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Use these surefire Adobe Lightroom tips to remove unwanted blemishes, soften skin and boost eyes to ensure your portraits are the best they can be.
More and more lately we’re finding Adobe Lightroom is overtaking Photoshop as the program of choice for enhancing our portraits.
However, Lightroom was developed for editing photographs and it’s surprising how far you can take an image using a few simple tools and techniques. A big part of retouching a portrait involves making adjustments to different areas of a face, and they’re usually the same adjustments every time: we lighten the eyes, soften the skin, boost the lips, sharpen the eye lashes, and tone down any bags under the eyes.
All these adjustments can be made with one powerful tool: the aptly named Adjustment Brush.
Another important (if at times monotonous) stage of retouching is the removal of marks, spots and blemishes. In this area Lightroom is still playing catchup with Photoshop, but Lightroom 5 has taken a big leap forwards with the improved Spot Removal tool, which operates just like a brush.
Choosing the best photo editing software for your needs is difficult – and potentially intimidating. In this head to head test we’ll compare Lightroom 5 vs Photoshop CC to see how well they meet the needs of photographers.
Adobe Lightroom 5 is aimed specifically at photographers and it offers a complete ‘workflow’ package for importing, managing, editing and sharing images. Widely recognised as the industry standard software for image editing, but the recently announced switch to a subscription payment model with Creative Cloud has caused a stir, with many enthusiast photographers considering alternatives.

It uses the same Camera Raw processing engine as Photoshop and the controls are the same, but software is integrated into Lightroom so it feels seamless.
Hence there’s no secondary package to open nor any file conversion, so raw files are handled in the same way as JPEGs. Attempting to open a raw file automatically opens Camera Raw in a separate window to allow the image to be processed (individually or in batches) before being opened in Photoshop itself. Just as with Lightroom, raw file adjustments are non-destructive and can be revised at any time.
Lightroom 4 incorporates Adobe’s automatic lens correction profile, and the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filter tools are very quick and useful.
If your main interest is making the most of your photographs, rather than combining images in montages and applying special effects, you won’t mind that its editing tools are more limited.
This makes Adobe Lightroom 4 a genuine alternative to Photoshop, but you can’t rule out the possibility that you might still need Photoshop (or Adobe Photoshop Elements 11) for certain jobs.
Click on the infographic to expand the file, or simply drag and drop it to your desktop to read the larger version. Take your photography to the next level with Adobe Lightroom, a powerful photo organising and editing program designed for professional photographers. This series of workshops, with Dubai photographer, Tiffany Schultz, will introduce you to Adobe Lightroom, starting with the Library module where you will learn how having a good workflow can make your life easier, and help to free up your time and spend more of it behind the camera! Second only to Photoshop, Lightroom is a popular choice among both amateur and professional photographers.

At first glance, with its emphasis on tonal controls and presets, Lightroom may not seem like the ideal place to carry out detailed work like portrait retouching. Select the Adjustment Brush, and in the Brush settings on the right choose Effect: Iris Enhance. There are plenty of good options out there, but many programs are very good at one particular thing, and lack in other areas. It can’t layer images, ?for example, and while it can carry out localised adjustments to colours, tones, clarity and more, it doesn’t offer precise selections as such. It’s very good at enhancing specific colours or colour ranges, carrying out black-and-white conversions and curves adjustments.
Take a look at our cheat sheet below where we illustrate some of the key features to consider. Lightroom sports an intuitive UI for editing your images as well as great tools to help you manage your photos. If you have other Lightroom resources you would like to share please leave a comment below.
Click New again and choose Soften Skin, then paint over the lighter areas of skin on the face and arms.

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