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Focusky Presentation Maker is extremely powerful & effective presentation software that makes it easier for everyone to present like a professional.
Focusky clears away the clutter, helping you focus on your key idea to unlock your creative flow, you don’t need to be a professional designer to get started with Focusky today!
With Focusky, you do not need powerpoint animation templates any more, rather than being stuck in static slide of PowerPoint, your ideas are presented in a dynamic and fascinating way with unlimited zoom and pan effect, like a animated movie; Show your presentation with the entire world using an stunning automated 3D Camera translation. With Focusky’ Animation Editor, You can apply 300+ animation effects (motion) to text, pictures, shapes, SmartArt graphics, and more.
Rather than traditional slide to slide presentation, with more fun the zooming presentation lead the people down a path of discovery in mind mapping style. Focusky Append a rich set of media contents to enrich your presentation; allows you to add YouTube video, local video, audio, images, photo slideshow, layout, shapes, text, links and flash animation to enrich your presentation and engage your audience. 3D Backgrounds make your presentation seem like you've put in way more effort than you actually did. Focusky provide a convenient way to record and insert audio narration tracks over your presentation in perfect synchronization with your slides and animation timings.
Focusky provides over 1200 free online animated materials for users to build elegant video presentation. For users' convenience, Focusky collects and sorts more than 5000 vector diagrams and icons in SVG format. Create digital presentation in the language you want is possible with Focusky, it supports most languages in the world and different font styles to beautify the contents. Publish your work as APP & HTML & MP4 Video presentation, then it can run on various platforms such as Windows and Mac. Focusky is fun to use, and the amazing presentations you can make with it are fun to watch. With Focusky, I was able to create my demo video presentations super fast and get professional results. We value your privacy and protect your financial and personal data with full encryption and advanced fraud protection. TweetScoop.itCreating a presentation with attractive designs can sometimes be the difference between a good presentation and a failed one. Prespector is an application that allows users to add 3D graphics to their PowerPoint presentations.
Convexion is an add-in for MS PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 to convert presentations to WPF and Silverlight format. Aurora 3D Presentation is a handy software that allows creating professional looking 3D presentations in various formats. While Aura 3D does not support the MS PowerPoint format, it can be useful for creating video presentations. Anaglyph Maker is a free software that can help you create anaglyph and interleave images for red-blue and LC-shutter glasses. If you are an advanced user and are good with graphics designing then you can make use of applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max. It is worth mentioning here that software like Autodesk 3ds Max and Maxon Cinema 4D are not meant as an alternative for programs such as MS PowerPoint. Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
Having problem in sharing a stunning PowerPoint presentation with your groups via the Internet?
Many third-party shareware can assist you in converting a PowerPoint presentation to a video. Step 1 - Install the PowerPoint to video converter and import the presentation(s) that you want to convert.
Screen recording software can also help creating a video from your PowerPoint presentation.

