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That’s why we made this list: to help you find and rate the best business presentation software in a crowded marketplace.
The best presentation tools are great because they’re easy to use, offer sometimes surprising functionality and deliver a great final result. The greatest performance in the world is only as good as it is accessible: if you can’t use it, it’s no good to you. HaikuDeck is a visuals-oriented tool that lets you build and display slides using 40 million of their images – or your own.
SlideDog is business presentation software that lets you build out presentations from existing PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, Prezi presentations and web pages, movie clips and other forms of content into a seamless display.
That can be a bad thing: if you’re not good at organizing your thoughts Prezi won’t help you get clear and simple.
Prezi is more difficult to get good results from than some of the other tools on our list: it requires some skill to get the best from it.
Glisser is one of the most feature-packed, versatile pieces of business presentation software out there. Glisser presentations look like website design, rather than like traditional words-on-a-slide presentations.
Slidebean is web-based business presentation software that focusses on startup and sales business use cases.
Standard Slidebean slides looks like what you’d get if you had a designer make your PowerPoint slides: there’s nothing really unusual there, but they look stylish and presentable. Easy pre laid tracks for content, presentation structure and appearance customization make Slidebean a winner in ease of use. When you’re choosing the best business presentation software, you need to remember that your mileage may vary: you need the tool that delivers what you need, and in a way that you can get the best out of it. We’re confident that the best tool for you is in this list of world-beaters, though – scope them out and go into your next presentation ready to deliver something truly spectacular! Recently I had an opportunity to talk with a man, who could achieve his goals and fulfill his dream when there were so many obstacles and bad mouths around him. In order to become a perfumer it is not enough to have a perfect smell, the incredible ability to combine different fragrances and to feel the odor aesthetics but you need to have proper skills and knowledge is such hard science like chemistry and physics. Such a nice post and just perfect Sunday motivation ?? Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!
Very nice post, I also find it so inspiring to listen to people’s success stories, especially when they had to overcome obstacles. AB Bank Limited in collaboration with Policy Research Institute (PRI) organized a half-day Presentation and Discussion on Study Reports on Steel and Engineering, Power Sector and Liberalization of Borrowing in Foreign Currency for AB Bank Officials, at Policy Research Institute (PRI), Banani, Dhaka on August 8, 2015.
Slide management is a broad term which not only means better management for your presentations and slides but being able to keep them organized in such a way that you can easily fetch what you’re looking for. Shufflrr is an enterprise slide management solution which is ideal for sales and marketing teams. Shufflrr makes it easy to sift through multiple presentations in a flash to pick and choose the slides or files that you intend to use for quickly creating a cohesive PowerPoint presentation. Shufflrr is available on a fully functional 30 day trial basis with unlimited users and 10GB cloud space.
You can learn more about how Shufflrr can make slide management quick and easy by watching this short video. Slidebank is PowerPoint slide management solution which helps manage PowerPoint files in the form of an online library. With Slidebank there is a lot you can do with your PowerPoint slide library without SharePoint. Hence, Slidebank is an effective PowerPoint presentation organizer which is quite suitable for both individuals and corporate users.
When it comes to looking for a presentation management system which sales representatives can use, Accent comes to mind. You can contact Accent’s sales team to request a demo and find out more about their products from the Accent website. Zoom is another PowerPoint Organizer for managing your PowerPoint presentations more conveniently.
Zoom also supports labels which can help you easily manage your files to quickly find relevant information. You can download and try Zoom on a trial basis to test out its slide management ability and how it can benefit your organization. PPTShuffle is another cloud based slide management solution which gives you the option to build a PowerPoint slide library for your organization.
Like Slidebank, PPTshuffle also supports linking slides so when you pick one the other relevant slide is automatically selected. You can request a 30-day free trial by filling out the trial request form from the PPTshuffle website.
Farshad is a Tech Blogger from Pakistan who has worked for numerous international Technology Blogs.
There are dozens of tools online for creating and sharing your presentation but what are the top ones out there?
