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The Youth Entrepreneurship Facility (YEF) is a partnership between the Africa Commission, the Youth Employment Network and the ILO.
If you think that being environmentally friendly is only for businesses that deal in green products, you might want to think again. One must think now why you would want to develop green marketing strategies in the first place. Although green market strategies depend upon the working and the marketing ideas of a particular industry, there are some rules which can be applied generally, irrespective of the industry.
You’ll be surprised how a simple packaging change can bring a lot of greenness in your marketing campaign. As mentioned above, since you are looking at the company as a whole, consumers are also a part so they should also be involved in the green marketing strategies. It goes without saying that expanding your market online has more environmental benefits than you may think. You may notice there isn’t a lot of effort needed for going green, just some effective marketing strategies but the difference it will make will count for a lot.
When people think about being more environmentally friendly, it usually crosses their mind to recycle more at home, drive more economically to work, take less time in the shower or splash out on something more permanent like better insulation for their home or even solar panels. What a lot of people don’t think of, however, is promoting a greener way of life in their workplace. There are countless ways that you and your business can work towards more green and sustainable operations, including saving energy, recycling more, cutting water usage, encouraging greener travel methods for employees or investing in additions to your premises that help to save heat or generate power.
When it comes to going green, there’s only so much we can do, but is a lot we can help and assist you with. You can find out more about our Green365 campaign, as well as a list of sites mentioning our campaign, over on our Green365 page! Marketers traditionally shy away from promoting a brand’s sustainability; worried that it is too expensive, complicated or risky, and that mainstream consumers won’t be interested. However, consumer’s attitudes are changing and we have started to become more ecologically aware and expect more from our brands. McDonalds 2011 greener re-brand has shown that sustainability can be done in a subtle way to appeal to the masses.
This month, the world’s biggest fast food chain has introduced pumpkin spiced lattes made from Rainforest Alliance-certified espresso, and a blue eco label from the Marine Stewardship Council on fish sandwiches.
Bob Langert, vice president of sustainability at McDonalds, points out that actually fish has been sustainably sourced for McDonalds for many years, but it’s only now that this is included in marketing efforts, as it has started to be something more customers care about. Previously customers would have to dig around on McDonald’s website to find any information about sustainability efforts, but now McDonalds are using this as a plus point to build customer loyalty and trust. PG Tips are another big brand that has used sustainability in their marketing in a variety of ways. This was just part of Unilever’s attempt to reduce landfill by 50% in the next eight years, by recycling tea bags instead of putting them in the main waste bins. PG Tips’ light hearted approach in the ads with use of comedian Johnny Vegas and ‘monkey’ gave it a friendly edge, instead of the serious, authoritative approach usually associated with sustainability matters.
Some companies argue that they have tried to market a sustainable product and it didn’t work. An example of this is Nike, who launched their environmentally friendly shoe ‘Considered’ in 2005. If you are aiming for the mass-market consumer, avoid words like ‘green’ or ‘eco’ in your product name or marketing material.

