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With a tight timeframe, we developed schedules, implemented a sales plan and delivered programs fitting for both Broadway productions and Grand Opera. On a recent Sunday afternoon at the Civic Opera House, reigning American diva Renee? Fleming gave a recital, billed as a “subscriber thank-you” concert, to an overflowing house. Mason is the last of the home-grown Lyric administrators, someone who ‘grew up” in the organization starting as a child singer. If this work is produced on schedule, it will have been a full ten years since Lyric Opera of Chicago held the world premiere of an original opera.
2) Collaborating with other Chicago-based arts institutions to send a special message about the strength of culture in Chicago.
One of the people most responsible for creating and coordinating the city’s successful culture festivals (including the World Music Festival and the Chicago SummerDance series in Grant Park), is Michael Orlove, who was relieved of his responsibilities this week after 17 years of service to Chicago.
3) Fostering an annual commitment to American musical theater, starting with a new production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma in the spring of 2013. Fleming believes that “after 100 years in this country, the American musical has achieved ‘classic’ status, and opera companies with extraordinary artistic resources are uniquely positioned to present productions at the highest level as part of the standard repertory”.
4) Further developing Lyric’s young-professionals initiative, which takes opera into the workplace and provides entry-level experiences for the curious adult.
For this newly-minted initiative (outreach specifically targeted to young professionals is not even mentioned on the Lyric web site), the LOC marketing dept. 5) Expanding the education activities of Lyric to include a joint program with the Merit School of Music devoted to finding and nurturing young, talented singers in the Chicago area, and to making Lyric more accessible to the children and young adults involved in all areas of music education at Merit.
Currently, the Civic Opera House is not only dark during Lyric Opera’s holiday break in late December and early January; this acoustically perfect venue is empty for virtually all of the spring months. 8 ) Establishing a prominent presence in a variety of web-based marketing projects, as well as in print and broadcast media.
The Lyric Opera marketing department has done a commendable job of establishing a presence on the Web through the Lyric web site, targeted email campaigns and effective use of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
The Boston Lyric Opera is performing one of the most popular operettas of all time for the first time.
The setting for the opera has been shifted from Lehar's original 1905 to 1913, just before the beginning of World War I. For more information about BLO's production of The Merry Widow, visit the Boston Lyric Opera. From the imagination, curiosity, and (ahem) wit of the WCRB staff, this is where you'll find personal reflections and comments about the music you hear every day on Classical Radio Boston.
In today’s world where the gap between the have and the have nots has become almost cartoonish, helping those left fortunate than you is the new global trend. LEAD Community Organization is nonprofit organization in Logan WV serving many families throughout the region.

Cause For Kids is a non-profit organization We are a group of family & friends who have truly been affected in our lives up close and personal with the struggle and battles of childhood cancer and cancer into young adulthood. Founded in 1999, AIANTA is a nonprofit association of tribes, tribal businesses and entrepreneurs that assumed leadership in education, training and technical assistance for Indian Country tourism. A slum project under a nonprofit non government organization Contemporary Environmental Educational Development Organization. So the newly renovated Lyric called on an expert – Today Media Custom Communications – to create programs beginning with its inaugural season.
Like a family business that has promoted from within for too many generations, Lyric can and must bring in a GD with a more global vision. Fleming has announced her list of creative objectives for the company, and they are hitting all the right notes. Many patrons feel that although William Mason’s judicious handling of Lyric’s endowment kept the company in the black (while many other companies were awash in red ink), the innovation and musical stewardship that defines world-class opera was sacrificed.
Sweeping cuts in the city’s Department of Cultural Affairs left the man the Tribune called “a music-programming force” without gainful employment. This should be a great way to introduce new patrons to the Civic Opera House and may even pique their curiosity enough to return for a Lyric performance. If the idea is “casting as wide a net as possible” in promoting opera appreciation and education, where does this collaboration with Merit leave the Chicago Public School student? CSO, Joffrey Ballet, Goodman Theatre and countless community and collegiate groups put on holiday concerts and events, why not Lyric? Fleming in the role created for her, Blanche DuBois, in spring 2013; a production of Capriccio for fall 2014, in which Ms.
The BLO has a TON of information and background on the piece, including a beautiful photo gallery. Check back often for the deep dive, the spontaneous revelation, and the beyond-the-broadcast connections that bring the music alive. Now you can all of the benefits of in a fast and friendly manner straight from your mobile! By developing and implementing programs and providing opportunities, AIANTA helps tribes build for their future while sustaining and strengthening their cultural legacy.
Fleming, the newly minted “Creative Consultant” (and, along with Sir Andrew Davis, a new Board Vice President) for Lyric Opera of Chicago, not only wowed the audience with her impressive voice and artfully chosen repertoire but charmed them as well, with down-to-earth conversation between the arias. Thanks to the foresight of Lyric Board President Richard Kiphart, Lyric is finally poised to move into the 21st Century. The landscape has changed drastically for arts organizations in the last 20 years, from an economic as well as a cultural perspective. Loving theater and art as I do, and having Lyric and the Chicago Symphony together in one friendly, lakeside, thriving city, presents a unique opportunity for destination-style festivals.