PowerPoint is widely regarded as the most useful, accessible way to create and present slides. Formatting Palettes are simple: visuals can easily be edited to fit the format and there are a wide range of font options which are equally easy to format. PowerPoint can be advanced if you know how to use it: with features like the timeline template, links within the presentation, and built-in Excel spreadsheet analysis, it is easy to see why it has become one of the most popular and ubiquitous presentation platforms in the professional world. Linear presentations: the presentations have to stay linear, so you’re only able to go back and forth and there is nothing about your presentation that can be unpredictable, surprising, or especially engaging. Too many tools clogging up the interface: while many are familiar with PowerPoint, for a new user the software can be counterintuitive as certain areas of the software are clunky to use.
ClearSlide purchased SlideRocket several years ago and they have been transforming the platform by adding helpful tools and features. ClearSlide is very easy to use: it is slightly more user-friendly software than PowerPoint meaning new presenters can easily hit the ground running. The slides look sleek and cool: slides in ClearSlide support the speaker’s message smoothly and elegantly. It integrates well with other programs: there is no software to install and you can immediately start uploading files from Keynote, Powerpoint, PDF, or Excel, Google Drive or Dropbox.
There is a monthly cost: offline mode and other advanced features require a paid subscription.
Prezi integrates animation in a completely new way, re-inventing the way we think about presentations and going non-linear. Highly accessible, with easy integration: if you have access to the internet, you can use this anywhere, but it can also be downloaded as an offline version in case there is no internet coverage during presentation. It is time-consuming to learn: creating a great presentation can be time-consuming to structure and develop. It can cause motion sickness for your audience: a common complaint about Prezi is that it makes people feel a bit dizzy. Keynote is more graphically-oriented and easier to use than many presentation platforms out there.

Visual design perfected: presentations with Keynote are more attractive than PowerPoint, without being as dramatic as Prezi. It is user friendly and intuitive, with a fresh and clear interface: adding multimedia is simple and integration with your other Apple products it straightforward. Great theme options: even at the very basics, the theme options create very sleek and professional presentations.
Keynote lacks an obvious slide library: you cannot go through your previous slides and create a narrative flow without a lot of cutting and pasting. Orienting yourself can be tricky: moving from PowerPoint to Keynote takes some getting used to and may seem frustrating especially if you are a PC user. Google Slides makes your ideas shine with a variety of presentation themes, easy-to-use format and is flawless when it comes to collaborating with colleagues all the while being free. Free to use: if you have a Google account, you already have access to Google Slides and no further registration is required. Easy to use: adding images and text or even aligning them, changing the type or color are all just a matter of a few button clicks. Made for collaboration: Google Slides cannot really be beat when it comes to sharing between members on your team. Standardized templating: if coming up with a creative and original design is very important, Google Slides might not be the best tool available.
Limited options: while there are 20 available theme options, they are all rather plain when compared to the templates offered by competing products .
Basic design features: you can create a plain but efficient presentations, add in text, but little else.
Haiku Deck makes the most beautifully designed presentations, and it is literally impossible to make an unattractive presentation with this tool. It will take no time to learn how to use Haiku Deck: all its features have been made simple. You can export your project and work with your other tools: if you don’t want to do your presentation on your iPad, there are lots of options. You cannot customize presentations anyway you want: if a slide doesn’t look quite right to you, it is very difficult to change. If you can’t save it to the server, all your info can be lost: you cannot export to PowerPoint or Keynote until you’ve uploaded your presentation to the server, which can cause problems for users without access to a reliable server. But it’s not just a question of what looks ‘best’ – some users might benefit from embedded video, dynamic slides or animated graphics. There are 6 readymade presentation themes so you can plug and play, with extensive customization available too. It’s strongly oriented toward visuals, but that’s one of the strong points of a good presentation anyway. It’s designed so that you can create visually impressive presentations without doing much more than dragging and dropping, but you have extensive customization options if you want them. And you can display your SlideDog presentation on one computer while controlling it with another, or share it to multiple computers simultaneously so you can pass it to your audience in real time and use their screens for your display. It lets you use the graphics you want, and it lets you take a simple presentation and take it where you need to.
If staid presentation tools are about standing at the front of the room and telling people things, moving from page one to page nine, Prezi allows a form of interaction that’s more like a conversation.
