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Enacted with a view to safeguarding the interests of consumers and promoting the growth of real estate sector, the much-acclaimed Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 is going to be effective from May 1. The Act has been modelled to promote the growth of real estate sector in an environment of trust, confidence, credible transactions and efficient and time-bound execution of projects.
The Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation (HUPA) had notified 69 of the total 92 sections of the Act on April 27, bringing the Act into force from May 1, taking the decade-long efforts to its logical conclusion.
It may be noted that a proposal for a law for Real Estate was first mooted at the National Conference of Housing Ministers of States and Union Territories in January, 2009.
As per the notification announcing the commencement of the Act on May 1, Rules under the Act have to be formulated by the Central and State Governments within a maximum period of six months i.e by October 31 this year under Section 84 of the Act. The Ministry of HUPA would make Rules for  Union Territories without legislatures while the Ministry of Urban Development would do so for Delhi.
Early setting up of Real Estate Regulatory Authorities with whom all real estate projects have to be registered and Appellate Tribunals for adjudication of disputes is the key for providing early relief and protection to the large number of buyers of properties.
Section 20 of the Act says, “The appropriate Government shall, within a period of one year from the date of coming into force of this Act, by notification establish an authority to be known as the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to exercise the powers conferred on it and to perform the functions assigned to it under this Act”.
The Section 20 also empowers appropriate Governments to designate any officer preferably Secretary of the Department dealing with Housing, as the interim Regulatory Authority until the establishment of Regulatory Authority under the provisions of the Act. Regulatory Authorities, upon their constitution get three months time to formulate regulations concerning their day to day functioning under Section 85 of the Act. Likewise, under Section 43 of the Act, Real Estate Appellate Tribunals shall be formed within a maximum period of one year i.e by April 30, next year. Under the directions of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation Minister M Venkaiah Naidu, a Committee chaired by Secretary (HUPA) has already commenced work on formulation of Model Rules under the Act for the benefit of States and UTs so that they could come out with Rules in quick time besides ensuring uniformity across the country. The Ministry will also come out with Model Regulations for Regulatory Authorities to save on time.
The time limits of six months for formulation of Rules and one year for setting up Regulatory Authorities and Appellate Tribunals are the outer limit and the States willing to act quickly could do so and the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation would notify the remaining Sections of the Act to enable relief to the buyers under the Act as quickly as possible, as desired by the Minister. The remaining 22 Sections to be notified relate to functions and duties of promoters, rights and duties of allottees, prior registration of real estate projects with Real Estate Regulatory Authorities, recovery of interest on penalties, enforcement of orders, offences, penalties and adjudication, taking cognizance of offences etc. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Appreciation for effort is the key to the development of the real estate so that excellence may be achieved. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. An up-and-coming star of Hong Kong cinema, 26-year-old director Heiward Mak Hei-yan recently won the award for Best Screenplay for her light-hearted romance a€?Love in a Puffa€? at the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards.
Like the original, the sequel will be a supernatural thriller, but instead of a mere love triangle, the sequel will feature a love square, or perhaps even a pentagon. Actress Zhao Wei who returns to the big screen after childbirth indicated the supernatural and raunchy paintings hung at the launch ceremony imply a strong taste of Uershan’s movie. Terence Yang, the boss of Emperor Entertainment, and Mani Fok, a senior executive of the company, was also recently seen traveling to Malaysia to comfort Nicholas. On May 29, a reporter spotted Isabella at a country restaurant in Sai Kung, Hong Kong, decked in a pastel low-cut shirt and without any makeup. Looking happy and relaxed, Isabella was accompanied by her mother, her mentor Jim Chim and his wife, and her best friend Coco Chiang and her boyfriend. The announcement comes on the heels of Huayia€™s February announcement that it would build East Asiaa€™s largest indoor film and TV studio in Shanghai as a part of a one billion yuan ($152 million) cultural tourism complex, and follows The Walt Disney Companya€™s April groundbreaking on a $4.4 billion theme park, also in Shanghai.
Meanwhile Chinese films stars including Jet Li and Maggie Cheung are expected to turn out for the official opening of the Universal Studios park in Singapore. Set in 1920s, the film featuring Wu Chun and Han Geng as two Peking opera-singing brothers who are searching for fame, love and revenge.
Cherie Chung, Chingmy Yau and Simon Yam were among the celebrity visitors to the Hong Kong International Art Exhibition yesterday.
According to a Hong Kong magazine, 90’s-era actress, Jacqueline Law, is recovering from 6 months of chemotherapy. Appearing at a store opening event for Juicy Couture, Gaile Lok was asked once again whether she’d had plastic surgery. Two nights ago at a pub in Hong Kong a female Hong Kong Apple Daily journalist met two US servicemen from the USS Carl Vinson.
