canva from your favorite office experts (#NinjaLife), click here.
Bunkr offers a presentation platform that puts your social sharing options right beside the presentation! Cloud-based, responsive, and downright pretty templates are the draw of this online presentation website.
This may alarm you, but you may have held the secret to creating compelling slides ever since you started using GMail. Carolyn MedranoI am an anything goes Copywriter and Technical Writer with a BS in Emerging Media communications.
These programs BLOW AWAY Powerpoint, but how reliable is their functionality when it comes time to actually project your slides in a room full of people? Glad you liked it Wendy – let us know if you test any of these out and which ones are your faves!
These are all very appealing alternatives, and I could see using one or more for externally focused presentations (i.e. But there is another drawback to using bullet points that is important to note: not all information that you share is meant to be told in a linear fashion.
If you find yourself needing some new ideas for presentations—and never want to use bullet points again—then you will definitely find these seven alternatives to standard bullet points helpful! Instead of just listing each idea one after the other and relying solely on your display text—which, by the way, can look awesome if done right—why not create a set of images with text captions beneath them? This kind of text alignment works best if you have a short list of related items that can be summarized on one slide. There is nothing wrong with using more slides, especially if you have a lot of very good information to share. When you add additional levels to a presentation it will give it a bit more dimension; especially if you add photos to the background, this will infuse slides with a sense of narrative and real world context. GIFs are kind of like the new kid on the block when it comes to communication in the modern corporate world. Sort of like how you can cut down on bullet points by placing images instead, using GIFs works by letting a video do most of the talking for you. Many effective presentation slides rely on simple icons or vectors to convey significant chunks of information.
A great challenge behind using icons is that it forces you to think about how to represent verbal ideas in a non-verbal way.
One of the most effective aspects of infographics is that you can pretty much craft them to tell any story you want.
If you have a particularly data-driven presentation to give, the best alternative to using bullet points is to create a neat table.
But tables do not just have to be reserved for presentations where you are talking about numbers. Getting rid of bullet points can be a challenging task, but there is no reason you can’t have a great time flexing your creative muscles through the process of using these stylish and savvy alternatives to bullet points on your slides.
Are there any other methods you use for creating great slides without having to rely on bullet points? Lastly, do you have a friend that could benefit from learning about these presentation design tips?

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About PandaWe're a presentation design firm that creates KILLER presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals. Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda, and has been designing sweet looking slides for over 10 years. Enter your your name and email below to get this free presentation template and also get free updates! Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources! Not included are well-known options such as Google Docs, OpenOffice, and Zoho Show, all of which offer basic slide-builders that can easily pinch-hit for PowerPoint and dona€™t cost a dime. Haiku Deck lets you add your own (from your iOS devicea€™s camera roll or from any other image library), but it can also search millions of free, Creative Commons-licensed images based on the words youa€™ve chosen for that slide. In fact, trying to make any major slide changes often causes you to lose the work youa€™ve already done. Available separately or as part of the Kingsoft Office Free 2013 suite, this program should satisfy most of your slide-deck needs.
You can add a wealth of elements to your slides, everything from sounds and background music to movies and Flash animations. If youa€™re short on artwork, the appa€™s handy Web-search option makes it easy to find online images for your story. You can, however, record a voice-over after your story is complete and ready for presenting. But ita€™s not unlike learning PowerPoint: Once you know what you need to do, presentation-building goes pretty quickly.
To unlock all the features and create unlimited stories, you must upgrade to Perspective Pro, which costs $50. In many cases, ita€™s notA because the content is dull, ita€™s just that audiences have seen enough static slideshows to last a lifetime. It looks like something a professional effects shop would take weeks and thousands of dollars to create.
You can now include background music that plays during the presentation, or even add voice-overs or sound effects to a€?path stepsa€? (the transitions between areas of the scene). If youa€™re as sick of creating static slide decks as people are of seeing them, you should give Prezi a try. It is, at best, a rudimentary PowerPoint clone, allowing for the creation of only the most basic slides. Once you have those files in place, you can make basic edits and then restore the files to their homes, or forward them via email. The process went slowly, however, requiring several minutes to download and open the slideshow. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. Microsoft’s presentation program is more than 20 years old, and although Redmond works very hard at keeping one of its primary honeypots sweet, PowerPoint has become so ubiquitous that it’s hard to stand out by using it. Just like Pages and Numbers, Keynote is one of those Apple apps that sort of do what the competing Microsoft program does, but you lose some functionality if you import a PowerPoint file. It also provides the same template, animation, and chart ability of PowerPoint, with some added toys like embeddable software demos and real-time plug-ins like an updating Twitter feed and stock quotes. That way, you don’t have to be a PowerPoint jockey, pressing the down button on the keyboard every time you want to advance to the next slide.
