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There are just 3 simple steps to guide you to create or make dynamic PowerPoint MPEG picture album slideshows and add to PPT presentation.
Once your PowerPoint MPEG-1 album slideshows are created completely, you can play it on your computer firstly.
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It is no doubt that a picture album video embedding photo slideshows and music or song is the best way to show your photos on PowerPoint presentations.

After launching the PPT Slide show maker software , you can start to create and organize your picture album, , set picture album theme, convert photograph slide shows to the dynamic mpeg video slideshows. After creating a album, you can customize the slide show album by adding, deleting pictures, arranging the order of images. And in the video Parameters Setting area, you can set all kinds of parameters and choose the Profile as MPEG-1 Movie(*.mpg) as the album slideshows output file.
If you think the MPEG picture video is OK, you will open PowerPoint and choose this creative PPT video slide shows to insert. The PPT image album slide show in dynamic MPEG music video format can help you attract more people's eyes and make your PowerPoint presentation slideshows more attractive. DVD Photo Slide show Maker software is a PowerPoint image video slide show maker software that can help you convert still picture to dynamic MPEG or AVI video for PowerPoint presentation.

Now, As an easy-to-use PowerPoint image video slide show maker, DVD image Slide show guides you how to make or create Photo MPEG video slideshows and add to PPT presentations. The dynamic MPEG PPT picture video slide shows with song are more wonderful than the still photos to show your memory on PowerPoint presentations.

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