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SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. SlideRocket protects your content investment and opens up a world of previously unavailable possibilities by importing your existing PowerPoint or Google presentations.
You decide how to get started and we'll help you reinvent your presentations for the way you work today.
Sync presentations to from the cloud to SlideRocket's Desktop Presenter and take them with you wherever you go. With a full set of professional design tools SlideRocket helps you create breathtaking presentations that will wow your audience. SlideRocket goes way beyond its desktop counterparts and offers you the power of the Internet. Inspiration is just a click away in SlideRocketa€™s gallery of professionally designed presentations. Light the fuse to your presentation project with inspiration from SlideRocket's Presentation Gallery. Presentations hold some of your most precious data, yet presentation files are often left unsecured, stored on laptops or thumb drives and shared indiscriminately. SlideRocket stores and protects your presentations online and ensures you have complete control over how they're accessed and distributed.
SlideRocket puts the power of web meetings at your fingertips without the need to download and install additional software. An industry first, SlideRocket analytics lets you measure your presentation effectiveness by showing you who viewed and what they did as a result.
With SlideDog you can seamlessly blend a PowerPoint deck, PDF document, a website, Prezis, movies and much more together in a single presentation without having to stop the flow of your speech to bring up your next item on the screen. You simply drop the various parts of your presentation into an interface that creates a presentation playlist. It's perfect for people who use multiple forms of media in their presentations and also an especially great tool when you have multiple presenters using various media. ConceptDrwa MINDMAP gives you the ability to export your mind map into a ready-to-use Microsoft Word document. ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers several options of converting your mind map to MS Word document. A SWOT Analysis is a popular strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in any businesses. You can use SWOT analysis PowerPoint presentation to represent strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats involved in your SWOT matrix.

ConceptDraw SWOT analysis software is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats facing a project or business. A software for group collaboration helps to facilitate action-oriented teams working together over geographic distances by providing tools that aid communication. Communication is the main challenge and the key success factor for organizational project management in company with remote projects.
A software tool that saves your time on making decisions now has the ability to make decisions with remote team via Skype.
Import as images for quick and easy sharing or import as editable files for full compatibility with SlideRocket. Online, offline or mobile you can login, access your presentations and make them available to your customers and prospects 24x7. Combine themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash to tell your story without compromise. Easily integrate content from free public web resources like Flickr or YouTube and utilize plug-ins from Yahoo! Easily share presentations, slides and assets across the organization to facilitate reuse and consistency while letting SlideRocket do the heavy lifting with automatic version management and content inheritance for always up to date slides. Pull data in real time from sources like Google Spreadsheets, Twitter live feeds and Yahoo! Find the creative spark you need to realize your own project and borrow from the experience of the world's best presentation designers to get a head start. The reality is that hard drives crash, viruses attack, computers are stolen, and important documents are lost, accidentally deleted or worse, shared with competitors. If you value your intellectual property, SlideRocket is the easiest way to effectively secure your presentations and related assets.
With stunning clarity and support for full motion video, transitions and builds SlideRocket presents your slides with full fidelity so your audience sees them the same way you do. Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing.
You can place all the materials into SlideDog and everyone’s presentations are all in one place, ready to go with no interruptions.
ConceptDraw MINDMAP gives a unique opportunity to create a mind map in MS Word by the rapid transformation of mind maps to Word format.
You can export your SWOT mind map into a MS Word document, which makes using SWOT mind map easier if you need to collaborate it with other people. Communicating visually via Skype you bring all projects together to achieve corporate goals.

SWOT mind maps quickly capture your ideas, and allow you to add and subtract easily, ensuring you don’t overlook any important items. SlideRocket delivers the same beautiful experience across operating systems and devices so your message is always well received. Just publish a presentation URL and share it, embed your presentation in a web page or blog, or send an invite, all with a few simple clicks. Wherever you are SlideRocket's HTML5 viewer lets you seamlessly share presentations on any HTML5 compliant device to deliver moving presentations wherever you move. You will likely see PowerPoint presentations at top corporate gatherings as well.Corporate presentations are differentThe use of power point in the corporate world is a bit different than its use in other fields. Your team, customers and partners always see the latest information, straight from the source. If you need to combine text and hierarchically structured information in a single document, the best solution is to incorporate a mind map into the MS Word document using the copy-paste capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP. This is because Corporate PowerPoint Presentations generally have business implications that are important. Therefore these presentations need extra care while they are being made.  Often corporate professionals consult PowerPoint presentation services to come up with the best possible presentations.
You can use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to get the initial thinking done, and then make a quick export of mind map to MS Word and you've got a finished clean and styled text document. There are several considerations that one must take into account like- the crowd that will be present at the slide show, the topic and purpose of the presentation. The template should properly match with the context of the presentation.Use of cover slideIt is wise to start the presentation with a cover slide outlining the main focal point of the presentation. This sets up the tone of the presentation and prepares the audience for what is about to come next.It should be to the-pointThe purpose of PowerPoint presentations is making a long story short. There is a tendency among some to get carried away with its use.  Graphics should only be used where they are needed and will fit. This is a wonderful opportunity as you can add some animation effects and make the presentation more rich and exciting.Length should be on the small sideNo matter how extensive the topic is you need to find a way to make it compact and contain within a few slides. Generally corporate gatherings have multiple events so long shorter Corporate PowerPoint Presentations are much more preferable than longer ones. The people who are putting together the presentation should always keep this in mind.Do you like this post?

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