This includes making sure that you are actually doing what you claim to be, and that all of your business policies are consistent with your environmentally friendly product.
The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM) in Dubai, UAE, has received the Green Globe Certification – the first hospitality school to be given the prestigious recognition. EAHM was recognised for its contribution in encouraging students and colleagues towards a sustainable future.
EAHM, which combines theoretical knowledge with practical training in courses that are taught to over 300 international hospitality students from 60 different countries, works with internationally recognised education authorities, government departments and the world-renowned hospitality school Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland.
In addition, the Student Council encourages all EAHM staff, faculty and students along with colleagues from Jumeirah properties to contribute toward blood donation drives that are held during the year.
Green Globe is the premier worldwide certification and performance improvement programme developed specifically for the travel and tourism industry.
The Green Globe Standard is extremely stringent and holds a selection of more than 380 compliance indicators applied to 44 individual certification criteria. Through training and business plan competition it promotes green entrepreneurship among young women and men in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda.
Whether it’s some electronic manufacturer, restaurant or a clothing store, there are innumerable ways that you can use to market your products and offerings in an environmental-friendly way.
So here’s the answer: the planet is facing an ever-growing threat of global warming and a big part of that is because of ourselves. The first step involves that you consider your company as a whole; whether your employees have to cover big distances to come to work or it has taken up a lot of carbon footprint to promote the merchandise and services of your company.
Consider how simply changing from plastic packaging to biodegradable carton can have a good effect on the environment.
Rewarding the customers for their patronage and giving green incentives is gaining a lot of popularity around the media planning world.
Being environmentally friendly isn’t something we feel should be left to scientists or eco-conscious homeowners. The benefits aren’t just that our one and only home will last longer, but there’s also cost saving benefits and numerous social and marketing benefits involved with being more environmentally friendly, since governments and the general public alike all strive to be more environmentally friendly in their day to day lives. We have blogs, advice and guidance on our website, as well as various products and services.
Many companies are making the move to increase sustainability in their operations anyway, so now is the time to market this. They started out gradually, with LED lighting and greener packaging, intending to increase sustainability over time.
The company partnered up with the Waste and Resource Action Programme (WRAP) as well as Brentwood Borough Council and Chelmsford Council in 2012 for a campaign suggesting PG Tips drinkers put their used tea bags in food waste bins. It also meant that they kept it simple and stayed true to the brand, as the same characters and tone were used as in previous advertising.
The hemp walking boot was considered ugly, had a high price tag and went against Nike’s usual high-tech image.
You shouldn’t stray away from your brand’s usual tone or general approach, as this will put off your current consumer base. Your product’s marketing should also fit in with the current approach, or it won’t come across as honest.
Actions such as the use of electronic publications in the library and the newly installed LED-lights and motion sensors were seen as essential in achieving this certification. Each month students take part in a non-uniform day where each person donates Dh10 and wears casual clothes for the day.

Its purpose is to assist organisations to improve and develop their environmental, economic and social sustainability. There is no aspect of the product development plan where green marketing cannot be incorporated, may it be eco-friendly promotional products or online presence.
The more advanced a thing gets, there is a bigger side effect and now I think you can do the math. Here’s the idea: make your customer know that they can contribute to the well being of the community and the planet by offering them an eco-friendly incentive. So you can send as many newsletters as you want and can Tweet as much as you like without wasting any trees being cut down or fuel consumed.
In the end, the choice is basically yours, whether you want your company to be known as an eco-friendly one or not is entirely up to you but if you decide to go green, there are a lot of green media marketing agencies ready to help you develop strategies.
If we look at these examples generally their mistakes were creating an inferior product, charging more for it, or marketing it in a confusing or unappealing manner. Helping your consumers take part themselves will also make them feel more involved and part of something valuable, as we saw with PG Tips’ recycling campaign. All money raised is donated to the Senses Centre that provides care, rehabilitation and shelter for children and young people who are mentally handicapped or have special needs. The best part it, green marketing doesn’t need a lot of costs, in fact, and they are much lower in costs than anyone may think. We are being affected by the polluted environment in ways that we cannot even fathom sometimes. Telecommute employment and cloud computing has made it possible to save money and consume resources effectively.
It is correct that a beautifully designed brochure can go a long way in working for your promotion but if you switch to something that a user wouldn’t want to just throw away after reading can be great for you like a reusable paper bag or a fridge magnet.
From donating a certain percentage of your profits to an NGO involved environmental stewardship to providing a discount to if they recycle an object, the green incentives can be as easy as that. So as residents of this planet, this is our responsibility that we make this planet a better place to live in, not only for ourselves but also for future generations.
The main reason for the success of such a marketing campaign is that it gets the consumer involved and gives them a sense of fulfillment and ownership to a good cause.
A media planning agency can consider investing in CO2 server if they operate in a technology industry. As the owner of a company, you have a whole lot of lives and resources related to you directly and indirectly where you have the power to influence them. Such servers are eco-friendly as they take a certain percentage of their energy from natural resources like solar energy or wind hence are much better than using other hosts. There is a special term associated with this step of reducing the use of artificial energy and that is called e-waste. Following are some of the things you can do to market your business while remaining eco-friendly.

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