Hong Kong’s Next Magazine is reporting that Joey Wang is the mother of 17 year old illegitimate daughter. Director Andrew Lau takes a break from the crime thrillers and martial arts period pieces for which he is better known Stateside to tackle more tender affairs of the heart with A Beautiful Life, an uncommonly well sketched romantic drama about the tractor-beam allure that a certain type of wild, damaged women possess for a particular corresponding type of lonely men. Opening in major metropolitan markets in the United States and Canada as part of distributor China Liona€™s exclusive deal with AMC Theatres (only Vancouver and Hawaii have separate distribution arrangements), the film, in Mandarin with English subtitles, should play solidly to Chinese-American audiences, and could even woo a small but likely contented cross-section of English-speaking arthouse patrons.
Headstrong Hong Kong transplant Li Peiru (Shi Qi) is young and ambitious in business, but also an alcoholic, and hamstrung by a terrible taste in men. Later, Zhencong falls for a mute girl, Xiaowan (Fairy Feng), and proposes marriage to her, giving his brother an extra person for whom to look out. The filma€™s subtitled translations sometimes stumble (the word steel is at one point substituted for still, and other exclamations seem to lack a rooted cultural specificity), but Lau crafts longer takes that let his characters interact in meaningful ways, and truly seem a part of a larger whole.
When a Man Loves a Woman this isna€™t a€” Tang Kit Minga€™s screenplay doesna€™t really sincerely address what is quite obviously Peirua€™s alcoholism, apart from Zhendong occasionally leaving Post-It notes reading, a€?Alcohol is bad,a€? when he has to clean up after her various boozy bouts.
Liu and Shu evince a nice rapport, and although Shua€™s performance at first seems full of only surface beguilement, and not invested in a deeper emotional state other than histrionic acting out, the filma€™s final act provides her the opportunity to better flesh out her character, and she delivers wonderfully.

Looking ahead a few months, China Lion will deliver to AMC its first 3D concert film, which features world-music star Cui Jian, also considered the father of rock a€™na€™ roll in China. Is the Chinese export “A Beautiful Life” a light ro mantic comedy or a sappy melodrama? A Beautiful Life is hardly the only Chinese-language film to play off the culture clash between Hong Kong and the mainland.
Edison Chen admitted that he met actress Cecilia Cheung, one of the women he was photographed with in his 2008 sex photo scandal, at the airport earlier this month on May 8.
CANNES, France (Hollywood Reporter) - Most Chinese films that land on our shores are either grandiose historical epics or kung-fu extravaganzas. Two of China’s reigning stars play the lead roles in this formulaic love story, which features characters suffering from alcoholism, muteness, blindness, autism and early onset dementia.
In traditional Hollywood fashion, the main protagonists meet cute, in this case when Li Peiru (Shu Qi), a beautiful real-estate agent, gets drunk at a karaoke bar and throws up on Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye), a principled, lonely cop.
As formula would have it, they meet again, and Zhendong quickly falls for the flirtatious Peiru despite the fact that she’s having a tortuous affair with a married man who she hopes will further her career. Starring a slew of famous actors Leon Lai Ming, Zhang Hanyu, Liu Yifei, Feng Shaofeng, Anthony Wong, Jordan Chan and Andy On, the film has aroused great interest of foreign film companies.
Chinese film director Gao Xiaosong, whose My Kingdom showed to buyers in Cannes this week, was jailed on Tuesday for six months by a Beijing court. Seems like all the rumours about marriage troubles for Christy and Jon are unfounded after Taiwan media reported yesterday that the so-called girl seen with Jon was actually veteran singer David Huang’s manager cum girlfriend.
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For the promotion of Thailand CIPS 2013, a networking event was hosted by the leading real estate organizations such as the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the Real Estate Sales and Marketing Association of Thailand (RESAM). Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) deal with the credibility issues with the people within Thai real estate market that lack appropriate qualification to gain global recognition. The CIPS course will enable the graduating students to be equipped with the skills required for marketing and selling the real estate properties across the globe. The skills and experiences offered by CIPS course will help the real estate industry managers to protect their own interest and will also overcome credibility issues. The CIPS provides the local real estate professionals an opportunity to collaborate closely with the foreign professionals. Nina Serebrykova, project director of CIPS 2013 Thailand and Marketing committee member of RESAM, viewed the CIPS helpful in creation of understanding of professional fraternity from local to international level. There are a variety of ways that you can promote real estate properties using online tools. Social media is the latest way that real estate agents can truly network and get their names out there. Contests, sweepstakes, video challenges and other strategies can truly affect how you are represented with social media.
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These fast track Tribunals shall decide on the disputes over the orders of Regulatory Authorities in 60 days time.
Diagnosed with stage 3 cancer last year, the actress suffered from depression and contemplated suicide. Tang Wei was unfazed by news that her name was not among the 109 actors listed in the official cast list released for The Founding of a Party. The journalist managed to get a basic illustration that explains Bin Laden’s burial process.
