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I consider the Register Analyses because I want to underlined the communicative roles of participants and the interpersonal meaning.
The text is a promotional one, a coupon, that is a piece of paper that gives the customers of Pizza Hut Restaurants the right to have a great-deal pizza. The purpose of this promotional text is to persuade the customer by using brilliant colours, dynamic images and exortative statements. So the easy and colloquial language is useful to establish a more close relatinship between the sender and the possible consumer. The role of language is very important and gives you the idea of something clear and persuasive.
Pizza Mia gives you an amazing deal on great tasting pizza every day just $5each when you order 3 or more 1 topping mediums. AFFECTION: this text is strongly characterized by the use of hot colours and images in order to persuade the customers. An objective that follows SMART is more likely to succeed because it is clear (specific) so you know exactly what needs to be achieved.

The table below uses an example objective from a fictional software company, to illustrate how to apply the SMART objective principle. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The aim is inviting you to go to one of the Pizza Hut Restaurants and gives you a special resolution for the new year by using imperative forms and slogan expressions [“ring in the new year with Pizza Mia”, “Pizza Mia every day is a celebration”]. There are also a lot of logos which aim at fixing firmly the promotion in the customers' minds. The language is very simple and characterized by short expressions with eye-catching messages like slogans.
Businesses that have specific aims are usually more successful than those that don't; because a business with objectives knows what it is trying to achieve.
You can tell when it has been achieved (measurable) because you have a way to measure completion.
If they test their objectives against the SMART principle, they will increase their chances of success.

Moreover the written text is accompanied by images representing three tasty pizzas with different toppings and string cheese. Once a SMART objective has been set, the next step is to write a plan detailing how the objective will be achieved.
Before setting a SMART objective relevant factors such as resources and time were taken into account to ensure that it is realistic. Click on the following link to learn how objectives differ from strategy Objectives Strategy and Planning. Finally the timescale element provides a deadline which helps people focus on the tasks required to achieve the objective.
Or the following link if you would like to know about the structure and content of marketing plans Marketing Plans.

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