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Product strategy (let alone digital product strategy) is a relatively unused term – no Wikipedia article exists as of yet, and it ranks fairly low as a competitive keyword (at least as I write this). Here’s an example, I have been working with a customer over the last few years to help them introduce a direct business-to-business channel alongside their traditional distributor-based model. Had our product strategy remained focused on the website, we would have run repeated usability tests to fine tune the features, and we would have continued to focus on competitors to keep up with new features. How to make something easy and fun (or at least really convenient) to use—three of the seven areas of expertise I described above. This moves us closer to business strategy and simultaneously requires a change in our deliverables. A new opportunity exists for the UX designer as gaming concepts become part of product strategy. To decide that a product is going to be structured as a game rather than, for instance, a document sharing system is a strategic product decision, not a tactical one. The UX designer is the best equipped discipline to bring the full force of these concepts to the product strategy conversation.
Blending these traits into an engaging and compelling UX – that is fundamental to the product itself – is really what the UX designer is equipped to do. A product strategy template is a list of action points that is formulated by the management of a product manufacturing company. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. In my Acquia 2010 retrospective, I promised to write a bit more about Acquia's product strategy.
For most organizations, one tool could not historically get the job done, so they kept multiple tools in their toolbox – whether they intended to or not. Most of these sites are vastly different in terms of scale, functionality, complexity and longevity.
CIOs – facing cost-cutting pressures and the need to streamline their resources – are now addressing the reality of running twenty different content management systems on twenty different stack configurations as an expensive, unnecessary burden for the organization.
By standardizing on Drupal, organizations can reduce training costs, reduce maintenance costs, streamline security, and optimize internal resources – all without sacrificing quality or requirements.
Drupal Commons is a Drupal distribution for social business software; it provides organizations a complete solution for forming collaborative communities. To help organizations adopt and standardize on Drupal, we created the Acquia Network to provide a suite of Drupal support, knowledge, and web development and maintenance tools to help build, manage and extend Drupal websites. The Acquia Network is your connection to a team of Drupal experts, available 24x7, and backed by Acquia's engineering and professional services team.
We are in the middle of a massive redesign of the Acquia Network and many of the services you use through the Acquia Network today (including the Acquia Library, a broad collection of tips, tricks, how-to's, and resources for Drupal developers and site owners). For large websites that require custom code, high availability, on-demand elasticity or release management tools (i.e.
Acquia Hosting is an extension of the Acquia Network, so if you need help scaling your site or debugging a problem, Acquia Client Advisors are always available to help. Going forward you can expect even more developer tools and self-service tools to be added to Acquia Hosting, as well as more critical features for large scale sites, including improved security and code workflow options. For that, we built Drupal Gardens, a Drupal-as-a-service platform that makes building Drupal websites as simple as point and click. Our mission for Drupal Gardens is to allow site builders to go from design to online in minutes instead of days or weeks. For organizations that need to manage tens, if not hundreds, of small websites, we're building ‘Enterprise Drupal Gardens'. One of the biggest advantages of using Open Source software is that there are no limits to how you use the software. Almost all Software as a Service (SaaS) providers employ a proprietary model – they might allow you to export your data, but they usually don't allow you to export the underlying code. We call this "Open SaaS" or Software as a Service done right based on Open Source principles – it offers a much more secure and low-cost alternative to proprietary counterparts. I've highlighted some of our key products and services in this blog post and will bring you a more detailed white paper focusing on Acquia's vision. I would love to see a good case study of migrations (+ new Drupal Gardens) sites you guys have done!

