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What better way to drive more traffic to your website than adding as many social networks as possible into your marketing strategy. We already discussed how to get traffic from the most popular social channels: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Not only you will get more exposure, traffic and implicitly more clients, but you will improve your productivity and save days of hard work thanks to Mass Planner.
So, if you want to promote your blog on Pinterest, the best way to start is to create a board for your blog posts. So, if your plan is to promote your blog post, the best way to add this type of content is to add the RSS feed from your blog to the campaign. In my Pinterest campaigns, I chose 5 posts per day between 10:00 AM and midnight, but you might want to test a few intervals and see what works best for you. Just like for your Twitter or Instagram accounts, we have extra tools that will help you grow your Pinterest accounts faster than ever before. We have video tutorials for all these tools, so if your goal is to grow your Pinterest accounts fast and quick, you should check them out. You might think that there is little incentive for you to start marketing your business on Google Plus. If you already studied our tutorials on how to schedule your Facebook Marketing for an entire month in just 10 minutes with Mass Planner, and how to grow your fanbase and traffic with sharing your content on specialized groups in your industry, then you pretty much know how to set up a campaign for Google Plus too. You just need to follow the exact steps and instead of adding your Facebook page, accounts, and groups you belong to, you need to create a destination list with all your Google Plus accounts, communities, and Pages.
Just like with Facebook, you have a Group Finder and Joiner tool that will help you find communities in your niche where you can share your content. With Google Plus, you can adapt the same model in frequency and number of postings per day as for Facebook. With Mass Planner, you can easily do this, with no changes in the campaigns you already set up. LinkedIn is another social network that can help you expand your reach and improve your business results. One way to drive traffic to your website is to use your LinkedIn Profile to share the latest blog posts and news with your connections. Another way to drive traffic to your website using LinkedIn is by searching and joining groups in your niche, where you can share your content with like-minded professionals. Searching for groups in your niche is quite easy when you have powerful tools like Mass Planner’s Group Finder.
Here, click on the LinkedIn profile you want to use so you can access the tools available for this social network.
When the tool finished searching for groups based on your filters, you can review your results.
Select the ones that are big and active enough to meet your goals and send them to the Joiner tool.
Once you joined your targeted groups you can create a Mass Planner campaign to share your content with the members of these groups.
With a modern mindset, our team is dedicated to delivering the fastest and the most powerful social media automation technology on the market. It started with a thread on link-sharing community MetaFilter about Adams' Wall Street Journal op-ed on how awesome and successful he is even though he didn't get straight-As in school.
Nothing like a supremely self-satisfied dolt making a fool of himself by posting fake stuff on the Internet. It's irrational to feel this way because one truly has no bearing on the other, but I actually am kind of upset that I ever felt sorry for him and his spasmodic dysphonia. I don't really see how pretending to be a fan would really increase the readership of the comic, though. Don’t you want your customers to be reminded how they can find you, in the way they prefer to find you, whenever it is they might need you?
About KristinZaslavsky (241 Posts)Kristin has spent her career designing marketing applications that are easy to use, making technology adoption easy on businesses and their clients.

