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The latest version of PowerPoint has all sorts of features that can bring your presentation to life when used well.

Inserting a screen shot of another piece of software used to involve using an additional piece of software, or several step-through windows. Setting up complex animations that repeat across multiple items used to be a tiresome task. Video clips can now have “triggers” inserted so that when a video reaches a set point it can trigger text to appear, or an animation to happen. Office 2007 introduced the “ribbon” at the top of the interface (instead of clunky old menus). You can now use a special tool within PowerPoint that allows screenshots of all open windows to be inserted. The new animation painter fixes this and allows an animation scheme to be quickly copied from one item to another.

This is great for longer clips that may require commentary or supporting information to be shown.
Just insert into PowerPoint the code that points to the video (available from the “share” link in YouTube) and the video will automatically play during your presentation. 2010 takes this one stage further and allows you to create your own ribbon of features that you use the most.

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