However, production which began at the end of last year, stopped due to a copyright dispute.
The deaf and mute girl living in Taipei and the foster mother, a midwife, is confirming the claim.
Unfolding in present-day Beijing, the movie uses an appealing visual palette and solid performances to communicate and luxuriate in universal feelings about longing, love and connection. Her boyfriend is married, and additionally a€?cheatinga€? on her with another mistress, but Peiru finds a comfortable protector in Fang Zhendong (Liu Ye), an overly servile local policeman and precinct chief who also cares for his brother Zhencong (Tian Liang). While Peiru talks some money out of Zhendong to try to start up a business, he starts to exhibit signs of slowly losing his own memory and facilities. Taking a cinematographer credit alongside Lai Yiu Fai, he also crafts a vivid, modern cityscape that feels neither feverish and frenzied nor overly romantic, but instead poised somewhere between the two. It is, however, exceedingly honest about the shifts in attitude its characters experience, and in particular provides some nice grace moments for Zhencong and Xiaowan, whose roles deepen in interesting ways as the film progresses. Says Barlow, a€?Hea€™s like the Springsteen of China and the film catches him in concerts in Beijing. However, a China Film Group spokesman said that SARFT has said never said that it did not pass review. Not only does he take her home and pour her into bed, he also leaves a note warning her of the dangers of alcohol and reminding her that he owes her money for a cab.

Then, as Peiru gradually abandons her materialistic values and falls in love with the good hearted Zhendong, it becomes apparent that he is suffering from a disease that is robbing him of his mental faculties.
The romantic convolutions occur in a Beijing that sparkles like a neon-lit urban wonderland. Super girl winner Shang Wenjie, Cheng Pei Pei and Annie Yi Nengjing are among the cast members. Huang Bo’s character has the ability to change shapes, below as table tennis player and dancer. The Infographic talks about the major role played by signs for the growth and prosperity of Real Estate business. Signs boards help a real estate business to present the images of its properties in an attractive manner which is remembered by the potential customers. We specialize in custom vehicle graphics, fleet vehicle wraps, campaign and election yard signs, store front window lettering, post and panel signs, monument signs, lighted signs, channel letters and much more. Thus, they will be able to compete against the foreign real estate organizations in Thailand. Vote contests on Twitter are one of the best ways to get your name and real estate business out there.
This is an essential for any real estate agent who wants to make sure that their social media strategies are working. Craigslist is also a free service, so it’s a cost-effective way to gain more exposure. The best advice is to do your research and find the right mix for your real estate business. A former girlfriend of Stephen Chow, Law married Singapore businessman Liu Chee Ming in 2008. According to the report, Joey had induced labor at 6-7 months and the baby was thought to have died but was saved in the incubator room. After a drunken Peiru accosts him at a party and he takes her safely home, she and Zhendong keep running into one another, and Peiru keeps taking advantage of him in the sort of way that pretty girls are often able to get away with. Suddenly faced with the possibility of becoming a potential burden to those around him, Zhendong makes some tough decisions about his future, which in turn causes Peiru to change how she views her relationship with him.
Instead, post-production changes were being made to accommodate younger viewers so that they would better understand the story according to the rep. Unlike the previous Crazy films the new film adds a female component and love triangle to the story.
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Contact us today or stop by one of our stores to talk with a signage expert and experience top class service that only your local Sign A Rama can provide. CIPS course will broaden the vision of local real estate professionals which will help them to succeed in the presence of well well organized real estate organization from out of country. The CIPS will develop world standard culture and professionalism in the local real estate industry. As much as real estate agents are businesspeople, they are also competitive entrepreneurs when the market gets rough to navigate. However, you have to make sure that you use the tools on these sites to your full advantage and link to the listings as well from your own real estate agency. Fu Rui Jiao, received a call from the hospital and the baby girl was adopted by a woman surnamed Du. Jet also cited his starting up of The One Foundation as the reason for missing out on Tsui’s production of Detective Dee but had read the script. They invest their broadly written characters with subtle and comic grace notes that nearly, but not quite, compensate for the screenplay’s endless contrivances. In this manner, the trust of the audience can be sustained and better brand recognition can be created. However, as with all contests, you have to give away something to make the contest worthwhile. By doing this, you increase links to your properties and guarantee that your listings will be seen.
They can even provide real estate analysis software to get the most from your SEO and tracking, allowing you to find the right keywords, look for new market areas and much more. Fu told her that the mother was a Hong Kong star, single and was involved in a sex scandal with Andy Lau.
Tsui Hark said that he was quite proud of his 3D work for the upcoming film and felt it was comparable to Hollywood. Fu Rui Jiao, is serving a maximum sentence in jail the past 10 years in the largest baby trafficking case ever.
Fu sold more than 40 babies, many reported to be the babies abandoned by those in the movie business.

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