The simplest form of a story is a simple problem and solution; chances are almost any talk can fit that storyline.
Not only will it force you to exercise your creative muscles, but it will also make you consider using some other tools to stretch the time. Since you only have one row with all 3 boxes filled, you are going to have to live with some contiguity issues, but I think you’ve minimized it pretty well.
When you find so much information and it is all relevant, it can be so easy to put all of it in a presentation for fear that you will leave something out but that isn’t what presenting is about. Full of interesting, important, innovative and – at times – provocative ideas that can elevate any corporate presentation.
Emaze makes creating attractive and dynamic presentations easy by providing you with free, pre-made templates. Stressing the idea that “less is more,” Slidebean is a highly content-oriented platform that can be displayed on any browser and on any device.
Although their Sway presentation application is still in development, its concept is to bring together many different mediums- YouTube, social media, image databases, wikis, etc.- and offer drag and drop functionality that allows you to integrate them into your presentation. I served as Ninja for nurses and doctors before becoming a full-time writer, and I spend my disposable income on blueberries, mangoes, coffee, and DS games for a son who is as random as his mom. How many times have we all seen a presentation go down in flames because the hardware was not playing well with the presentation software?
I’m worried about that very same problem for a presentation I have coming up in October. Using bullet points to give a PowerPoint presentation is a surefire way to put your audience to sleep faster than you can say “Here is a list of five reasons why .
They are usually heavy on text and light on visuals, which usually means that they will be forgotten by your audience just as soon as the next slide pops up. This is a really useful method, especially if you have a limited amount of slides to go through and want to cluster your information on as few slides as possible. For example, if you are presenting a how-to slideshow of directions for how to use an app, a really awesome looking alternative to bullet points would be to show screenshots of the login page, entering the app dashboard, and then interacting with the app itself.
If this is the case, do not hesitate to expand the length of your slide show and break up bullets into multiple slides.
So instead of trying to squeeze five bullet points onto one slide, stretch one slide into five and let each bullet point rest on its own. You can surround your text with bright, colorful shapes to draw attention to each individual talking point. But as people loosen their ties and let a sense of humor permeate the office, there is a growing acceptance of a medium best known for condensing everything from funny cat videos and the Harlem Shake to football highlights and people twerking. This doesn’t mean that you should completely do away with words, but maybe choose one or two words to accompany the images you select.
This kind of challenge is a great exercise in itself because it will make you better able to sum up your presentation without the aid of words.
They are such a flexible and brilliant way to convey information (hence the name) and they do so in a manner which is super engaging, not too wordy, and allows for more complex and nuanced relationships between ideas. It might make sense to ditch bullet points in favor of tables if you are making a comparison of different topics, noting the change in different variables over time, highlighting the before and after of an experiment, or maybe even condensing a list of seven alternatives to bullet points into one simple table instead of writing a whole article about it!
If you take the presentation path less traveled and rely more on images, negative space, infographics, icons, tables and graphs instead of the traditional bullet points, your presentations will look cutting edge and deliver a powerful impact to your audience. Whichever interface you choose, Presentation Free has one amenable feature that still eludes PowerPoint: document tabs that make switching between multiple open presentations much easier. You can also import a wealth of file types, including locally stored Excel and CSV files, the contents of the clipboard, or anything you have stored in Google Drive. And for anyone serious about presenting data, Perspective supports the creation of Sankey diagrams (a specialized kind of flow diagram), though this feature requires a separate in-app purchase ($100). Speaking of which, you can share a snapshot from your story via email or Twitter, and a recently added Airshow option lets you share stories directly from your iPad to up to ten other iPads. PreziA creates eye-catching custom animations that blow ordinary slide decks out of the water. But ita€™s really just a Prezi template stocked with your data and some extra infographics. That might not seem like a huge deal, but Prezi delivers such a smooth, cinematic experience, it almost begs to have a soundtrack.
