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Like our Facebook page and keep up to date with digital marketing news and conversation with PrairieWeb Internet Marketing. Focusing on a specific keyword’s ranking doesn’t necessarily result in sales or leads. But, having supporting content for each stage of the buying process will. Search engine optimization for the initial stage of a purchaser’s search, your content should cover a broad range of information about your product or services.
Content for this stage should provide pertinent information about what it is the customers are searching for. Figure out the questions your consumers will have, and draft conversational content to answer those questions. Even though customers are doing comparisons, their decision will be based on how your content speaks to key motivators. Search engine optimization for the final stage of the purchase, include stats and comparisons toconfirm their purchase decision. For the past decade, search engine optimization (SEO) could drive the success of web marketing by itself. Only 35% of B2B (business to business) marketers have a written content marketing strategy. Compared with a year ago, twice as many buyers (18%) spend 90% or more of their corporate procurement budgets online.
On 80% of supplier websites, companies make the mistake of talking primarily about themselves, not about buyers’ needs. Only 37% of buyers who conduct research on a supplier website say it was the most helpful source. Only 12% of B2B buyers want to meet in person with a sales rep when making a purchase decision. 71% of buyers prefer to research and buy online, with access to sales reps via phone or online chat only as needed. By the time B2B buyers reach out to sales reps, 70% of the purchase decision has been made, says Forrester Research. What do buyers think about as they develop a long list of potential vendors, narrow it to a short list, and choose who to buy from? Successful Content Marketing also requires Content Development and Content Promotion, geared toward specific personas. Learn more in this 2-minute content marketing video.
To succeed at content marketing, focus on the needs of humans, not just the algorithms of search engines.
For winning content development, you’ll need to create a buying persona for each kind of prospective customer you hope to engage.
First, learn all you can about your buyers as individuals, including age, gender, education level and job level. Then, figure out what drives each buying persona to action during the moments of truth in the buying journey. Use content development to guide buyers step by step. The right content helps buyers discover you in the first place. Deliver content on the right topics. Topics are driven by buyers’ needs, which vary at each stage of a purchase.
During initial sales, buyers discover options, evaluate each and ask questions: How well does each vendor perform? During final negotiations, buyers select a vendor, negotiate terms and conditions, and finalize the purchase.Reinforce buyers’ decisions by reminding them of your solution’s benefits and your differentiation. After the sale, buyers seek verification that they’ve made the right choice.Thank each customer for the sale.
Creating content is only half the battle. Make sure buyers see your content by promoting it. By hanging out in the right places online, you can start a useful conversation with your buyers.
Share relevant content (your own and others’) on Social Media such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.
Publish content via blogs on your website, guest blogs, trade media and industry community sites.

