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We believe in the power of promotion to break through to customers at relevant critical decision making moments. Best of all, Blueberry promotion builds the brand. The promotion ( Promotional Mix ) is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term. Promotion is the process of marketing communication between the company that sells the product and the potential customer, with the purpose of influencing the attitudes and behavior.
Promotional mix is one out of four basic instruments of business marketing that has the purpose to inform about other instruments of marketing mix and to contribute to sales increase on the long term.
Advertising is marketing communication with current and potential customers and consumers, done through paid mass media marketing services. Public Relationship ( PR ) is marketing communication toward public, but is turned more to reputation and image of the company, than to it's products. Personal Sales is a way of promotion activity where sales representative is directly contacting the customer.
Sales Promotion represents marketing strategy as a set of different promotional activities that has the goal of animating customers for purchasing.
The business marketing approach to promotional mix can be different, depending on marketing strategy. The Promotional Mix than create the consumer's demand is then creating request for product through supply channel upstream. JpegCreations is a professional web design studio located in Montreal, serving businesses and non-profits around the world. Professional Social Promotion offers a number of very affordable social media marketing services that can help you drive targeted traffic to your site. I can get you Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, You Tube views from real people, and not just from one method, but my favorite way is through social sharing. I can make quality back links such as original articles, published on authority sites to help your site’s SEO, not forgetting the social signals that many people forget Google pays a lot of attention to. I can make you a You Tube video, and get you real, engaged views for it, advise you on back link building, on-page optimization, and help you alter your sales pitch and call to action. I can help you manage your pay per click campaigns on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, or outsource really cheap traffic from micro job sites, and alternative advertising agencies. I advise you to chat with me about your site, and get some specific advice directly from an expert with over four years experience in internet marketing, and social media marketing: me.

My email is in the sidebar, and I will tell you the truth as I see it about your site, your SEO strategy, your social media pages, how you plan to get customers, and whether it’s likely to make you a return on investment. If your site has a widespread appeal, you might be best served by going for the social media marketing option. If ordinary people like your site, they might share it with their friends, or vote it up, and that’s when a page can go viral. If you need targeted views in a niche, you might want to try search engine optimization and article marketing, and if you can’t compete on Google, then your best bet would be to try a cheap pay per click campaign. Building a mailing list may be a good idea, as it helps you to capture the people who visit from these traffic building methods, but it is not essential. Social media marketing is about creating a list of social connections that are similar to an email list, and you can use them to get traffic instantly in the same way.
Some of the affordable social media marketing services I offer are listed in the sidebar to the right, or below, but these are only a fraction of the countless things I can do for you. I can advise you on so many different ways to make money online, it’s hard to put it all into words.
Mostly what I do is quickly provide you a return on investment through the wise purchase of social media marketing services.
Scalable to any size without losing image quality; can be used for any printing or online applications. Or that one in a billion chance of winning a million dollars. As Blueberry we see promotions as multi-faceted, innovative and brand focused.
The promotional mixis always serving to specific goal through marketing strategy.
There are specific promotional tool that are supporting chosen promotional goal. The promotion is always serving to specific goal of marketing strategy. The channels of marketing communicationcommunication can be TV, radio, Internet, billboards, etc. The PR activity can be a press conference, TV interview with company representative, internet marketing, press article about donation of the company to charity or about latest environmental project. This person-to-person contact has the goal of direct product marketing of the product and conclusion of sales.

This can be value offer ( discount ), quantity offer ( 2+1 ), prize drawings, merchandising, direct contact by animators in retail outlet, etc. The push strategy is transferring the supply pressure downstream through sales channels.
Usually these two marketing strategy approaches are interlacing. I have been gaining experience and knowledge in all aspects of internet marketing, SEO, and social media marketing for many years now. I have an artistic talent including video production, recording original music, web design, copywriting, and more.
These goals can be public informing, demand increasing, product differentiation, and product value increasing or sales stabilizing. The promotional mix represents a combination of different promotional tools. In the early stage of product life the pull marketing strategy is more dominant.
Not only does it look great, but more importantly, with his knowledge of marketing and the necessary Google key word association, I will not get lost in the ever growing directory which is the internet. The basic marketing strategy elements of promotional mix are Advertising, Public Relationship, Personal Sales and Sales Promotion. Later, when the market is saturated with own and competitor's products the push marketing strategy is predominant. The other huge benefit is that not only has he passed on this knowledge, but the information required in the form of a manual, so I am able to make changes to and update my website myself in future. This to me, starting a small business is a huge bonus, so it will not cost me hundreds of dollars to change a few words at any given time in the future.

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