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Startup expert Neil Patel recently stated that content creation is only half the battle – the rest is gaining notice.
Due to the increasing weight of social signals in SEO rankings, social distribution can even be a precursor to gaining the search rankings you need for organic traffic.  That being said, there’s a very fine line between effective content promotion and alienating your potential audience by being a spammer.
If you’re facing the challenge of building a new site’s authority and audience from the ground up, your first weeks of content promotion can feel positively pointless and frustrating. When correctly executed, your content promotion will reach a tipping point where your audience begins to do the legwork on your behalf. Once your blog gains momentum, you’ll become a lean machine which is able to utilize your content assets to generate social media followers, email subscribers, and high search rankings. The first step toward any content promotion strategy should be gaining the respect of your audience. Simply Tweeting a few times daily can cause your messages getting lost among other brands, while posting around the clock can alienate followers. While best practices indicate that the majority of engagement occurs during the day, it’s critical to do your own research on the best times for content promotion. To power up your content promotion efforts, delve into our blog article on the Best Twitter Scheduling Tools. Stats and quotes are a powerful and effective way to earn more ReTweets because they act as a self-contained message. Upload images separately when posting content to Facebook, which has been shown to increase engagement by 46%. People will be more receptive to your content promotion efforts if they see you’re willing to engage with them in a way that’s a little deeper than “Thanks for the share!” Include commentary when you promote other’s content, and take the time to ask thoughtful questions on other people’s blogs. If you quote someone, be sure to let them know, and provide opportunities for your readers to follow-up, too. Gentlemint, a Pinterest-style website dedicated to “manly things?” CafeMom, a community for Mothers?
People love being promoted by others, which is why curation can be among the most effective forms of content promotion. To begin creating your own round-up posts, keep a close eye on your RSS feeds and favorite blogs to curate the most interesting and relevant content published each week.
Their content promotion can gain more exposure by being primed for search by individuals looking for insights on social media or Facebook marketing. Your content promotion strategy will quickly fizzle if your fans figure out you aren’t willing to listen, but are just hoping to be heard. You don’t need to land a guest post on Social Media Examiner or Eloqua to see noticeable results in SEO and referral traffic. Identify websites with a mission and audience that closely match your own, and pen a thoughtful pitch to the blog manager. Your chances of receiving content promotion from readers may increase exponentially if you integrate sharing opportunities. We’re definitely not suggesting you head to Fiverr and purchase a boatload of irrelevant links to your website, which will probably get you banned from appearing in Google search entirely. Patel’s research at QuickSprout and KissMetrics has found that email is the single most-effective channel for getting readers to return to your website. It’s controversial and definitely includes content that’s not safe for work, but Reddit is an underutilized resource for content promotion.
Fresh content reigns supreme on Reddit, so it’s best to limit your content promotion to highly relevant and interesting topics. Handing over rights for networks to republish and distribute your content can be a free, easy way to achieve some serious content promotion, as long as you’re particular about where you’re willing to syndicate. LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Communities can be a powerful tool for highly targeted content promotion. For both LinkedIn and Google+ group promotion, take time to find groups that best fit your niche. Amazing Resources for Creating Buyer PersonasWhy Your Content Marketing Strategy is a Snooze10 Sources for Business Blogging InspirationSEO is Dead. Introducing The Content Promotion Strategy Decision Tree [Infographic] You are using an outdated browser. As you walk through the decision tree and arrive at your ideal promotion strategy, refer to the Content Promotion Ecosystem for more information about the tools and services that can help streamline execution.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Widen the scope with our Business Unit Strategy Powerpoint Templates Promotion Internet Diagram Ppt Themes.
We are proud to present our business unit strategy powerpoint templates promotion internet diagram ppt themes. Strategy is that which top management does that is of great importance to the Organization. The final element in a retail strategy is the retailer’s approach to building sustainable competitive advantage.
Some advantages are sustainable over a long period of time while others can be duplicated by competitors almost immediately. The rise and subsequent fall of strategic planning brings us to the definition of strategy put forth by Henry Mintzberg3. Companies can run the same advertising and promotion campaigns used in the home market or change then for local markets. Set a market based price in each country: According to the affordability for consumers in each country. The objective of this course is to understand the importance of formulating a retail market strategy and the elements of financial strategies to measure the performance of retail organisations. Call it an era of abundance, information obesity, or the content arms race, but the truth is that it’s much harder than it used to be to build an audience. Rest assured, you will gain momentum, but it takes time and a willingness to pay your dues. Marketer Steve Weller recommends delaying the promotion of your content, to instead focus on curating really great stuff. Leo Widrich advises posting 5-10 Tweets, and 1-4 Facebook posts daily, primarily between 8am and 8pm.
A number of factors can affect what works optimally for your company, including the schedules and social media usage habits of your followers.
Matthew Gratt recommends using interesting excerpts to increase your ReTweets and shares, such as quotations and statistics. You’re effectively offering value to followers without even requiring them to click through, which makes them more receptive to your content promotion. Targeted and eye-catching images, or pictures with text overlaid, can stand out and capture attention in a busy Facebook page. As social expert Rachel Sprung points out, the right niche network could remove any need to target your content promotion efforts. Weekly news posts have become a highly-effective tool for driving traffic, generating interest, and connecting with new readers. By limiting their hashtag use to two tags, and capitalizing the first letter of each word in the hashtags (a concept known as camel case), the content is still easy-to-read for followers. A HubSpot case study revealed 60,000 new visitors from search within 6 months of publishing 28 quality guest posts, just by targeting medium-sized blogs.
