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Samsung has gone with a unibody design and hence no expandable memory slot is available similar to Apple iPhones.
So again some parity with dual flagship models between Apple & Samsung by charging premium over the display. It is interesting to see how these two rivals’ portfolios and pricing strategy is toe-to-toe now and if Samsung can replicate the performance as successfully as Apple with an almost similar pricing and positioning strategy. Neil is a sought-after frequently-quoted Industry Analyst with a wide spectrum of rich multifunctional experience. For over more than a decade, he has been offering expert strategic advice that has been highly regarded across different industries especially in telecom. He is also an IEEE Certified Wireless Professional with a Master of Science (Telecommunications & Business) from the University of Maryland, College Park, USA.
View PhotosThere are n numbers of low cost new mobile phones launched into the market in the current age.
However, Samsung hopes to regain momentum with its Galaxy S6 flagship this year, and, Samsung has done so radical changes to design making it more attractive with a unibody, double glass covered metallic form-factor.

This will allow Samsung to charge a significant premium than ever before and even push its flagship ASP higher than before. However, the difference here is that while Samsung charges a premium for a sexy, innovative double edge-curved display allowing a new set of experience whereas Apple using its brand equity is able to charge a significant premium just for a larger form-factor. From home companies to international companies, everyone is focusing on delivering the best handset to fulfil the requirements of the users. Additionally, Samsung also brought its vertical expertise adding beveled edges (as in Note Edge) but on both sides (for left hand as well as right handed users) to the S6 and launching it as a more premium model Galaxy S6 Edge.
Most of them are focusing on providing dual SIM facility.The latest near future arrival is Motorola Ex212 and Samsung Metro C3752. Samsung Metro C3752 is also flip type mobile but the design is not so well managed and doesn't seem so exciting. It shares a screen size of 2.4 inches QVGA display with 320 x 240 pixels screen resolution. Motorola Ex212 shares the same features with the screen dimension and resolution.Looking in to the camera facility, the camera of Motorola Ex212 is of 2 mega pixel with digital zoom facility and video recording.

Music listeners could be very happy to own any of these handset as both has good audio player clarity sounds with audio jack 3.5 mm.
The handsets also comes along with high clarity headset.With ultimate expandable memory option which can be expanded up to 16 GB, Ex212 is an ultimate product at this price range.
It might be quite a coincidence that Metro C3752 also has the same feature of expandable memory which supports up to 16 GB.Other facilities are the availability of data connectivity features and facilities such as Bluetooth and USB.
Metro C3752 is powered by 900 mAh standard battery which provides talk time up to 11 hours. It comes with powerful battery of 750 mAh which delivers 375 minutes talk time and 625 hour standby capacity.Now the pricing strategy followed by both the mobile manufactures is different. Therefore if you are looking for a handset with good camera at a cheaper price then you can purchase the Samsung Metro C3752, and if it is style you are concerned about then you can avail Motorola Ex212.

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