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This is debug testing for opening older files: I wanted to test Wl1's issue with opening older files.
Ahh, interesting, I'll check that I've fixed that too, I've fixed the backward compatability issues with files created with meters that have been removed but this one is slightly different.
Our DLP Printers are fully open, fully adjustable, and are sure to fit the needs of everyone. The mUVe 3D Laser Printer is bridging the gap between the hobbyist maker and the high-price resin printers that are currently out of their reach. As of today we’ll be including a new tool in all our printer orders, as well as providing it here online for everyone. Microdisplays, including pico projectors, could be the New Big Thing in consumer electronics. Seeing the potential for pico projectors several years ago, Micron purchased Displaytech, one of the original developers of liquid crystal on silicon (LCoS) display technology, which Micron has combined with high-brightness LEDs to make its qHD optical engine. Intersil is offering an LED LCoS pico projector reference design that includes, in addition to the ISL97901 buck-boost LED driver, the TW8835 LCD video processor, ISL9307 power management IC, ISL9110 buck-boost converter, ISL9230 battery charger and, as an option, the ISL58333 OEIC sensor for automatic, real-time white balance control to maintain image quality and reduce optical calibration cost.
The Pico-qHD reference system is currently available with prices starting at $13,995; For that price you get technical support and a full hardware kit with design files and firmware.
BenQ's HT1075 projector features cloud capabilities and wireless projection, bringing cable-free connectivity to Blu-ray" players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes, and iPads.
Equipped with mobile high-definition link (MHL), HT1075 simplifies streaming from Roku and Chromecast players, allowing cloud content from Netflix, Hulu, and more. While the initial tests after projector calibration appeared accurate topographically, we didn't feel the look of the sand compared well with what we were seeing online.
This is a special section of the Creator's Studio site dedicated to journaling unique projects outside the scope of class.

Creator's Studio by John Umekubo is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
When you click on the green arrow, it takes free measures, meaning it updates in realtime as the sensor takes new readings.
We created a DLP Projector Calibration Assistant that can be printed on your home printer to help you in sizing and focusing your projector for 3D printing. The scanner is a Canon 1000D DSLR bundled with a pico-projector and 3D scanning software (based on the Mephisto scan engine). The 2,200-lumen projector boasts enhanced speakers, Colorific" imaging for over 1 billion colors, and SmartEco" technology for an astonishing 6,000 lamp hours. While the initial Kinect RawViewer application allowed the Kinect to see the perimeter of the sandbox (the X and Y coordinates) and provided a basic level of use for testing the AR Sandbox software, we needed to refine the Z axis calibration between Kinect and the projector to more precisely pair the sand with the projected topographic elements.
We decided to add more water to the mixture to allow for shaping the sand in greater detail.Below are photos after the water is mixed in. There are still some issues to work out with the software, including the introduction of fluid water and lava simulation, which requires the correct video graphics driver. Follow our team for updates featuring event coverage, new product unveilings, watch industry news & more! For example, when I measured Grey Scale I didn't see any values until I finished going through the 10 screens. At high IRE values (100-60) if you look at the x,y, and Y you'll see them moving a bit, but the RGB bars are more or less stable. But when I open Wl1's .chc file included in his post, AND at the time I have NO meter plugged in, I get an error from the Argyll code "No meter found - Create Argyll instrument failed with severe error". If you follow the instructions below you can print yourself a perfectly scaled set of rectangles that will make it super easy to adjust your projector.

The idea is that you can take photos around an object and the software turns it into a 3D model.
This one-two punch of an optical engine and driver IC, called the Pico-qHD, fits onto a 1.7 in. Optional wireless, horizontal and vertical keystone, and vertical lens-shift maximize flexibility for installation anywhere in the home. In addition, we are currently connected via VGA, which will be swapped out for HDMI next week. The program requested each screen one at a time, and each time I was ready I clicked on the OK button and it would ask for the next screen. Once you get to 50 IRE test patterns, the bars start jumping around, making it very difficult to determine what the true reading is.
It appears that the Argyll code really wants a meter plugged in even when I just want to view the .chc results. And because word spread quickly that the sandbox was near completion, we had our first class visit.
I had to do some mental averaging as well as using a bit of guesswork based on sight and previous experience. Preschoolers came in to explore the sandbox, learn a little about topography, and receive an introduction to PIRL.

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