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Welcome bands and musicians!  After releasing my band’s last album and spending countless hours trying to find the right websites, the best blogs and the smartest band promotion tools, I made a promise to document everything I learned and share it on a website dedicated to online music marketing. The top music blogs for you to contact.  No CD promotion is complete without a good music blog strategy! Learn how to set up a Fan Page for maximum impact, find out the best Facebook music apps, secrets for getting more fans and vital tips for running your own Facebook Ad campaign! If you are a new act, or even an established band or performer that needs band promo to improve your image, you’ve come to the right place - 123stickers was started by musicians, for musicians. Custom screen printed stickers and decals are an inexpensive way to advertise and promote your band.
Have your band’s street team tag or give away cheap but durable vinyl stickers and decals (that will last years outdoors) with your band name, logo, and a link to your website, MySpace page, Facebook page, Twitter name, Reverbnation artist page,  or even to promote an upcoming event or performance. Your band logo or CD cover reproduced on the front of the kick drum of the drum kit can really get your band noticed and help make your band look pro.
Many bands also have a large logo on a backdrop behind the drummer or mounted on the drum riser to make sure the audience knows who is on stage.
If you do, spread the word to your friends and share your stories with us.  Have fun, it’s a great time to be in music!
We can even print custom QR codes that will point to your page or website that are smartphone readable to be applied to your CDs or integrated into your sticker design. Many major touring bands have graphics on the front drum head, and we have provided them for acts that you may know. We will print your band’s logo or design - even your CD artwork - printed full color on a heavy-duty banner with solvent inks and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
Some of the products we offer are stickers custom printed with band logos, die-cut decals, kick drum logos, full color gig banners, banners for merch tables at concerts, and cheap stickers for giveaway and street teams.
Easy to apply, we can print a design that covers the entire drum head or a custom contour cut logo that is applied and shows the color of the head. We can also print smaller banners for your merch table, or banners that will promote an upcoming event or concert. Call or email today and let’s work together to get your band promotions and advertising kick-started today!
All products are high quality, and manufactured using long-lasting materials that are offered to you at a fair price by people that know how important it is to make your band stand out and get noticed. One color, full color, custom shape, or full coverage - our art department will work with you to make your band’s logo or design stand out on stage. All banners include a double-hem and grommets for easy mounting that will hold up for years to come. Other63 Comments 0 0CommentsIn this post Tom Di Maggio Photography shares 11 tips for taking band promotional photography.Knowing your gear and how to achieve a correct exposure is the basis for every picture you take, no matter what kind of photography we are talking about.

The following tips are not about what gear to use, or what settings are better suited, but rather about organization and how to use the available time in a most effective way as to get the best possible pictures and still have fun during the process.1. Ideally get them to let you shoot one of their performances and meet them after they’ve seen your pictures.
Use this meeting to identify the style of pictures they want to go for and what they will be using the pictures for.
Don’t be afraid to ask the band if they have a location in mind, ask your friends and family as well. Once you found the location take some snapshots, preferably at the same time of the day as the shoot will take place and from as many angles as you can. It is very important that you know which pictures that you want to take and thus where you are going to put your strobes before you arrive at the location on the day of the shoot. In some situation you might want to go the absolute opposite way, but it has to fit the purpose.5. Be realistic here, there’s no point in trying to fit 10 different sets into 60 minutes.
Once everything is sorted out in terms of photo sets meet the band again and explain in detail what will happen on the day of the shoot. If you are on a strict time schedule (because of the location or the band) make sure you meet a bit before the starting time.
You can use the time to make last minute adjustments, but try to avoid big changes at that time, it could get out of hands very quickly. You have to find the right balance between being flexible and being strict enough to follow the list of pictures you want to take.8. When you are shooting, always be on the lookout for nice opportunities between the sets, if the group is small enough you might get some keepers from these shots. It’s not a must but usually having some people there to help you with the coordination for the shoot. The next two are not really about the photo session itself, but I feel it’s important that I share my point of view on these topics.
For me the post processing is a part of the creative aspect of photography, usually I know precisely how the finished product should look like and more often than not this includes post processing.
It should be used in a creative way and not to correct mistakes that could have been prevented in-camera.11.
There’s no point in showing 60 pictures, they will be surprised by the amount of pictures and this will affect their perception of your work.
CommentsRead more from our category Guest Contributor This post was written by a guest contributor to dPS. Unfortunately, the venue had a rule that stated you could not bring cameras with detachable lenses (i.e, professional rigs.) I was very disappointed, because this is a really fun event, and the mix of bands is usually amazing!

We live in a very small town and I spent the day before combing the area for locations and found two that I liked, but the only time I could get all the band members together was 4:00 in the afternoon so I think the shadows are a bit harsh.
The other thing I found is it is really hard to get a group of 5 guys to stop goofing off long enough to get a shot where all of them look ok and none of them have a goofy look on their face. I had some shots that I liked more than the ones I eventually chose but someone had to go and look the wrong way or make a funny face haha.
The same as I did not mention camera settings, flash settings or positions ?? Maybe you could write a guest post relating to these subjects ?
I found it helps if the band and the photographer get together for a brainstorming session - that way its a colloboration. Bouncing of ideas back and fourth to come up with the concept for the shoot - is what works best for me. Also, be prepared to work fast; depending on the band, some are more famous than others and the photographer may not have all day to do a shoot.
On the other hand - I had a DJ once who wanted to shoot all day, which we did at 4 different locations, and it was a tiring day for all involved.
The same as I did not mention camera settings, flash settings or positions ;) Maybe you could write a guest post relating to these subjects ? Band photography is all about the pose and what what you want to express to people through it, be it their attitude or their style of musicBoo :( Leonie Kuizenga May 16, 2012 08:24 pm I always find it more difficult to shoot a group of people and these are great tips!
I especially like the suggestion that someone made to make sure that you listen to to some of the band's work ahead of time.
I shot video of a studio session a couple of months ago and the music was nothing like I had assumed before the shoot. Although (depending on the kind of music ) you can create a lot more intimate atmospheric pictures with the solo artist. I also am an amateur photographer with my first DSLR, a Canon T1i with external flash and a telephoto lens. Our band is about to develop our first promo packet and I am about to create one for myself as well, so your tips are very timely for me. I would also like to know any recommendations you might have for photographing a solo musician if you note any particular differences.

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