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Recently, we wrote about the importance of being proactive in preventing falls, especially at older age when bones can become more fragile and prone to fractures.
When practicing tai chi, smooth gliding movements are performed with the upper body and arms while standing up and shifting the body’s weight in a controlled manner. Tai chi is convenient to do at home or in parks and recreational centres with others or alone. Kay Alexander (right), Miss Oklahoma executive director, presents Rachel Stewart, Miss Northwestern executive director, with Local Pageant of the Year Award. Stewart also expressed appreciation to Northwestern’s theater students who provide their time and support.
The Miss Northwestern Pageant offers scholarship opportunities to those who compete and even more to the winners.

The next Miss Northwestern and Miss Northwestern’s Outstanding Teen pageants are scheduled for Nov.
MISSION STATEMENT: Northwestern Oklahoma State University provides quality educational and cultural opportunities to learners with diverse needs by cultivating ethical leadership and service, critical thinking and fiscal responsibility. Exercises that are done standing up and involve gentle and coordinated movements – like tai chi – are an excellent way to help improve strength and balance and keep falls at bay. Deep breathing is done together with the movements, and this is believed to improve the flow of energy known as Qi or life force energy.
Movements in tai chi help practice coordination and can lead to great improvements in time. Cunningham (right), president of Northwestern, congratulates Stewart on receiving Local Pageant of the Year Award.

Strong leg muscles are important for maintaining balance as they give more control over everyday movements. With all of the above benefits, tai chi can help diminish that fear and improve life quality. So, if you’re not feeling motivated to start tai chi, ask a buddy or two to join you and hopefully this can get you going.

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