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Presentation programs on personal computers are designed to do one thing - give information to other people. In PowerPoint 2010 a new feature was introduced, the Equation Editor, which allows those of us who need them, to input complex mathematical equations right on the PowerPoint slide. You never knew how badly you needed your charts to be wood-grain until you made one in iWork Keynote.
However, there are some drawbacks to using OpenOffice Impress.  It is not as well-known as other software suites, and therefore may cause users to stumble while trying to learn a new program interface. The Prezi desktop interface looks the same as their online interface, and incorporates lots of circles for tilting, zooming, and moving. Daily reminders for managers that help towards building a culture of recognition in the workplace. SlideRocket is a revolutionary new approach to business communications designed from the start to help you make great presentations that engage your audience and deliver tangible results. SlideRocket protects your content investment and opens up a world of previously unavailable possibilities by importing your existing PowerPoint or Google presentations. You decide how to get started and we'll help you reinvent your presentations for the way you work today.
Sync presentations to from the cloud to SlideRocket's Desktop Presenter and take them with you wherever you go. With a full set of professional design tools SlideRocket helps you create breathtaking presentations that will wow your audience. SlideRocket goes way beyond its desktop counterparts and offers you the power of the Internet. Inspiration is just a click away in SlideRocketa€™s gallery of professionally designed presentations.
Light the fuse to your presentation project with inspiration from SlideRocket's Presentation Gallery.

Presentations hold some of your most precious data, yet presentation files are often left unsecured, stored on laptops or thumb drives and shared indiscriminately. SlideRocket stores and protects your presentations online and ensures you have complete control over how they're accessed and distributed. SlideRocket puts the power of web meetings at your fingertips without the need to download and install additional software. An industry first, SlideRocket analytics lets you measure your presentation effectiveness by showing you who viewed and what they did as a result. SlideShare verwendet Cookies, um die Funktionalitat und Leistungsfahigkeit der Webseite zu verbessern und Ihnen relevante Werbung bereitzustellen. Le club ETIC, en partenariat avec AIESEC Babez, vous invite a une presentation intitulee "AIESEC eXchange programs promotion", le dimanche 10 Mars 2013 a 12h au niveau de l'amphi AP2.
For a long time, the best way to give information to large groups of other people was seen as presenting hundreds of different slides, one after another, while speaking and adding more detail.  This paradigm is still very much alive, and many different programs across many different operating systems use it.
Similar to Prezi, everything is contained on one area which will allow you to present without flipping slides at all.
Import as images for quick and easy sharing or import as editable files for full compatibility with SlideRocket. Online, offline or mobile you can login, access your presentations and make them available to your customers and prospects 24x7. Combine themes and layouts, shapes, charts, tables, pictures, audio, HD video, and Flash to tell your story without compromise.
Easily integrate content from free public web resources like Flickr or YouTube and utilize plug-ins from Yahoo! Easily share presentations, slides and assets across the organization to facilitate reuse and consistency while letting SlideRocket do the heavy lifting with automatic version management and content inheritance for always up to date slides. Pull data in real time from sources like Google Spreadsheets, Twitter live feeds and Yahoo!

Find the creative spark you need to realize your own project and borrow from the experience of the world's best presentation designers to get a head start. The reality is that hard drives crash, viruses attack, computers are stolen, and important documents are lost, accidentally deleted or worse, shared with competitors. If you value your intellectual property, SlideRocket is the easiest way to effectively secure your presentations and related assets.
With stunning clarity and support for full motion video, transitions and builds SlideRocket presents your slides with full fidelity so your audience sees them the same way you do. Get high level viewing trends and individual viewing details to understand how well your presentation is performing. Wenn Sie diese Webseite weiter besuchen, erklaren Sie sich mit der Verwendung von Cookies auf dieser Seite einverstanden. SlideRocket delivers the same beautiful experience across operating systems and devices so your message is always well received.
Just publish a presentation URL and share it, embed your presentation in a web page or blog, or send an invite, all with a few simple clicks.
Wherever you are SlideRocket's HTML5 viewer lets you seamlessly share presentations on any HTML5 compliant device to deliver moving presentations wherever you move. Your team, customers and partners always see the latest information, straight from the source. Be sure to show your appreciation with meaningful, relevant facts and stories of your employees.

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