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To place emphasis on a point or explain a difficult topic slow your pace down and be a little more deliberate in your delivery. Its also good to express positive emotion such as enthusiasm through laughter, raising your voice slightly, ending a sentence up tempo, or speeding up your words slightly. Of course all of these should be sprinkled throughout a presentation, and should come out sounding natural not rehearsed.
While the key to delivering a good presentation via audio is vocal quality the key for video is facial expression. Once again positive emotion is emphasized through a smile, and when you want to highlight a point keep a neutral expression and bow your head slightly.
Keeping eye contact with the camera shows focus and that you are attentive, but at the same time you can come off as intimidating if you don’t break the focus once in awhile. I know people get nervous when giving a presentation, I still have 30 seconds of fear before any presentation I give. Join 5000+ techies & receive a little inspiration in your inbox weekly, to help you create, innovate & do your most meaningful work! Ford nous a convie a passe une journee sur Circuit pour decouvrir toute la gamme Performance.
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Executives and sales professionals are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive advantage in presenting.

But in this short article I want to share a few easy ways to use video –without having to worry about your media presentation skills. Of course, if you and I were sitting shoulder-to-shoulder, we'd look at your upcoming schedule. Whether you are presenting to internal or external groups, find a way to add video into your delivery. When you show a video, you are instantly adding a spark of excitement, visual interest and engagement. If you want to show a video of your satisfied customers, first you have to capture the comments.
Be sure to ask your customers to sign a release form, allowing you to use their video testimonial in presentations. If you want to truly impress your clients and prospects, show video clips from news interviews.
You're building credibility with video, and adding third-party credibility of a journalistic source. In short, take videos, show people interacting with your product, and show news-related video clips about your company or offer.
One of the most important presentation trends these days gives you the answer you've been looking for. Get this in writing so you have the most flexibility in using videos for marketing and sales presentations.

Make a collection of interviews made by you, your colleagues, your CEO and any other company leaders. You have the narrator’s video on one side of the pane while the other half displays the corresponding slide and these slides auto-advance as the video progresses. If your presentation assets are already available on YouTube or SlideShare, you may directly fetch them into Zentation as well. You get an easy-to-use web interface to individual slides with the video points and once you publish the changes, anyone can view the video presentation using a browser. In the case of VCasmo, you may even embed your synced video on external sites while Zentation only offers a full-screen player for free accounts. Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint will give similar output expect that in this case, you don’t have to worry about the hosting part.
Also see: Adding YouTube Videos to PowerPoint Tweet Comments are closed but if you want to respond, please send me an email or tweet. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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