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Colon hydrotherapy uses state-of-the-art equipment to gently introduce purified water into the colon. During a colon hydrotherapy session, warm filtered water is gently infused into the rectum and circulates throughout the colon, dissolving and removing its contents, while the client lies comfortably on a table. Colon hydrotherapy is not painful or dangerous because our advanced equipment facilitates a warm and comfortable hydrotherapy experience. It takes a long time to build up the long-term wastes in your colon, so in order to remove them gently, it may take more than one session. Good Flora does not usually accumulate in colons that have old wastes stuck to their walls. A· Avoid red meat, white flour products, brown and white sugar, drinks with sugars, white rice, candy, potato chips. A· Do not ear for two hours before your appointment, but please eat your regular meals the day of the colonic. A· Eat yogurt with live cultures (plain Greek yogurt suggested and add fruit) or take a probiotic.
Sucking lemons, keeping candies and mints in mouths for hours or during sleep, sipping sugary drinks all day, chewing tobacco all day, snuff, smoking, dissolving medicines in mouth instead of swallowing.
Fevers at young age, antibiotics while teeth developing in utero, periodontitis leading to food impaction in crevices around teeth.

Fillings that are too high, poorly shaped, pitted, old ditched, can pack food leading to deterioration and decay. Grinding, Bruxism (nocturnal grinding), posturing things between teeth, using teeth as tools.
Leaking crowns that don't fit, cement that has leached out leaving gaps for bacteria to seep through, overhangs (rough fillings or excess fillings that tear floss and pack food) that trap bacteria.
In many situations the treatments of choice that offer strong predictability of success, both functionally and cosmetically, are the use of restorative procedures recommended by a cosmetic dentist. In cases where enamel loss is arrested early (perhaps due to poor dietary habits) certain types of mineralizing agents in the form of toothpastes and rinses can be successfull.
Below is a very brief outline of anticipated treatments for each of the categories of enamel loss.
High fructose corn syrup found in sodas, juice drinks, sports drinks as well as energy bars are bathing teeth in sugar.
The American standard diet, with its use of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, and hormonal food additives in its processed foods, prevent the natural process of elimination to happen.
The pressure and temperature are controlled by a trained and experienced colon hydro-therapist. A recommendation will be made by the colon hydro-therapist after the assessing the results of the first session.

Whether or not there is a fix, cure (a misnomer, really), or method for repairing affected enamel is based on the original cause. Complete eradication is needed to stop the spread of the bacterial infection that is caries. As unnatural foods move through the colon, fluid is absorbed during the digestive process, leaving very sticky waste.
Medi-Clay FX is a supplement that acts like a magnet for the toxins in the colon to bind together. Fluoride releasing fillings, mouth-rinses, and systemic medication can all be useful adjuncts to stopping carious lesions from spreading.Fluoride releasing fillings, crowns with fluoride cements, trays for at home fluoride treatments and behavior modification are all possible treatments.
These wastes cling to the colon walls and rot, giving off toxins that the body has already rejected. The few that are lost are replaced by proper eating or the fresh juices that you might drink later. Both products work together to increase the amount of waste removed during the appointment.

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