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We ofer a wide selection of promotional products that can all be imprinted with your logo and other contact information. We work with over 30 factories that specilize in producing the highest quality promotional products at the lowest prices. Every business person like you wants to have something which can grab the attention of the consumers. We offer a large selection of promotional products which allows are clients to ensure they are getting the biggest bang for their hard earned money. Promotional products are a great way to customize your company branding with items ranging from pens, mugs, pencils, tumblers and much more. Everywhere we turn there is advertising of some sort or another…online, in a magazine, in the bus, and on and on.
Like everything in marketing, it depends, but direct mail for new customers is a good play if you have the budget.
It’s also nice to hand them out to promising prospects or good customers as a salesmen sees fit during their normal dealings. Yes but make sure you have all your bases covered and consult well seasoned pros to help you with your products. Idlebrook has a virtually limitless selection of promotional products to fit every budget and branding strategy. Integ’s newly created Promotional Products Divison helps customers obtain a vast array of promotional items for a competitive price. It’s not complicated to be a good marketer—you just need the right promotional items in your marketing mix.
Hand out dozens, hundreds, thousands or more of these promotional items, and you increase your brand exposure exponentially.
Give out a promo item, and it’s not just the recipient who sees your message—your audience widens to family members, friends, co-workers, passersby and anybody who happens to catch a glimpse of your gift.

If your promo giveaway is useful or appealing to recipients, they’ll keep it and use it, often daily.
There’s nothing like a cool freebie to break the ice with potential customers and engage them in conversation. Promotional items are incredibly effective at inspiring employees and helping them form a favorable view of your business. Creating a positive brand image doesn’t happen overnight—you need to consistently shape your customers’ opinions over the years by delivering what they need and driving home your message with promotional items.
Yes, it’s necessary to market to your target audience, but with promotional products, you get brand exposure beyond your targeting boundaries.
Associate your brand with charitable events or community events by handing out custom products.
This is a great article and just goes to prove the power of promotional products and what they can do for any business or organisation. Promotional items are great exposure for your company.  A moving billboard that continues to advertise your company and products. We are approved resellers with all of them and this allows us to offer our clients with a wide selection of choices.
Promotional products offer businesses the opportunity to put a piece of their business in their clients hands.
It should be unique as possible, It can be use in a day-to-day basis so that they can remember it always and it should be used and kept for long time. No problem call us today and if possible we will let you know that we can have them to you in time, with a delivery date guarantee. We are an ASI certified dealer and have direct access to any customized product you may need, and we guarantee the lowest price. Idlebrook has long lasting relationships with countless promotional product suppliers, allowing us to be the one trusted source for all your promotional needs.

A tangible product branded with your company name and logo is the single most effective way to get your name out there.
This is especially true at tradeshows, when exhibitors are battling to get attendees to their booths. By handing out promotional items, you’re giving your audience repeated exposure to your brand, helping them remember your company and what it’s about. Promo items are extremely mobile, which means they can reach audiences to which you’ve never marketed. That promo pen or custom mug could mean the difference between customers choosing your business over a competing business.
Hand out promo items to make a situation right (a botched order or long wait times, for example), or simply give them a freebie to thank them for their business.
This sort of information should be greatly publicized in other business areas to help to build our sector and its value. If you would prefer we can narrow down the options for you including providing you with a detailed cost of each item so you can make an informed decision. No other marketing method has the potential to be seen more often than a unique promotional product that the client actually uses.
Personalization using different promotional products is best during important seasons and occasions. We proudly offer a large selection of promotional products, contact us today to find out which products are in your price range.. We are constantly searching for the smartest, most creative new products to deliver your brand message.

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