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It's the first law of movie-making: no matter how expensive your camera, or how skilled you are at using it, your raw footage will always be rubbish.
Everyone likes their photos to looks as good as possible and while there is no question that while Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software available, it is very expensive and also quite difficult to learn. GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source imaging program, available for both OSX and Windows, with a number of pro-level editing and retouching tools. Available for both Windows and OSX, Picasa has a few basic editing tools for uncomplicated design such as cropping of images, adding a tinge of brightness or contrast. A completely free photo editing application, Photoscape allows basic image editing with a selection of basic and more advanced tools for editing, enhancing, animating, combining, and printing your images. Originally developed as an image viewer, the free Irfanview software allows you to edit and enhance your photographs, making it a possible tool in your designer’s toolkit. Answers and suggestions below were taken from this thread on the Craftaholics Anonymous Facebook community.
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For most people at home, the extent to which they wish to edit their photos is to crop, resize them and correct the exposure. It is the nearest to Photoshop of the free apps available online and perfect for people who don’t want to fork out loads of money to Adobe or go down the pirate route.
It has a wide variety of photo effects too, but is more of a slideshow creator and photo organiser.

It can convert RAW images to JPEG from DLSR cameras and also allows you to create slideshows and animated GIFs. Available currently just on the Windows operating system, it allows your to edit photos, optimise them, create slideshows, batch process and a few more features that you don’t find in other basic photo editing software. There are a wide variety of online photo editors available and apps for iOS, Android and Windows phone devices, such as Instagram available as well. Whether you want to trim your clips down to size, add a soundtrack or captions, apply transitions or special effects, there are some great free tools which can help - and these are the very best around.Also, if you're wondering what sort of PC you'll need to buy (or build) in order to easily crunch through heavier duty video editing tasks (or indeed image editing), then we've got you covered. It’s a little more pricey and there is definitely a learning curve involved but tons of tutorials on every aspect. Welcome to Craftaholics Anonymous┬« where you can find all sorts of craft tutorials and creative ideas for your home, kids, and holidays.
While free applications such as Microsoft Paint have been available in the past, there are now way more advanced free photo editing programs available for download.
The layout of the application is a dedicated window for the image with other windows containing the toolbox and layer arrangements. Owned by Google it lets you share your photos on your Google+ profile with features such as geotagging and face recognition. The features can organised with a customisable toolbar, so you can have your top features on display, while hiding the ones you hardly use. Garbage In, Garbage out, the saying goes, so if you want better raw footage, you should probably get a proper, decent camcorder.

You can't produce scrolling 3D credits by typing in a box, and there's no option to share the clip on Facebook when you've done.But if you're looking to move beyond that kind of program, to a professional editor with a stack of high-end features, then Blender deserves a closer look. There is extensive support online for the application and it is not rocket-science to learn to use.
The price you pay for the free download of Photoscape is the ads run on the program for other recommended software.
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As such, we don't have any control on these pages or the download packages hosted on there.Be aware that some developers choose to package their free applications with third party software (Google Chrome for example) in order to monetise their downloads. However, these can often confuse computer users as well as security applications and may have a negagtive impact on performance.Why does a developer offer an application for free?
Usually it is a way for them to improve their profiles amongst the target community with the belief that once a user will become accustomed to a particular package, he won't mind spending extra to get either a higher-specced software or an unbridled version (e.g.

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