Even something as simple as changing a slidea€™s background is elusive within the appa€™s toolbar system, which consists entirely of unlabeled icons.
Depending on which Android device youa€™re using, you can also connect to an external display to deliver your presentationa€”complete with any embedded sounds, transitions, and animations. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. With a little effort, it can definitely help you stand out compared to the typical PowerPoint. Leave a laptop hooked to the projector and then control the presentation using a personal wireless connection between tablet and laptop, a Bluetooth connection, or AirPlay (for iOS people). Let’s put it this way: If your presentation is not addressing a problem with a solution, you’re wasting the audience’s time. Rather than present data in a table, you can convert it into this slick-looking Sankey Diagram.
When you have a series of stacked bar charts side by side, it’s sometimes difficult to see patterns and compare the values of each bar. For instance, remove text from the slide that we plan to speak, using animation to build up a complex slide, using props instead of slides, using stories or analogies to present a complex idea before layering on the details. Just populate the templates with content and graphics, and then you’re ready to amaze your boss with your emaz-ing creation (see what I did there?). It is significantly less graphic intensive than the other PowerPoint alternatives, allowing it to be easily viewed and shared.
At the top right hand corner, you will see an icon that looks like nine itty-bitty squares.

I would be very interested to learn the level of information security offered on each of these platforms. Depending on your presentation topic, you might be doing a disservice to yourself and your audience by using bullet points simply because there is a much better way of presenting that information. In order to make this sort of layout work, remember to pick images that are related as much as possible to the topic at hand.
That way you can let the focus of the slide be on a visual, practical aspect of the app, rather than just explaining it in words to your audience. Doing so will give your presentation a lot of crucial breathing space—and there is a consensus in the design community that negative space is a beautiful, effective way of creating content. In this context you will have more room to focus on each point at an individual level without having to deal with interference from the other points on your list. When you do decide to go with bullet points, you can still dress them up quite a lot—that way they seem less like boring bullets and more like beautifully designed accents to your presentation.
You can use nifty presentation tools such as Font Squirrel to curate bold, catchy text that grabs your viewers’ attention—and don’t think that you have to keep the font uniform all the way through. Heck, it’s already considered acceptable practice to use GIFs in email correspondence, so who says you can’t use a GIF in your PowerPoint presentation either? Just remember that like a lengthy bullet point list, a long video (say, anything more than a couple minutes) is a really easy way to lose your audience. Especially for any visual learners in your audience, chiseling your bullet points down to a single icon is a really helpful way for them to absorb information. When your slide is mostly image based it also means that your audience will pay more attention to you, because they will be waiting to hear important details from you rather than just copying down the bullet point text you would otherwise be providing them with. If you want to really wow your audience with a good presentation design scheme, you should consider creating infographics to be at the heart of your presentation.
The same is true of diagrams—think of Venn Diagrams or brainstorming bubbles that have overlaps or multiple branches off of a central point. You can also rely on graphs instead of bullets for most of the same kind of data, and not necessarily if you have hard, numerical data. Plenty of other tools and services are cooler, faster, easier to use, anda€”in almost all casesa€”less expensive.
Alternatively, you can choose a solid background color or insert your choice of a bar, pie, or numeric chart (with manually added labels and numbers). On top of that, Haiku Deck lets you export your presentation for further tweaking in, say, PowerPoint or Applea€™s Keynote. Whatever the reason, being able to speak well in public is a crucial skill for a growing number of professionals.
Tie the problem to real life and real people, not some chart or spreadsheet, and you’re golden. You’re there to have a conversation with the audience, no matter if it numbers in the single digits or thousands of people.
These diagrams use lines of different widths to show how something flows through a system, like cash flowing through an income statement or customers flowing through a website. To create a deviation bar chart with a common baseline, just use a negative number instead of a positive number for the negative value (eg. But they could also be improved with better use of text: less text, more skimmable text, different font sizes. But generally, I do agree there’s a real need to learn how to present complex material on a slide. It’s not a matter of moving away from one toward the other, but using text and complex slides more effectively. Canva is a website that allows you to create slides with built-in high resolutions images, vectors, and text effects. In the event their free package is not enough for you, their highest tier package offers unlimited space and sharing, as well as a host of other handy premium features (like offline viewing and privacy controls), for only $9.90 per month.