Include several ideas for content that will add value to their website, and a short description of the concepts you hope to cover in each article.
Sponsoring local sports teams, events and non-profit organizations can generate links and media attention which aren’t inherently sketchy. Carolyn Edgecomb of Impact Branding & Design advises content marketers to offer an exclusive offer like a whitepaper or eBook to entice visitors to convert into subscribers. Use your email list sparingly, and consider offering the option of a weekly blog digest to spotlight your best new developments.
If you’re offering a tutorial, guide, or other helpful content that could thrive on the network, create images that are pin-ready by including descriptive text and a branded watermark. Averaging around 71 million unique visitors monthly, it’s critical for marketers to become engaged on the network as opposed to just posting links, because of the role a user’s “reputation” score plays on the network.
Become a member of the Subreddit  community and comment on other’s posts to build your reputation points. For an in-depth look at the pros and cons of syndication and networks accepting contributors, check out our article How to Triple Your Audience and Lead Generation With Content Syndication. Keep in mind that many of these groups have strict rules against spamming or simply posting links, and focus on being a community-member, not a marketer while you’re in their space.

Join the community, and carefully read guidelines to determine any rules about content promotion.
It’s a free resource, and thoughtful pitches often yield remarkable results which can range from significant media attention to links back to your content.
Owned Promotion Strategy Fully utilize owned channels such as email marketing and social media to promote the content to your existing audiences.
For example, retailers talk about their merchandise strategy, promotion strategy, location strategy, and private-brand strategy. Establishing a competitive advantage means that a retailer builds a wall around its position in the retail market. Once you’ve built an audience who’s listening, begin sharing your own work, but avoid exceeding more than 20-30% of your own content as posts. To find out the networks which could be a potential goldmine for content promotion, interview your current customers about their social media usage.
Be sure to notify each blog you spotlight with a Tweet or email to maximize your potential for content promotion.
As Steve Cooper points out in Forbes, using hashtags as a tool for joining and participating in conversations (as opposed to trying to boost the chances your links will be clicked) can be a powerful maneuver. If your brand’s ideal buyer persona isn’t especially tech-savvy or interested in much besides Facebook, it may be much wiser to truly focus your efforts on the right network.
Be direct with your prospects, and ask for their feedback about your new product, Facebook cover photo, or idea.
For more insights on how to take full advantage of this content promotion opportunity, check out our Exhaustive Guide to Exceptional Guest Blogging. At last count, there were around 5,400 unique forums (known as “subreddits”), so pick the arenas that are the most relevant to your topic. Start a new discussion by asking questions, attach the link, and invite people to participate in the discussion. When using email as a channel, make sure to parse your database to only target those in the target persona the owned media was intended for.Consider creating supporting owned content such as blogs posts, videos or infographics that highlight the value of the original content. Find out which network your clients prefer spending time on, and make sure your presence on that platform is as robust as possible.
This can help increase its visibility and overall impact.Earned Promotion StrategyDevelop a highly-targeted list of journalists and niche bloggers to pitch your content to.
This strategy is advantageous since it involves no additional R & D expenses or promotional modification. Additionally, utilize tools such as HARO or Seek or Shout to make interested journalists aware of your content and give them the opportunity to share it.Depending on the content created and the relevant industries, identify where your target audience spends their time online. Using the knowledge and experience gleaned from years of client work, we are pleased to bring you the long-awaited answer to this question with the Content Promotion Strategy Decision Tree below.Most successful content depends on a promotion strategy that is unique to not only the content, but also the target audience who will likely find value in that content.
Most brands can no longer create content and just assume it will get the visibility required to drive appropriate business results. Spend time immersing yourself in the communities and media outlets to make outreach efforts and pitches as relevant, and therefore valuable, as possible.Paid Promotion StrategyFocus a portion of your paid budgets on content discovery platforms like StumbleUpon, Taboola, Outbrain, Adblade, Zemanta or another similar content amplification platform. Competition to attract your target audience is too high to depend upon the content alone.Successful content should include a strategy that considers the audience, where the content will live, who will find value in the content and how the content will be promoted to achieve these goals. More options include advertorials (sponsored articles) on popular or niche online publications, press releases and third-party email newsletters.Specialty content like mobile aps, widgets, videos, webinars and slide decks have specialty amplification networks built exclusively for them.
Good research will help you build confidence in your chosen paid promotion channels.Shared Promotion StrategyIn addition to media identification and distribution tools, get savvy with Twitter lists and blogrolls to find influencers who share similar content or interact in comparable communities. Use the free version of this tool to build a robust list of influencers to pitch.Once target influencers are identified, look at their past projects or by-lines.
Spend your time identifying and sharing your owned media with key thought leaders who can reach your target audiences through social media.Whether you’re planning to promote content you’ve already created or initiating a new content marketing campaign, this infographic will help tailor your next content promotion strategy.

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