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A few weeks ago, I attended a client conference and they had several people present throughout the day; including myself and another professional workshop leader. Have you ever sat through a sales presentation or meeting and found yourself drifting off or tuning out the presenter or sales person?
Unfortunately, many sales people are common carriers of the TEGO virus and they unwittingly spread it to their prospects and customers. TEGO is an acronym that stands for The Eyes Glaze Over and it occurs when sales people drone on endlessly about their product, service or company. Sales people need to be vigilant and constantly watch for signs of TEGO during their sales calls, appointments, meetings and presentations.
General symptoms include prospect who frequently check their watch, Blackberry or iPhone, show signs of impatience, or who start fidgeting.
You can also spot TEGO when a prospect does not actively participate in the conversation—usually because the conversation is a one-way monologue. Just about every sales person needs to deliver some type of sales presentation from time-to-time. The tone and manner of these presentations can vary…from a casual conversation with a single prospect to a formal pitch to a buying committee. Sales presentations can range from a short, fifteen minute briefing to a multi-hour, multi-media show.
In preparation for an upcoming sales training workshop with a new client, I reviewed the slide presentation a group of sales people (and their marketing department) had developed. I could picture the company reps standing at the front of the room droning on as they discussed every slide in detail. If you want to stand out from your competition, open your next sales presentation by discussing a potential problem your prospect is facing. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
The most impressive sales presentations involve listening and telling your story without the crutch of some large PowerPoint presentation.
Any views expressed in these blogs are that of the blog's author and do not necessarily represent those of Western States Envelope & Label. The introduction in a sales presentation is typically too long – and focused almost entirely on the history, size, leadership team, and financial metrics, of the presenter’s company.
After the introduction that goes on for too long, a standard sales presentation then looks at features, often in a somewhat haphazard way.
Again, this feature-centric way of presenting information is focused on the product, and not the audience’s needs. Those sales presentations that do make the structure visible – by using agendas – usually make the mistake of using headings that mean more to the presenter than the audience, or that are so dry that they do absolutely nothing to help sell. The penultimate slide in a typical sales presentation is called something like ‘benefits’ or ‘summary’, and attempts to describe what’s in it for the audience.
Then, finally, instead of a closing slide or clear next step, a rather flat ‘Any Questions’ slide, just hanging there to allow sales reps a way out of having to ask for the business. So, that’s an outline of the typical structure of a sales presentation; too long, too hard to follow, and not built around the audience’s concerns. The introduction ought to build credibility – but the way to do that is by showing that you understand the prospect’s challenges, that actually the standard ways of meeting these challenges don’t work, and that the prospect may need to do things differently. After looking at the challenges your prospect is (most likely) facing, you need to introduce the benefits of working with your company.
This helps in two ways – first, the advantages or benefits are stated early enough to be noticed, and second, the agenda is now audience-focused, not product focused.
If you need to convince your prospects to do things in a different way (Why change) and to do them with you (Why us) there are two approaches.
The content that describes features in a typical sales presentation needs to be reworked to be effective. Bill Farquharson is the president of AspireFor and a featured speaker this year at Printing Hub 2013.
By clicking and submitting a comment I acknowledge the Printing Hub Policy and agree to the Printing Hub Terms of Use. As tablets fly off the shelves businesses are rushing to put iPads into the hands of sales and marketing teams. Most app developers look at these vulnerabilities and blame the user, but we have a different perspective. When teams send presentations over the Internet they often deal in clunky files or cloud-only services. These URLs create weightless sharing for intended recipients, feedback showing how engaged users are with specific presentation slides, and security by changing every five minutes. This year Proximo (the brand behind 1800 Tequila, Three Olives Vodka, Hangar One Vodka, and more) made a huge splash at their annual sales meeting. This new convenience and portability lets Proximo’s sales team present instantly, on demand, and regardless of whether or not they have an Internet connection. To read more about the Proximo case study and view a snippet of the animated presentation we created for the spirits brand, check out their spot in the Sales Graphics Presentation Portfolio. We’re getting ready to launch our first infographic on iPad presentations, but to make it happen we need your help.