It lets you make presentations that really flow, allowing a control over what the audience sees that’s almost cinematic. But there are ready-made slide templates, a drag-and-drop system for adding content and several ‘paths’ preset to allow you to get started immediately. Glisser lets you use white labelling – adding your own labelling to Glisser presentations. Using the feedback and analytics tools that really make it stand out, though, requires some careful preparation, and you’ll have to explain it to your audience too. A few days ago, famous Italian fashion house Missoni organized a presentation of a new perfume Missoni by Missoni where the head perfumer Quentin Bisch held a lecture regarding the main idea of the perfume, what inspired him in creating the product and who is the main woman beside the perfume.
And even if the obstacles seem to be enormous and we think that we will fail, we shouldn’t give up, because giving up is the easiest thing to do. This is always helpful in case my thumbdrive encounters an issue or in the wake of any eventuality.
Users can use drag and drop to create presentations by inserting slides and files to build presentations in the cloud. This can be handy for sales and marketing teams as they can pick required content like quarterly sales reports, historical data, pitch decks, corporate images and logos and other related files to quickly build a presentation on the fly.
Slidebank manages uploaded PowerPoint library by acting as an automated PowerPoint presentation management system. For example, you can make use of Meta tags for searching for slide types, use ‘group slides’ to insert multiple relevant slides simultaneously and use ‘mandatory slides’ which include essential information automatically when you pick specific slides. You can even create buyer portals with your company branding to better enable your clients to access relevant resources. Zoom is a Windows based presentation management software, which gives an overview of your slides via your computer or network, allowing you to create a new presentation via multiple PowerPoint files.
Like other slide management software and solutions, you can gather slides and convert them into new PowerPoint files on the fly. Furthermore, PPTshuffle enables complying with your company branding for your presentations, with user access control and other useful features which are less likely to be found in slide management solutions, such as PowerPoint version control for accessing older versions of your presentation files.
Here is more about PPTshuffle and its utility for organizations looking for a slide management solution. He is a former systems engineer and has been associated with the IT industry for the past 8 years, rendering professional services related to desktop administration, networking, SEO and Blogging. We’ve reviewed six of the best presentation creation platforms available to help you navigate and find the tool that is best for your talk. The presenter can add notes to their presentation that are not visible to the audience both to keep the presentation on track and provide supplementary information. For example, integrating other media can be trickier than with other softwares and it is difficult to alter the “Master” page.
If you want vivid, beautifully designed slides, and fast-performing web-based presentations, Clearslide should be your first choice. The transitions and effects are modern and match the contemporary aesthetic of this platform. You can easily access and share your presentations anywhere or export the files in different formats for offline presentations.
Common complaints highlight presentation notes clumping together and grid lines which do not seem to be in place, creating off-centre placements which seem haphazard and result in an unprofessional-looking presentation. Although you can use the free trial for as long as you want, templates are limited (in comparison with other platforms) and you cannot export your presentation.
The effect is that the presentation looks like it doesn’t move from slide to slide, but plays more like a movie.
If you have time constraints, it might not be best to start with Prezi, leave it for a time when you can really explore and adapt to its features.
This is especially true when a presentation is going very quickly or the presenter has included a lot of animation and expansive fly-overs.

The Animation and Transition effects (Magic Move) and Alpha Transparency (which blend your image’s background into your slide’s background) help you create beautiful presentations easily. There are a few ways around this, but ican be a bit bothersome and time-consuming for some users.
As an Apple product, this software is largely marketed to and oriented towards the Mac-user and for them using Keynote will feel very intuitive. Your slides can be easily downloaded in a variety of formats and can be embedded for auto-play on a Google Site. Multiple people can edit simultaneously, comment on specific slides and chat while working on the presentation. You can add in shapes and lines, but you get nowhere near the capabilities of other tools when it comes to creating well designed and original presentations. Unfortunately, it is currently only available as an app which means it will not work for a lot of users. You can add in a few lines of text or a bullet list of up to 5 items, then search through Flickr for either your own photos or Creative Commons images or solid colours to create beautiful backgrounds.