The Chicago Symphony collaborates with rock radio station WXRT to present it’s “Classic Encounter” series, which aims to introduce ‘XRT fans to symphonic music in an unthreatening atmosphere. Fleming will sing the Countess (both A Streetcar Named Desire and Capriccio will be part of Lyric’s subscription season); and Ms. The area in which Lyric has fallen behind involves directly marketing their live performances, either via internet streaming video, podcasts or theatrical films (The Metropolitan Opera, Italy’s La Scala, London’s Royal Opera and San Francisco Opera are just a few of the major companies that are having success with theatrical releases).
I had a chance to talk with Alexander Joel (who, by the way, has a famous brother named Billy), and he described that background for me. This application will inform students and exhibitors about classes, agility demos and events. We may not have a cure for this, but we have the chance through our everyday lives to bring a smile to one or many children through our donations, volunteering, and prayers to make a difference. She chatted about the music of course, revealing an intimate knowledge of the material that was evident in her exquisite vocal interpretations; but she also spoke in a light hearted way about the woes of being a “diva” (she walked into the White House this year with a hair roller stuck in her gauzy shoulder wrap) and about her children laughing at her for doing a rock album. In terms of revenue, marketing, and PR sharing, the whole is decidedly more than its parts. Anecdotal information we were able to gather suggests that these sponsorships are currently little more than in name only, so retooling the “Lyric Opera Education Corps” to help create greater visibility and accessibility for Lyric programs among Chicago’s public and private school teachers should also be a top priority. Lyric certainly belongs to the same elite group as the companies who are already benefiting from “Opera at the Movies” and should be represented in this arena. She seems the perfect choice for a city that prides itself both on its status as cultural leader and its willingness to roll up its sleeves and get to work.
As the last of the city’s major cultural institutions to make a forward move, Lyric has some catching up to do.
Outdoor opera broadcasts, bus shelter videos, and live interactive performances in public spaces like department stores and mall food courts are also gaining in popularity.
We have heard much in the last six months about the increase in community outreach and education that is expected from CSO with Riccardo Muti at last poised to take the helm this Spring.
The fact that The Civic Opera House is located only a short walk from the teeming throngs of the State Street shopping district in Chicago makes it doubly disappointing that at least this type of performance outreach has not yet been attempted.
Steppenwolf Theatre, Joffrey Ballet and the Art Institute all have new facilities that are allowing them to expand their programming.
To outgoing General Director William Mason’s credit, his administration has put on an ambitious and very successful season so far, albeit after narrowly avoiding an orchestra strike and a rough start with some very public PR gaffes involving a certain international rock star. Let’s hope that this project will be supplemented by some other, more innovative promotional efforts.

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