Work on the new ?2.5m Prairie Sports Village is nearing the finish line and Burnley Leisure staff are working hard to get the facility ready for an October launch. The bespoke facility on the Prairie playing fields site will house a development centre and a 16-bay golf driving range, which was designed to improve the game of serious golfers and newcomers alike. The Golf and Football academy complex will boast a number of conference and meeting rooms along with Sky TV and free Wi-Fi.
A purpose built full teaching facility has been created, equipped with golf simulator and GC2 launch monitor.
The Prairie will also become home to a new Simply Classic Bistro & Bar, which is opening four months after the successful launch of its namesake at Burnley Mechanics.
Neil Hutchinson, head of operations at Burnley Leisure, said: “We are very excited about opening the Prairie to the public. The Prairie has already proved a massive hit with grass root sport enthusiasts after the FA approved 3G floodlit football pitch was completed last autumn. At the venue, Burnley Leisure is running 7-a-side football leagues with women’s rounders leagues starting soon.  Burnley FC Women and Girls utilise the Prairie as a training base along with other local junior teams and Burnley’s UCFB College. A Full Service Grocery Store coming to Lombard featuring Organic, Local, and Sustainably produced food!
Prairie Food Co-op will be a full-service community owned grocery store in Lombard featuring local, sustainably grown, organic produce, meat and dairy products, as well as all of the other staples you'd expect from a grocery store -- dry goods, bulk foods, and frozen foods.
Our professional Market Analysis advised a 10,000 square foot store, with 6300 square feet of retail space. B2B buyers discover two-thirds of the information they need to buy through online research. Only 12% of B2B buyers want to meet in person with a sales rep when making a purchase decision, Acuity Group found.
By the time B2B buyers reach out to sales reps, 70% of their purchase decisions have been made, says Forrester Research. To convert lookers into customers, your content needs to show up as often as possible during buyers’ research. To succeed at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, target the keywords and phrases that convert best. As buyers research online, content marketing can position you as a key influencer in buying decisions. Just 27% of B2C (business to consumer) marketers have a written content marketing strategy. Another problem is that marketers fail to offer the content buyers need for each step in thebuying process. A robust lead generation process makes sure you get good ROI from your content marketing program. Create a content mix that includes blogs, videos, infographics, photos and other media to help buyers make good decisions. Challenge buyers: tell them what they don’t know about a problem or opportunity they didn’t know they had. Market content through guest blogging, paid advertising, social media and other strategies.
Learn how our B2B Lead Generation Services can help you win customers, revenues and profits. Contact us now.
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How do you get your content in front of them in a way that leads to a sale rather than a ranking? Your content has to be engaging, informative, like a conversation, answering the questions that your consumers seek answers to. Consumers at the initial search stage aren’t sure what they need—they’re still doing research. Understand and speak to their motivators which fall into 3 categories: What does that buyer desire?

Buyers want facts to close the deal and their searches will now be narrow enough to focus on this.
Average consumers visit 10 websites, including social media, before making a purchase decision, says a Google Survey.
And just 27% of B2C (business to consumer) marketers have written out a content marketing strategy. Without a written strategy, the chances of content marketing success become even more remote. When they decide to return to Google search, you lose up to half of your potential online revenue. That’s why your content development must make the buyers’ path clear. Take one step at a time.
Don’t create uncertainty and force buyers to turn back. Buyers who look at your site and then go to Google cost you up to half your potential online sales. They’ll seek validation from customers through testimonials, site visits, social and news media.Offer case histories, videos and news stories about similar customers. Provide users the in-depth information, service and support they need to succeed with their purchase from you. That’s the path to sparking inquiries, qualifying leads, generating sales and building your revenue. Tell them something they didn’t know — about a problem or opportunity they didn’t know they had.
Learn more about how Content Promotion works together with Content Marketing and Content Development to help your business grow. Having led on this project for over a year it will be fantastic to see it in operation showcasing this excellent facility. Prairie Food Co-op will be a community gathering place where shoppers can enjoy a cup of coffee or juice while attending educational classes and workshops. This size store makes shopping accessible and convenient and is large enough to accommodate a variety of food store departments including meat, bakery, produce, dry grocery, frozen food and dairy, as well as specialty departments such as a deli with prepared foods, a specialty drink bar, and a small cafe area. Buyers seek content to answer their questions and respond to specific worries, needs and issues.
Review titles, meta descriptions, your internal site linking structure, site architecture and code to ensure compliance with W3C and efficient page-loading standards.
It has to do with understanding how people searchand drafting specific content for each stage of their search process. This is the content that makes up category pages (products and services), case studies, reviews, testimonials, and white papers (for any B2B purchases). Make it easy for them to find the comparisons, justify their decision and make the purchase.
Who provides the best service?Create content that differentiates your offering from others.
One year ago, we contacted PrairieWeb and discussed our experience with their consultants, who…William W. They’re often doing a voice search by speaking into their phone while they walk to their car. This ensures that the meaning of the whole sentence is taken into account and not just one or two keywords. Tell buyers something they didn’t know about a problem or opportunity they already have. Gain their permission to send regular emails.

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