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LCI Paper has just added a new line of wedding programs that are easy to print on a home inkjet or laser printer. Layered wedding programs are increasingly popular due to their contemporary style and ability to fit lots of information into one organized, compact ensemble. Note: The instructions below can also be used to create a unique layered invitation that would fit inside of an A9 invitation envelope. To give you a better idea of how your layered program will come together, view the graphic below. Tip: To yield accurate, straight cuts, a paper trimmer with a built in measuring tool, such as the one shown here, works best.
After cutting your backer, it will need to be scored so that it can be fold over the top of your program layers.
Using your preferred hand scoring tool, hand score your card stock 1 inch from the top of the card, as indicated by the photo below. Now that you have all of your program components cut to size, you are ready to start customizing your programs. After downloading the templates, open each one, and change the sample wording to your own custom wording. Punching evenly spaced holes through all of your program layers is perhaps the trickiest part of this project. Tip: Before punching holes in your printed programs, get a feel for how your hole punch works by testing it out on several layers of paper.
To complete your program, align all of your program layers, run a ribbon though the holes, and tie it in the front into a decorative knot or bow to hold it all together. If you are placing a vellum overlay over just the top layer, you would need to use a 5 x 5 sheet.
Unfortunately the Word templates for layered programs in this post are the only ones we offer at this time. Unfortunately we do not have a template for a six layered program, just the templates for the four layer program as found in this tutorial. What would be your suggestion for what type of text paper to get in not a bright white but not a yellow cream for the layered inserts so that way you will not be able to see the page that is behind it and not take away from the page you are looking at? Thank you for sharing your idea of using a multiple hole punch to create the holes for ribbon.
Please let us know if you have any other questions, and please feel free to share a photo of your finished invitations. Paper weight and density terminology can be very confusing, so you question is well warranted, and a very common one! In a nutshell, text and cover weight papers are considered two different types of paper, and are measured on two separate, completely unrelated, scales. To answer your question, since text weight paper is thinner and lighter than card stock in general, a 91 lb text weight paper is still lighter weight than a 65 lb cover sheet (card stock). You can share a picture on the LCI Paper Facebook page, Twitter, or just shoot us an email, whatever you prefer.
Pertaining to your printing problem, all printers are made differently, each having a margin that is unprintable because that is the location where the printer initially grabs the paper to feed it through. You can certainly decrease the margins on the bottom (file, page set up, margins) and sides a bit, but keep in mind that most home printers are not capable of printing all the way to the bottom of a sheet.

The amount of ribbon you need will vary with how large you want your bows and tails to be; but to estimate, you will probably use about a foot per program, or 1200 inches total (12 x 100 programs).
I would recommend ordering an extra pack or a handful of extra samples of everything, as you will want room for error.
After printing, cutting, and scoring, and once you get the hang of it, probably just a couple of minutes per program. I have all of my infomation in the templates, but when I print the words at the bottom are not lined up.
3.  A program is a “time” keeper for your guests so they know what’s next during the ceremony. Once you decide that you would like to have a wedding program, you can make it as easy as piece of paper folded in half, a fan for your  guests, or even have it printed on a water bottle for your guests to quench their thirst while waiting for the ceremony to begin. Memorials:  If there is someone special who has passed, you can add a message about remembering them and being in your hearts. Thank You:  Conclude the program with a “thank you” to those who supported you throughout your relationship and in your lives. If your reception is in a separate location, the back of the program is a great place to include directions on how to get to the reception.  This will also ensure the programs are taken and not left behind! Whether you have the budget or time to include a program is purely up to you and is by no means necessary, but a great way to add just another special touch to your special day! If you are a business owner or wedding blogger, please use your real name not your business name or blog title. Hi, I am getting married with the love of my life on August 24th this year 2013 and i thought your concepts are terrific. I am from Ghana and i am wondering how we can customise and place an order for the one that looks like a fan.
They’re called Foil Frame Trifold Programs and they are available on our web site in our Programs section. I found them to have an elegant look–perfect for people that want a simple and traditional program for their special event. You can download our free Microsoft Word printing template for our Foil Frame Trifold Programs.
With a little bit of customization and creativity, you’ll be able to create an elegant, professional-looking program for your special event. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to make your own layered program like the one shown here, customized specially for your big event. Text placed above the top margin may not be readable, as this is the location where the program layers will be secured.
However, if you want to create a five layer program, it is simply a matter of determining how much space you want between each layer, then creating a Word document, or template, for each. Unfortunately we do not offer the backer pre-cut or pre-scored, but we do have a few silver card stocks, and a custom cutting and scoring service, if you are interested. I am pleased to hear your found the instructions and templates helpful, and that you were able to make your own programs for less than a dollar a piece – that’s excellent, and what we like to hear!
This is a really nice 91 pound text weight sheet that is not a bright white, but not quite an ivory. I am sure it is much easier, and certainly more convenient than measuring, marking, and then punching. After I score my program backer do I fold the score inside (inside crease) or outside (outside crease)?

After scoring, your crease will be on the reverse side of your stock, so simply flip it over, and fold. My backer that is Royal Blue is 65lb cardstock the only place I could find the color I need was Michaels. Text weight papers are thin, light weight pages similar to the pages of a book, or ordinary office paper. Any of our text weight papers will be lighter than the 65 lb royal blue card stock you purchased. I do promise to share it when I am finished, would I just post the picture in with the text or do I need to upload it a certain way?
This is one of our thicker text weight papers, so the layer below certainly won’t show though. I ordered a special card stock from LCI because it was a wood grain pattern and I am having an outdoor wedding.
You can use any size ribbon you like, so long as you punch holes large enough to accommodate it.
To edit it, click on the text box until you see the blue outline, then you can edit the text in the box. How do I get a free sample, and what is the cost for 150? I need this for JUNE 21, 2015 Thanks. I tried adjusting margins to see if it would make a difference, but it doesn’t and I cannot figure it out can you help with this? To do this, keep your document size the same (correct dimensions), but set the size in your print driver to a slightly larger size. I suggest you have some help and setup an assembly line as it does take some time, but very simple. Within each scale, the weight of the paper is determined by a number; the higher the number, the heavier the paper.
I want to order the text paper from this site and I seen earlier you recommended the Old World Blanco Matte text weight paper for a not bright white or ivory look, do you think this will be okay to look at in the sun and not blind ppl? One last perk, it prints beautifully in my experience because it has a slightly roughened finish, like an eggshell. I was only making 50 programs too, so I figured splurging a little wouldn’t be so bad. Before you attempt it, please read the comments below the instructions on the website for some helpful info. Also, is it thick enough to where you won’t see the next paper through it since it’s a layered program?
This way your printer assumes it is sticking to the printable area of the larger document even though it printing on a smaller sheet. I’m not familiar with all the terminology, is text paper lighter then cardstock even though the weight is higher or is weight , weight no matter the paper? My programs ended up costing me 95 cents per program (plus the ink to print them, which I didn’t even use a whole set of cartridges in my 10 year old printer!).

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