Your quick contribution will inform presenters on the state of the industry in an entertaining way.
For the first time businesses like ours can host our apps in a private, business only environment.

This means a more custom experience, volume pricing, and the ability to deal with app purchasing for an unlimited number of employees through a common business account.
Whether you’re providing apps to two employees or ten thousand, the Volume Purchase Program makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute the apps your business needs. The Volume Purchase Program also provides a way to purchase custom B2B apps built by third-party developers to meet the unique needs of your business. Watch for us in Apple’s new, customized business environment soon, as this is just one of many updates expected for our presentation app in the Fall of 2011.
Three years ago the television industry had a realization and Bravo was one of the first to make it a reality. When we delivered engaging motion graphics and polished creative to Bravo, we connected them to our presentation software, CustomShow.
With our technology Bravo can go everywhere, but what’s more important is that regardless of what comes next, our team will be ready with creative solutions for new innovations in business.
A new study released by pharmaceutical marketing agency Intouch Solutions® Inc unveils a few formulaic points that will help pharmaceutical sales representatives cater to the preferences of doctors. This study in conjunction with the fact that the medical app market doubled to become a $84.1 million industry in 2010 signals a significant pivot point in how pharmaceutical marketers should think about reaching healthcare providers. As an increasing number of doctors adopt smartphone and tablet technology for their own use, their desire to be communicated to in the same way is rising.
Younger doctors showed an especially strong preference for receiving drug specific presentations via the iPad, indicating an increasing demand for iPads in the industry.
Case studies reflect that sales teams that take advantage of CustomShow save 30 minutes per presentation, meaning increased productivity in even the most time strapped environment. In the midst of diagrams and bullet points it’s easy to forget, but in the board room the presentation is the product.
That’s what ESPN The Magazine kept in mind when they made the leap to Sales Graphics and CustomShow. Sales Graphics, unlike other professional design services, provided ESPN The Magazine with animation while allowing them maintain total control over wording and content. In the end CustomShow delivered the flexibility of a do it yourself presentation option while maintaining the look and feel of a professional solution. Just wanted to drop a note to say that your team did a fantastic job on the ESPN The Magazine deck. You, like many, may have switched to Keynote in an attempt to gain an aesthetic edge over the rest of your competing corporate storytellers. Of course Keynote looks great from a design perspective, but pushing sales presentations over to Powerpoint presents more than a few issues. Even after you’ve managed to make the transfer you have to retrieve the video manually and hope that all the data sets are correct right on down to every last word. Presentations to look great because of the iPad’s glossy screen and quick response times.
People can present with or without a network connection, because WiFi and even 3G are often unavailable or slow . Presentations to update themselves when new versions are published, so people never need to worry if they’re using the correct slides. One person or department can easily manage presentations on hundreds (or even thousands) of iPads.
It happens daily, and hundreds if not thousands of decision makers suffer from it every day. They demonstrate signs of disinterest or be quick to end the meeting without asking further questions.
Adapt and tailor every sales presentation to each prospect instead of delivering the same canned sales pitch you always do. The presentation outlined each division of the company, the products they developed, and the research they conduct when they develop new products. Forget the info and details about how long you have been in business, how many employees you have, what your annual revenues are, and how much of an industry leader you think you are.
Then spend the rest of it explaining how you will solve that problem and how that solution will benefit them. Give me a call and we can discuss a program that will help you achieve the results you want. I think you could think of adding more things that bosses would like for example a cigar would be a very classy and professional gift to add.
At about page 20 of the dreaded PowerPoint document, there was information on the bank’s international capabilities.
He is responsible for all financial activities and provides direction for manufacturing functions in all of the company’s five divisions. Then, the introduction ought to shape the prospect’s way of seeing things so that when they think about the capabilities they are looking for, their thinking is aligned to your offering. The benefit slide ought to move from the end, to be used as an agenda that’s shown as we segue between sections.
Instead of using every advantage of benefit as an agenda with far too many parts, create a clear hierarchy, and divide your presentation into 3-5 sections. Either use two sets of segue slides – the first looking at why change, and the second looking at why us; or, extend the introduction and look at why change in that section, and then only use a single set of segue slides to answer the question Why Us? The features and advantages need to be closely linked to the needs and requirements of the audience.