You can present the web-based version after it has been uploaded to the server, or if you prefer, you can also export your presentation to PowerPoint or Keynote.
Although it is incredibly simple and makes gorgeous presentations, without an account, you cannot export. It is also impossible to add more information than a few sentences or bullet points, which can become irritating. They integrate with other tools, offer remote access and customizable templates, and much more. It’s web based and stores its data in the cloud, so it’s pretty much device agnostic and you can build your presentation in the office on desktop and display it on tablet in another building if you need to.
Live polls and quizzes can also be added to the SlideDog playlist, and is answered by the audience from their tablets or smart phones. Slidebean lets you add content and automatically convert it to a completed presentation, and there’s limited analytics too. But among all he also told a story about how he became a perfumer – the main story in his live and his main dream. There have been times when I forgot to copy the right file to my thumbdrive and when a system failed to recognize USB devices.
Whether you make presentations from scratch, use premium or free PowerPoint templates or use slide decks with custom company branding, the key is effective slide management. With Shufflrr you can make use of not only PowerPoint files but a number of other file formats for creating your presentations, such as; Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF, image and video files.
Such a presentation can be more customized, easier to create and can help you make custom slide decks according to each client. This slide management service gives each user a personalized login for a dashboard from where users can search and pick slides to include in a presentation.
For example, you might want to add a legal document with a specific slide whenever it is selected. With Accent companies can create a sales enablement knowledgebase for sales representatives to quickly find relevant information to share with clients. Zoom is the kind of software which can help sales teams to quickly fetch and merge presentations to create slide decks for customers on-demand. One additional feature which you are less likely to find in rival solutions is the ability to edit PowerPoint files without downloading them. You can choose from hundreds of polished visual themes and formats to make your presentation design engaging and eye-catching. Finally, the interface is quite cluttered so finding all the right tools to make your presentation shine is not always clear from the get-go.
Despite its being very easy to use, the cost deters users as some of the software’s features, like exporting, can only be used with a paid subscription. Even though the basic free version has its limitations, there are still many tools to make your presentation beautiful.
There is little doubt that if you want to do something different (and cool) Prezi is the way to go. For example, if you are talking about a project, you can have Prezi zoom in past the project name and jump right into a video, images or statistics while you are talking.
These presentations looks less like a lecture and more like a discussion, which automatically increases audience engagement. Although learning how to use the tools is not difficult, presenting in a nonlinear fashion and creating a presentation that works well in this fashion does take a bit more time to reorganize. Although there are a lot more options with the  pro-account, it is a disadvantage for presenters just looking to use the free platform. The free version looks rather unprofessional, because the Haiku Deck branding is inescapable.
There are literally hundreds of tools out there now for different platforms and offering different takes on building and displaying presentations. It lets your audience ask questions and offer feedback from their own devices while the presentation is showing, and provides significant analytics and data crunching too, allowing you to optimise your presentations based on audience feedback. Quentin Bisch was able to find other ways to achieve his goal, cause his love for perfumes didn’t know any obstacles and limits. In other words, you should be able to find and use what you have, when you need it the most, in the shortest period of time.
Once you have ‘shuffled’ your presentations, you can either preview your slides online or download them as a PowerPoint file. Furthermore, Shufflrr not only provides better presentation management from the cloud but you can also broadcast your presentations by sharing your slide deck online. Like other slide management software and services, Slidebank enables saving and downloading your picked slides as a PowerPoint presentation.
In such a case your mandatory slide will automatically be included via the mandatory slide feature of Slidebank. Sales reps can build presentations on the fly, with required information requested by a client, with better searchability than SharePoint or network drives.
This personalized interaction with clients and team members is a feature which distinguishes Accent from other solutions of its kind. PowerPoint is great for structured presentations that rely on data and need to be delivered in sequence to tell a complete and structured story.
As a result with a nice help of his very nearest friends and family who supported him he could enter the prestigious academy and fulfill his dream, even without the proper knowledge of chemistry and physics. The studies primarily focused on past, present and future trends of these three important sectors of the economy to assist the Bank in developing its business and lending strategies to meet the future challenges.

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