Customize the new PowerPoint project by adding an audio file, redefine a slide timeline, set video quality, etc. A folder containing the exported slides with the same name of the original presentation is generated.
Note – all the dynamic effects (like audio or video clips) in the original presentation are lost in the generated movie. Again, all the animated elements including audios, movie clips and transitions in the source PowerPoint presentation won’t appear in the WMV file. From PowerPoint to video, your presentation has become more accessible on Internet and on the go with such a wide selection of convenient software applications.
All posts on this blog are created for non-profit sharing by the blogger staff of Moyea Software.
Subscribe to comments with RSSor TrackBack to 'A Concise Collection of PowerPoint to Video Solutions'. Your site was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.
We provide all the animation tools you’ll ever need to immediately begin creating your own professional-looking animated presentations. If necessary, you can customize animation such as set the length of the various animations, repeats, timelines, transitions, rotation and so on. Focusky allow you to easily put together an animated video with as simple tools as drag and drop. With tons of dynamic characters, eye-popping images, and active text sequences (and much more!), Focusky helps you capture your audience's attention and imagination, far beyond the flat, stilted PowerPoint presentations you used to rely on. When you pan or zoom around the presentation to display various text and images, the background image moves in concert, exhibiting "parallax" motion (the effect you see when distant objects seem to move less than nearby ones). You can make changes to WordArt, such as the font size and the text color, by using the drawing tools options available automatically after you insert or select the WordArt in a presentation.
Each Presentation that you publish gets a unique URL that can be shared to individuals, or to your entire social network, by sending or posting a link. Focusky’s cloud-based presentation platform provides you free cloud hosting service with unmatched reliability and security; Access your presentations from anywhere online.
Focusky uses Adobe's Flash and HTML5 technology to create animated presentations with a few clicks and drags.
We definitely appreciate the user interface and the interesting presentation style it follows. It would be a good teaching tool for those visual learners who struggle to grasp the “big picture” of a topic, or how it relates to specific points you are instructing them on. The best part about Focusky is that the finished product will look so professional and creative. One of the programs known for its ability to help users create attractive presentations is MS PowerPoint, however, it is only natural that one should use all kind of available resources for creating eye-catching presentations. Since bulletin boards and regular slides can be boring for your audience, adding some 3D graphical elements can help you enhance the look of your presentation and to keep the audience interested. The standard edition allows exporting a file to Silverlight XAP + HTML and WPF (EXE) formats, while the Pro version provides the option to adds Microsoft Blend and Visual Studio .SLN Export. Aurora 3D Presentation is particularly useful for beginners and intermediate users who wish to create presentations in 3D with the help of combining images, videos and textual data. While the utility of this application may not directly be related to the creation of presentations, however it can be used to create 3D images to insert them in applications such as MS PowerPoint. It must be noted that Autodesk has two versions and while one version is meant for game development, animations, etc, the second version is more likely to be useful for creating presentations. The scope of this applications is to allow users to create 3D logos, designs, simulations, illustrations, buildings, etc. These software have only been included in this list because of their ability to create presentations (in the form of models and simulations) on a grand scale, e.g.

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Open the program, in the main interface, click From MS PowerPoint in the Create Project tab to select a PowerPoint file to convert. If you are a qualified user for this, then download and install Photo Story 3 for Windows on your PC. Actually, the movie is a slide show that can run on any application that supports QuickTime movies.
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Simply add effect, preview in real-time; No Pro knowledge, coding or design skills are required.
As a teacher, you can use these animations to create and share tutorials, presentations, step by step guides, and many more. Make beautiful, professional looking charts and graphs for your next report or presentation. For the most part, the types of effects you can add are the same as the ones you can add to shapes and text boxes. Our full-screen television quality video backgrounds and full-screen animated backgrounds not only enhance your presentation, but bring your presentations to life, capture, wow, and energize your audience.
Also, you can EMBED your presentation on your blog or website by simply copying and pasting. Powerful features, like interesting 3D Camera liked transitions and object animations, that this presentation software! Aside from presentations you can also create infographics, animations and a whole lot more with its ready-made template.
Adding 3D objects can be a major source of creating attractive presentations by inserting graphs, images and other kinds of 3 dimensional objects. Prespector provides a set of images that can be imported as slides to tailor them according to the user’s requirement. This can be a unique experience for your audience to invoke interest for your presentations. The Autodesk 3ds Max Design software has been developed for professionals such as architects, visualization specialists, engineers and the like, so that they can create and simulate models. You can save the WMV file for playback on your computer, in Email, or for playback on a pocket PC or a Smartphone with Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.
Also, note that transitions in the original presentation may play differently in the QuickTime movie, and that animations will be completely missing in the movie.
With Focusky, create your own whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how.
While PowerPoint offers some 3D shapes and designs by default, there are numerous third-party tools and add-ins that are a better alternative. You know, the universal format video is your best bet for distributing a presentation that almost anyone can playback on any computer, no matter a Mac or a Windows.
Then import the pictures to the program, edit it by adding a title, an effect, a narration, or background music for output video. This blog has some great posts and your posts inspire me to be productive and has given me ideas to move forward. In this post we will explore tools that can be used for creating stunning presentations in 3D.

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