Not ‘Any Questions?’ but a slide summarising the value proposition, and then another slide with a very clear recommendation of what should happen next.

I have been making sales presentations for over 10 years, and what has consistently worked for me is a variation of your outline. You aren’t necessarily trying to persuade them that the product is great, only that they should stock it.
I understand that my comments are also being governed by Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policies as applicable, which can be found here.
80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are now testing or utilizing the iPad, but when it comes to security many businesses may be putting trade secrets at risk. At Sales Graphics we look beyond security ideals to examine exactly how people actually use their devices. Both mediums are only as secure as the passwords that protect them, but in the world of iPads where more than half of users are always logged in, this could create significant vulnerabilities.
The privately-owned spirits company called on Sales Graphics to take their presentations to the next level with a solution that looks phenomenal and works great.
Statistics based video animations built substance for the spirits brand while graphics referencing the brand’s advertising campaigns provided pop and personality with special appearances from the Three Olives animated cowboy, and much more. Since CustomShow software works across sales teams and operating systems, our presentation software helped put iPads into the hands of Proximo’s entire marketing team. 2012 is sure to be a good year for Proximo, as they propel ahead with effective presentations crafted at the intersection of technology and design. Plus, we’ll send you the completed infographic after the research is tallied and graphic design has put on the finishing touches. Industry presentations didn’t need to look like static and dreary PowerPoints and the experience of watching an upfront sales presentation could rival that of catching a few highlights from the Real Housewives Reunion. This gave their sales and marketing team the capability to edit our professionally designed presentations from anywhere without having to deal with the version control issues that are so common amongst larger companies. It’s also a game changer because it lets sales people move away from the drudgery of constantly sending large files back and forth, and instead lets them spend more time focusing on making the sale.
CustomShow lets Bravo move fluidly across Macs, PCs, tablets and the Web, helping them build business development opportunities for the network across all their platforms. When it comes time to update or make changes across the sales team everything updates quickly and easily, but only when each presenter believes the time is right. We are really pleased with the results and the presentation really helps the magazine stand out. Rather than spend the entire meeting talking about your product, service or solution, ask them questions during your sales conversation. PowerPoint is a great tool but it is much more effective to use it as a reference rather than relying on it to deliver your entire sales presentation.
This benefit slide ought to be written to answer the key question around which the sales presentation revolves – Why Change?
That means using each slide to tell the story set out by the key sales messages in your agenda slide – answering the question Why Change? Arguments might be around meeting an unmet need, the promotional plans you have, etc (not in class, but in real-life).
Sign up for our free online PowerPoint course and learn to make compelling visual presentations.
Next, state your agenda and ask the customer what it is he or she wants to get out of this meeting. When you get back to the office, write down everything you can remember about that appointment, follow up with a thank you note, and then keep any promises you’ve made to the customer. Pre-loaded presentations gave every iPad holder instantaneous access to presentation creative, providing consistency for sales reps across the country. With one quick sweep the network rid themselves of flat, print-like PowerPoints and traded the old ways of presentation management for a type of mobility that was unprecedented within the company.
Individual sales people retained editorial control but when company wide updates are necessary all it takes is a single change in the master slide library and the entire company has instant access to the newest and most up-to-date numbers. For Bravo it was perfect, and the benefits only extended further when the network decided to buy the sales team iPads.
It’s kind of like pulling out a shotgun and not aiming but just seeing if they can hit anything. In real life (not a course) one would rarely present a $5 product face-to-face to the consumer. Updates are simple on iOS and Windows, meaning the days of hard-to-transfer presentations that don’t render right are over.
He paused like he didn’t know what to do, then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes explaining their international capabilities. In fact, in CustomShow version control is automatic and updating to new iterations is as simple as a single click. Everyone either owns a key-chain or knows many others that do; family, friends, professors, employers, or just people that you interact with on a daily basis. Can you offer some advice on a basic outline with key points that should be covered for presenting this product?
If so, do you have any particular basic PowerPoint models to recommend?Thanks for your advice.

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