To those who will say Drupal shouldn't do X: Dries highlighted in a previous blog post and in the replies that he doesn't expect Drupal to always be the only solution, and that one of Drupal 7's strengths is working with other services and platforms.
A quick look at what Acquia actually does shows that they regularly integrate other software, and partners like Zivtech with Alfresco specialize in Drupal plus.
I believe this blog post is what the commercials call a dramatization— but it is exciting, isn't it? All the above arguments can be turned around its head by replacing drupal in above pictures with either joomla or wordpress (and in some cases sharepoint) everywhere. IMHO it would be easier for sales guys from other product organization to address most of the benfits suggsted.
Webinars as a Demand Generation Tool Adapting the New Product Development Process to a Small Company What is the Chasm and How Do You Cross It? The New Product Development (NPD) Process, also known as Product Realization Process (PRP), is a company's formal process for controlling and monitoring the flow of ideas into successful product launches. Through rigorous analysis and decision making at specific review points, prioritize these to a few appropriately resourced programs with the highest likelihood of market success. The process can be visualized as a funnel with a large number of new product ideas entering the concept stage, narrowing to a fewer number of fully resourced product programs in subsequent stages.
Normally a champion with a new idea will schedule the initial (concept) review with the Product Review Board. The visual illustration above shows an example product development process with five distinct stages.
In practice, organizations tailor the new product development process to their own environment, and will often combine stages (reducing the number of stage reviews) for certain types of products or for smaller product programs.
First is the incorporation of gaming concepts into products that seemingly have nothing to do with gaming. A wireframe is a tactical output that (hopefully) partially fulfills a strategic direction for a system. The main channel became an e-commerce website, and our “product strategy” was about achieving parity with two main competitors.
What once appeared as “solutions” in the first phase – an e-commerce website – looked like a limitation when we focused on the market and the users from this new perspective. The idea of a mobile app that really addresses that fundamental inconvenience wasn’t possible until we shifted our perspective.
In an earlier article, I discussed how the requirement is a “somewhat strange and antiquated way to capture what a software system is supposed to do.” We have to develop new deliverables to replace the requirement as the first and best way to express the system we want to design.
When we start thinking about incorporating gaming concepts into our products to increase engagement, we’re making fundamental decisions about our products. I could choose any number of people to quote about the fundamental structures of good games and how they can be applied to digital products. That companies are now getting on board with the engaging power of gamification in formerly utilitarian software systems yields lots of opportunities for our once tactical discipline to become strategic. This template will help the products manufactured to be strategically placed in the market to give it a sound edge over its competitors. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. Since then, doing business through the web has become more complex and have introduced a diverse set of needs.
The situation can be quite a mess, and is unfortunately a common scenario in many enterprises. Some sites are under continuous development while other sites are only around for a couple of weeks or months. They have always known that there were cost savings to be made if they standardize on a single platform, but have never felt the confidence in a single platform to suit all of their needs across their organization.
Services like heartbeat monitoring, software update management, and soon to be released integration with New Relic provide visibility into your site's performance and help with site management. Through the Acquia Network you will soon have the ability to easily access a growing list of third-party services, with many available at no additional charge.
Through the Acquia Network, we also provide a number of Acquia Hosting specific e-services, including backups, database rollbacks, staging environments, version control for code management, and more.
Built on Drupal 7, Drupal Gardens brings the freedom and innovation you expect from open source without having to worry about installing, hosting or upgrading your Drupal site.

It provides site provisioning, site management, single sign-on, multi-site dashboards and organization wide templates and themes to maintain consistent branding.
Users of Drupal Gardens are able to export their Drupal Gardens site – the code, the theme and data – and move of the platform to any Drupal hosting environment. At Phase2, we are going to make changes this year to how we provide value added services and offerings for ours. He or she will informally solicit support from others in the organization as needed to prepare for the review.
Second, the importance of designing products that are not only easy to use but a pleasure to use. Rather, the potential impact of these trends as they go mainstream is significant for UX designers– our skills are becoming strategic rather than tactical.
But working with a product manager to figure out how to incorporate gaming concepts into a product moves us, the UX designers, in a strategic direction. The business strategy and business portfolio planning provides a budget and a set of business metrics. So, I’ll provide my thoughts with an emphasis on products that are digital by design – they make heavy use of software as part of their interaction model or delivery mechanism.
From a digital product strategy perspective, the website became the primary delivery mechanism for a tangible product, and thus a huge part of the product UX.
Customers were using the website during lunch hours, and we knew that they were walking from the storage cabinet to the PC with written notes about what they need to restock. By combining our knowledge of the market, the users, existing technology capabilities, and design expertise, an innovation became imaginable.
Conceptual wireframes, sketches, storyboards, and user models (like the famous Flickr model) are more appropriate deliverables for product strategy work.
If you're like most organizations the number of sites you have is large and continues to grow at a rapid clip. Some of the websites are owned by the company's IT department and hosted internally, while other websites may be owned by their marketing department and hosted externally. Even going from 20 different systems to 10 or to 5 different systems still translates to dramatic cost savings.
Acquia sees expansion of distributions as critically important to the future growth of Drupal. By doing so, we provide people an easy on-ramp but we allow them to grow beyond the capabilities of Drupal Gardens without locking them in. Developers will not use it since they have their own (faster) methods and it seems to complex for non technical users. Most of the benefits you have presented are coming from standardizing in general on "a platform" and not specifically drupal. Please stay tuned and I think you will be right that Drupal business isn't about maintaining the status quo.
I simply dont think either Sharepoint or Joomla, Wordpress have representative case studies or approaches to this level of diversity.
A new product is conceived that can move into the more traditional product management processes. Companies that consciously do product strategy as a discipline know this, but there’s plenty of opportunity left in the mainstream projects many of us work on each day.
As a result, the level of investment and the time to market requirements are usually very different.
It goes without saying that you need to be smart about what makes sense to standardize on Drupal, and what not to standardize on Drupal. With that, we are acting as a software publishers for these and other distributions developed by partners within the Drupal community; supporting the marketing, promotion, support, and ongoing development of distributions to extend the capability of the companies who have incubated these incredible products. Mollom for spam filtering, New Relic for application profiling, etc), but we'll soon be opening up the Acquia Network as a ‘service delivery platform' and marketplace for additional services. It was a great opportunity for a mobile application with a bar code reader for replenishing inventory.

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