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You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. SOSTAC is a widely used tool for marketing and business planning which is rated in the top 3 most popular marketing models in the Smart Insights review of Marketing Models that have stood the test of time. In this post I give an example of how I have applied PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Planning Model - which is my interpretation of SOSTAC®.
Further guidance and examples are available in the Smart Insights guide for Expert members by PR Smith and this post by Dave Chaffey giving an overview of the SOSTAC® model. A guide for Expert members to creating a digital marketing plan using SOSTAC® by PR Smith, the creator of the method. Originally created in the 1990s by writer and speaker PR Smith, the SOSTAC® framework has built an authoritative reputation as the framework of choice for different scales of  business including multinational and startup organisations across the world. If you're looking for a visual example, the process for creating a digital marketing plan has also been summarised in this Multichannel Marketing Plan infographic. Stage 1 of implementing this digital marketing planning framework is setting out the situation analysis. SWOT analysis – what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the whole organisation. For example, how do you envision your organisation to differentiate itself from the competition? Creating customer personas helps brings to life who your existing customers are and what their motivations are.
Route to purchase – Were purchases made through a search engine, email newsletter, affiliate website, direct from site or through the call centre, i.e. Based on this data, the next stage is to turn this data into more of a personality that your organisation can relate to.
Steve is a 28 yr old professional, renting in London, single and with a high disposable income.
Steve is comfortable in ordering online and engaging with social media to keep up to date with the latest football news and football product launches.
Steve has been reading the latest new stories regarding the World Cup through his favourite football blog site. Clare has received an email from one of her preferred online retailers which includes a cross marketing promotion to Company X, where you can order your World cup shirt by quoting a promotional code. It’s worth considering creating a SWOT analysis of your organisation, thinking laterally by embracing all your internal departments rather than just focusing on the digital marketing department and gathering evidence and interviews on your colleagues, suppliers, customers thoughts.
Not only will it provide a better picture to lay out a strategy for your organisation as a whole but it also provides you with the opportunity to interview and build relationships across the organisation. Dave Chaffey has examples of a marketing SWOT examples in his post where he recommends the TOWs matrix method to link the SWOT forward to strategies. To help create your objectives, I recommend you use two guides to help to create both measurable and realistic goals to achieve for your digital marketing strategy, focusing on the 5 S’s and ensuring you make each objective SMART.
The 5 Ss goals refer to: Sell, Serve, Speak, Save and Sizzle which were created by PR Smith and the concept first published it in various online elearning packages and reference can also be found in the book, Emarketing Excellence . Specific – Are you focusing enough on a specific issue or challenge within the organisation? There are a number of different SMART objectives that can be set for example, lead generation, acquisition or engagement or retention.
We have already identified Company X will be focusing on its key strengths: product range, organisational structure and global operations (as detailed in the SWOT analysis) whilst remaining realistic to its lack of financial resources in comparison to the competition. It is recommended Company X to develop a site geared for the World Cup which will provide a dedicated section used to service the customer base and to meet and service the objectives set for the strategy. Increase email frequency from one email per quarter to one email per week from May 2015 through to July 2015. Dave Chaffey recommends you use this type of table to summarise how you link or align strategy with objectives. Tactics cover the specific tools of the digital mix that you plan to use to realise the objectives of your digital marketing plan. It is recommended Company X develop a micro site geared for the World Cup which will provide a dedicated section used to service the customer base and to meet and service the objectives set for the strategy. To help achieve the objectives above, use the 7PS of the Marketing Mix to focus on the key attributes to be considered by Company X in order to meet youe objectives.
Price – Review pricing of World Cup products and to ensure it is consistent to online competitors. Place – Operating as an online retailer, this provides the main hub for all stock movements utilising courier companies to increase efficiency in delivering stock to the customer in the quickest time possible.

Email marketing: Through past purchase history, set up targeted emails to send to existing customers based on team they support.
Social Media: Utilise the company accounts to engage with other football news accounts and provide information on latest World Cup products and promotions. People – Utilise the customer service team to engage with customers should it be needed to provide support for customers who would like to answer questions on delivery of their order, tracking their order. Process – The customer would be directed to the website through a referral or recommendation. Partnerships – List important strategic relationships with other companies that operate in non-competing sectors that have become an important selling point to differentiate itself from other online competitors. From the competitor analysis, one of the key weaknesses of Company X over its competitors was a lack of financial muscle.
As with SEO, the keyword research will provide a foundation on what keywords to target with a budget. As with SEO, there will be an ongoing refinement of keywords to target as well as budget to allocate per keyword. A cost effective vehicle in driving brand visibility for Company X is the launch of a program.
An email strategy needs to be implemented in order to ensure our existing customer base is receiving regular newsletters. Stage 5 of your digital marketing planning framework is focused on how to bring your plan to life, to make actionable measures. The action section covers what needs to be achieved for each of the tactics listed in the previous section of the SOSTAC® plan to realise the objectives of your digital marketing plan.
