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But in the digital age we have fewer opportunities to connect with our audiences on a personal level.
An audio-only online presentation is handicapped right from the start, as the medium robs the speaker of many of the visual communication tools that are available to a live presenter.
Put your best foot forward and deliver more “you” with online presentation tools that use video, not just audio. So often, presentations are designed for a live event with digital capture and distribution as an afterthought. Once the multimedia team at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise started looking around, for example, they quickly found that potential content marketing material was all around them. By attempting to satisfy both your organizational goals and those of your audience, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your online presentation. International consulting firm Parthenon Group, for example, produces a series of thought leadership presentations by its chief economist, Roger Brinner, that directly addresses key client and prospect anxieties about the state of the economy. New online presentation platforms allow live web pages to be synchronized into a presentation or webinar, for example.
Luckily, today’s most advanced online presentation platforms don’t stop at video synchronization. Most importantly, don’t get overwhelmed by trying to do too much, too early. Start simply, getting your bearings with basic, on-demand video presentations and adding powerful features and even moving to live streaming later on.
This post is adapted from an article written by the author for Content Marketing Institute.
Luego de un par de meses Google confirmarA­a dicha noticia y es esta madrugada cuando Presentations -El nombre final con Google libera este servicio- ve la luz, como se sabe, Presentations forma parte de Google Docs, el paquete ofimA?tico online de Google. He estado probA?ndolo hace unos minutos, la imagen de arriba es prueba de ello y pues decir que su interfaz es bastante intuitiva, como todos los servicios que nos facilita Google.
The first White?s experiments was to prove if the quamtum fluctuations could be used like source of virtual proppelent to push against. Q-thuster seems promissing, but in a discussion with a particle physsics guy, I am being trashed just for remain sceptic about the warp drive idea and his arguments (that I need to confess, seems like he may have a point).

My scepticism come from the fact that to allow this phenomenon, we need to have real big energy densities confine in a real short scale.
So we need something that at least merge with some accuracy in the frame of reference needed, GR with quamtum mechanic. I dont have any problem to be wrong, in fact the idea excites me, but I worry about staying with the wrong idea.
Among the tools, Adobe Buzzword is a word processor and Adobe ConnectNow handles online meetings.
Buzzword imports and exports Word, Open Doc, text, and RTF files, while it also exports as PDF, HTML or .epub, Adobe's e-reader format. Presentations, the newest addition, lets you create, store, and modify PowerPoint-style presentations as a group. Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done.
Sonny has been pondering the Q-Thruster concept for several years (as witnessed by the STAIF 2007 link) and interprets the other propellantless thruster concepts through his Q-Thruster theory. I was reading all I could from the sources that you kindly share, also searching in internet to clarify some particular doubts. This plus other effects that needs to be had into account tells me that Einsteinian GR would not be enought to prove this.
Most of the web-based apps are collaborative, and Adobe will even host your files, so both the application and documents can be accessed on any computer. You can adjust fonts, formatting, and other text basics, including creating outline layouts and inserting images.
Unlike that Office app, You can invite an unlimited number of people to view or edit the files, making Presentations a hub for both collaboration and showing off slides. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links.

Its built-in VoIP option handles spoken conversations--a chat window works for typing--plus a collaborative whiteboard lets everyone focus on the same thing. For example, Presentations can't yet export PowerPoint files--a deal-breaker for many small businesses. Adobe proudly says that it uses its own fonts, graphics, and layout technology versus relying on HTML. It only exports PDFs at the moment; if you need to use those documents outside of the tool, you might want to wait until it can save as PowerPoint and other file types. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
Well it’s more of a hybrid empirico-theoretical rule than full theory and it seems to get the order of magnitude of the experimental results.
Similar to Google Docs, you'll invite a contact to view or edit one of your files, and you can even make changes at the same time.
However, Adobe is actively working on adding that option; the company expects it by the end of the year. I have seen a theoretical justification of the Shawyer EMDrive in terms of tensor-scalar gravity, which is an alternative to Einsteinian GR.
A commenting tool lets you also add notations, so group members see your reasoning behind edits. It also includes many preset theme options and ways to build your own motifs to carry across slides. Get creative, save time, save money, and extend the life of all that content you worked so hard to develop.

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