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To effectively market a product or service there are four things you need to get right: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
As the product is the item being sold to the customer, the thing that will bring in money, its features and design need careful consideration. The answers to these questions will help a firm design, package and add value to its products. There are lots of different pricing strategies but every strategy must cover at least your costs unless the price is being used to attract customers to the business (loss leader pricing). The Place element of the marketing place is about where the product is made, where is it stored and how is it transported to the customer. The following link provides further information on place: Marketing Mix and Place Strategies. A successful product or service means nothing unless the benefit of such a service can be communicated clearly to the target market.

Promotional activities for consumer sales will be different to promotional activities for business to business sales.
E-Marketing Mix: A massive increase in internet sales has changed the way the marketing mix is implemented by firms.
Whether the firm is manufacturing the product or purchasing the product for resale, they need to determine what product features will appeal to their target market.
The place for each of these things should ensure that the product gets to the right place at the right time without damage or loss.
Promotion is any activity to raise awareness of a product or to encourage customers to purchase a product. An increased focus on environmental issues, has contributed to a rise in the demand for environmentally friendly products and services. The four elements should be viewed as one unit and structured to support each other; Otherwise a firm's marketing strategy will be confusing and uncoordinated.

This article provides you with a quick introduction to each element and links if you would like more information. You will also need to consider competitor pricing and factors within your marketing environment. Many organisations have adapted their marketing strategies to capitalise on the consumer appetite for Environmentally Friendly Products. Click on this link to read more about how the marketing mix can be used to market environmentally friendly products and services.

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