If a presentation contains internal-only or sensitive information, how is that data secured (if at all)? Since you do not have the luxury of using words to explain an idea, it is fundamental to the success and clarity of your slide presentation that you use relevant images.
And the less visually chaotic your slide is, the more effective it will be in roping in your audience and engaging with them in a positive manner. If there is a particular word you want your audience to pay attention to, do not be afraid to dress it up in boldface or choose an extra fancy font to make it truly stand out.  While some designers will tell you to quit playing around with your presentation like you are still in elementary school, I would also suggest using a few interesting animations as each line of text enters the screen (but do try to restrain yourself). The brilliance of GIFs is that they are designed to satiate short attention spans and get across a message in just a few seconds.
This also frees up a lot of space in the slide, so you waste less time getting to the point.
Many people and organizations, including the US military, believe this method actually contributes to the cognitive degradation of your audience. That ability is great for highlighting important text or details, but has become somewhat of a one-trick pony itself, notable only for its novelty compared to PowerPoint.
A presenter going off-track is just as annoying as one that fervently sticks to a rigid outline – like just reading directly from slides. The width of the line indicates the value (the length of the line has no meaning).  Creating it takes some artistic skill and patience creating shapes and aligning them perfectly. For instance, if each circle represents a number of customers, the audience can feel how much work is involved in winning back these customers.
Logo charts are an invention of Jon Moon (named because it may involve representing different companies or products as logos, rather than text) and explained in his book How to Make an Impact. Add thick white borders to the table cells to separate the boxes, or else create the boxes using shapes and leave whitespace between them.
It is true that people are more attracted by things that are visual and so facts and data can be retained more easily if they are made visually appealing. Many of the backgrounds and other design elements are free, but the premium design elements may cost you a bank-breaking $1.00. Also, because we love making your life easier, Bunkr allows you to export content to PDF files, HTML5 files, and (yes, it still makes an appearance) PowerPoint. I encourage you to be creative and see how you can use a few cleverly placed GIFs as substitutes for long blocks of boring bullet point text.
It really says something if your audience comes out of your presentation knowing less than they came in with. The problem, unfortunately, is that very few people are able to think outside of the PowerPoint box. A lot of people are beginning to use interactive presentation software and there are so many to choose from. It is a user-friendly tool, and when you sign up, they even offer you an interactive tutorial. Although the interface and design options are PPT-esque, Slides allows you to share the presentation easily via link or attachment. The most obvious problem with using bullet points to tell a story, demonstrate value of a product, argue for a change in lifestyle, or otherwise convince your audience is that bullet points are boring. If you can say what you need to say with three bullet points instead of five, say it with three. You can see how the style of the infographic allows for a comparison of multiple variables simultaneously: teens versus seniors, 1998 versus 2008, and state by state.
Fun fact: people remember things in sets of three, so your slide will probably be more memorable if you focus on that magic number. The basic principle of Kaizen, which means ‘continuous improvement’, in eliminating all wastes and utilize the available resources to their full potential.Kaizen and Balanced Scorecard.
The second part focuses on balanced scorecards, strategic planning and the effective combination of balanced scorecards with Kaizen to reap the full benefits from different perspectives.Reviewing Alternatives of Kaizen.
So don’t be afraid to get creative and rely on infographics to tell your story when bullet points simply won’t do. This part reviews the alternatives to Kaizen like Kanban, business process reengineering, and modular function deployment, establishing the superiority of Kaizen over these methods.Kaizen step-by-step. He helps you identify what you should communicate and what can be left out…all with the goal of being as effective as possible.
Real-life examples of five organizations that had benefited immensely from Kaizen are presented in the sixth part. They are Canon, Fidelity Investments, Gold Seal Engineering Products, Shwee Shwian Food, and Rojee Tasha Stampings.Conclusions about Kaizen Method.
This part of the Kaizen Method Guide concludes the thoughts presented in the first parts of Kaizen Method Guide.Kaizen FAQ. We also include in the free trial package some KPI Examples that you can use as a template for your project.
It’s the kind of book that training managers should be handing out to all employees who do in-house presentations.
Dada, Senior Director, BazaarvoiceIf you're looking for just one book on presentation structure and design, look no more.
This book presents fundamental principles for creating visuals that communicate and sell ideas in the boardroom and beyond.

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