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Scott Public Relations recently shared some marketing insights with MMCHR, a California based Human Resources Outsourcing company. If you’re in healthcare, insurance, technology or other professional services industries, and need help with a PR, marketing or social media campaign, contact Scott Public Relations.
An amazing framed design with flourish backdrop and beautiful corner highlights sets this funeral program template separately.
We thought these six tips on how to make saying “thanks” part of your marketing program would be beneficial for all healthcare, insurance, and technology marketing professionals.
At the same time as we express our gratitude for their trust in choosing us, we can be reinforcing the value of that relationship to them. If you send gifts to clients, consider doing so around Thanksgiving, versus the Christmas or end-of-year holidays.

If you are sending a holiday greeting or thank you, include something of value that relates to your business. If you send a holiday greeting or thank you, you can include in that communication how you’ve been able to improve your offerings in the previous year, due to their support of your organization.
If you have other ideas or practices along this theme that you would like to share, we’d love to hear from you.
For a medical practice, for example, it may be suggestions for healthy New Year resolutions, reminders of how to stay healthy over the holidays, or another information piece about an important health issue. This signage could be a desk-top laminated stand on your front desk, a poster, or a slide or video clip if you show customized video in your waiting room or lobby.
Customers and employees alike will respond to your good works with warmth and respect, and may be inspired to make their own contributions.

You may edit all the text if any style to customize this program template to your desired details. Your gift will arrive ahead of everyone else’s, and it will be noticed, appreciated and shared before the deluge of other gifts arrive.
Our company has been doing this for decades and we’ve found that clients really remember when we reach out to them early in the holiday season.

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