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For more information, see Pragmatic Marketinga€™s article: Where Does Product Management Belong in the Organization?.
Geoffrey Anderson has over 12 years of in-the-trenches product management and product marketing experience in a wide variety of industries and companies.
In his business roles, Geoff has played a significant part in strategic planning, marketing program development and execution, market analysis, including segmentation, Voice of the Customer surveys, roadmap and product platform definition and deployment, as well as being the one man stop for all knowledge and content for his products.

See the Compensation section in the latest survey (published in February 2012), but do read the rest of the survey, as it is insightful! Experience in networking and communications, data storage, semiconductor lithography and optical instrumentation has given Geoff a vast pool of experiences and insight into the marketing of technology. Geoff has written or co-written several magazine articles for publications as diverse as Microlithography World, Semiconductor International, Solid State Technology, and Tribology and Lubrication Technology as well as co-authored many peer reviewed articles for the SPIE, BACUS, and ASPE.

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