It's chock full of goodness available *only* to subscribers, and not published on our blog!
In most B2B markets, however, these offers would not be relevant to the people who make the purchase decisions. This enables a business to target existing and potential customers with its sales messages.
Sponsorship large companies provide finance for events such as Formula One or the Olympics in return for the right to promote their brand names during the event.
Charitable donations businesses may participate in fundraising events like Comic Relief or Children in Need.
Press releases companies issue short news stories about their operations, which may then appear in television reports or newspaper articles.
Below are external web links provided by Portakabin in relation to their business activities. Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Promoting the brand from this Portakabin case study, why not share it with others? You will reach new audiences by having your content shared on more than one social network.
Here you can review your settings, again and you can choose to exact as many posts as you want (by default it will extract the latest 10 posts). This will start the extraction of your latest posts and add them to the Posts List tab to be published when the campaign starts. So, the best strategy is to create a standard campaign that shares your marketing content on both social networks at the same time. If you already created a campaign for your Facebook Marketing using our previous tutorial, then in about 3 minutes you will have your Google Plus content automated as well. You can promote your blog on LinkedIn simply by adding your profile to the destination list you created for your Facebook and Google Plus Marketing in the section above.
This way you will reach an entirely new audience that might not be present on Facebook or Twitter. All you have to do is set up some delays to avoid joining too many groups in a short period of time.
If you want to learn more about how to improve your social media marketing, check them out in the Video Tutorials tab. He is a horrible boss, and recently penned a charming misogynist rant comparing women to children begging for candy.
For months, he's been commenting on threads about himself posted to link-sharing site Reddit under the same handle.
Given that I haven't seen single episode since it was first aired so it could be nostalgia that is clouding my judgment on the show.
Using your signage can be a great way to promote your social media accounts the same way you use it to promote your business. She loves nothing more than to patiently show people that technology doesn't need to be scary (even though it sometimes feels like it does).Join all the rest of our awesome subscribers & get our new posts in your inbox (it's free!).
We consult with small business owners on how social media, SEO, business blogging and proper website design can help them successfully establish their brand, reach their customers, and grow their business in the online marketplace.
Portakabin uses this method of promotion extensively, sending out leaflets and brochures to maintain brand awareness. In addition, it can easily access the names of people from other parts of these businesses who have expressed interest in Portakabinproducts, such as people who have signed up for its newsletter. It involves communication with groups outside the company, such as customers, shareholders, government and the public.
This provides an opportunity to put the company name in front of very large television audiences. Portakabin has issued press releases announcing that it has helped create nursery accommodation at a hospital in Salford, provided a building for an incubator unit at the famous Papworth hospital in Cambridgeshire and supplied a new teaching block at York St John College in Yorkshire.
Portakabin uses 'search engine optimisation' web tools to ensure that its website shows at the top of every relevant search results page.

We will see how to use these platforms to drive significant traffic to your website, and how to promote your business on multiple platforms at the same time using Mass Planner.
Your template can be something like [TITLE], without other tokens, because we will set the blog post URL to be the pin’s Source URL. Every time you will have a new blog post, it will be automatically added to the Posts List. If you have enough content you can easily share 10 or 20 posts per day without affecting your engagement. It can be a powerful platform for business development and, if used right, can increase your traffic considerably.
This involves a range of methods over which the business has more direct control and which can be targeted at specific groups of customers.
This means the company remains in its customers' minds the next time they need to make a purchase. These are commercial sales, but they are also good public relations stories that attract newspaper interest.
Portakabin also uses paid-for web advertising, such as pay-per-click on Google, to profile its business to prospective customers. If you build a consistent presence on multiple social channels, you will undoubtedly increase your audience in no time. Then you have the Like, Comment and Repin tools that you can use in a similar way, to find pins in your niche and engage with them.
This means that developing a strategy for this social channel, will not only help you reach a new, niched, audience, but will help you improve your relation with other Google Services. While I may or may not have already followed the Jimmy John’s account, their visual cue to interact with them caused me to do so. Portakabin offers solution and value-based benefits, like adding in air conditioning to a building. The resulting articles name Portakabin, acting as free advertising and product endorsement. You can check them out and see if it’s what you want, or you need to adjust the template or settings. Now, multiply that effect by all the stores they have and all the people that come through.
Research shows that 72% of business buyers rate the web as their top source of information.
If 1 person per store per day takes that cue, they’ve increased their social media presence exponentially.
I promptly logged on and followed them so that if we ever needed to use them again, I’d be able to find them quickly. Started in California and still boasting modest levels of traffic within the US, Orkut is now hosted within Brazil itself and gets the vast majority of its traffic from there, and from India.
While machine translation is fine to get the gist of your followers’ responses to you, you’re best off using professional translators for your posts and tweets.One benefit is that you can construct posts, tweets, etc in your native language and then have them translated for the various languages you’re targeting. Using social media management programs like Hoot Suite, which allows you to schedule tweets in advance, you can maintain a steady output on your various international social media networks, gradually building followers and generating buzz about your brand in every targeted market, for far less investment than it would cost to run advertising campaigns.Your only outlay is to have your tweets and posts translated, which, considering tweets are less than 140 characters, means you’re not looking at a massive monthly outlay to translate your social media interactions. With a little planning and effort, you’ll find the response to your international social media efforts far outweighs the investment of time and money.Thanks, again, to Christian for sharing his thoughts and tips! Any business that offer their products and servers on an international basis is going to have to consider how to engage via social media in different languages and will need to understand the cultures and language differences of their target audiences, as well as the appropriate channels where their international audience engages.
Michelle GilstrapThere are many US companies that do international business, Disneyland, Universal Studios theme parks to name just two major companies that bring international visitors to the U.S.
Andreas WiedowChina is big enough so they don’t need qzone or renren in other languages.

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