Continuing with the theme of the football World Cup, we have identified Company X will be focusing on its key strengths: product range, organisational structure and global operations (as detailed in the SWOT analysis) whilst remaining realistic to its lack of financial resources in comparison to the competition.
For the purpose of this case study, the following tactics were listed and below each tactic, actions have been included to ensure each has been considered before launch. On page optimisation – Of the targeted keywords, we need to optimise the website pages of the micro site to ensure best rankings within Google.
Content - Identifying and reaching out to industry leading bloggers, forums and websites prepared to create guest content and build a relationship to propel your brands proposition around the World Cup.
Link building – Bring together a targeted group of websites to target with similar keywords and are seen as high authority sites. Product Availability – Are we communicating with our buyers to ensure we are bidding on keywords associated with products available to purchase?
Business Development – Have we built up a working relationship with the affiliate program and will they assist in identifying and recruiting key affiliates to the program.
The final stage is to layout how you plan to monitor and measure your performance based on the objectives set at stage 2. For further information on PR Smith SOSTAC® planning guide, I recommend you purchase the book, The SOSTAC® Guide To Writing Your Perfect Digital Marketing Plan or Smart Insights Expert members can access it as part of their resources. My recommendations cover many of these planning and management activities, but not all, due to space.
The situation should provide an overview of your organisation – who you are, what you do and how you interact and trade online by addressing internal and external factors impacting the business. This is essential to ensure you’re providing a clear picture of existing customers and who you are looking to also target.
To help define your organisations OVP, David Chaffey recommends the 6Cs of customer motivation framework. Persona creation also helps to get buy-in across your organisation in helping to paint a picture and bring to life your customer profiles. As the World Cup provides the chance to showcase international replica shirts, this provides Company X with the chance to engage with Steve to make an additional purchase of an international replica shirt as well as purchasing his favourite club shirt.
She likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends and is comfortable in ordering at her favourite online shop. Stage 1 looked at the situation analysis which provided an overview for your organisation, specifically: who you are, what you do and how you interact and trade online by addressing internal and external factors impacting your business.
The strategy section should also identify which segments of the market you aim to target with your plan. The site will act as a key differentiator from the competition and a reason to visit and carry out a transaction.
Competitor research was completed in stage 1, situation analysis, and a micro site will act as a key differentiator from the competition and provide the foundation to meeting the objectives of the strategy.
It therefore needs to ensure sufficient stock levels have been secured for each team playing at the World Cup finals.

However SEO does provide the company with a platform to compete head on, specifically, Search Engine Optimisation.
Much of the competition do not operate a PPC campaign, therefore this is an area to capitalise on, by building traffic to the World Cup site as well as to increase brand visibility.
Due to stock fluctuations, keyword budgets will need to be paused or activated based on stock volumes and demand for the product.
Building your affiliate marketing network is a central component to ensure you’re maximising opportunities in generating incremental revenue streams through a network of publishers that are active within your program either through lead generation, display, search or voucher codes. Tactics to be employed include a variation on what should be included within the content of the newsletters to ensure we retain a good click-through rate, open rate and conversion to sale. Are we tracking performance of email delivery and tracking email effectiveness such as click through rates, open rates, conversion to sale?
The tactics have been considered and your control section is providing you with a series of dashboards tailored for each tactic. If you’re operating in a competitive environment, consider including what your online value proposition (OVP) is should you have one? To create a series of personas, a majority of this work can be completed by extracting existing data through your CRM system and analytics and then build on this to create a profile picture of your existing customers. He likes to display his support for his football club every year, buying the clubs latest replica shirt online. Steve clicks on the link and arrives at Company X which brings up a list of World Cup shirts available to order displaying the exclusive 10% discount promotion.
Her boyfriend is a keen football fan who likes to keep up with football fashion by purchasing the latest football replica shirts of his favourite team. She is unsure of the team and shirt to order so decides to phone the order helpline and take advantage of mixed-mode buying. The strategy will be to outflank competitors in order to grab market share for world cup online traffic. Increase the brand presence within identified online channels that target the football fan audience. This tactic would be to utilise the existing customer database and incentivise them to recruit friends and colleagues to join the mailing list through weekly campaigns. Steve chooses the shirt of his choice in his preferred shirt size and completes a transaction using his credit card. Clare may engage with the hype of the World Cup and this could provide an opportunity to for her to make and purchase at Company X for her boyfriend and the International team they choose to support during the tournament. Clare explains her situation over the phone to the sales consultant and places her order over the phone for the football shirt.
The customer will then receive an automated email response to confirm their registration along with an email to confirm order. Send this email to five of your friends and if they register you get a 15% discount off your next order.
Research our competitors and understand what online marketing tools they are using as well as not utilising and take a first mover advantage.
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