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John Gagne, Proximity Canada’s senior vice-president, executive creative director, came into Bailey’s office with his team and shared the idea for the now-famous campaign, in which giant red M&M’s were stashed around Toronto to be captured in Google Maps’ Street View imagery. Bailey says Proximity wanted to capture the simplicity of the experience in a way that was compelling for consumers.
Another recent focus, says Lafond, has been building Proximity’s strategic capabilities, including CRM strategists, planners and analysts. Proximity marketing is one way businesses, especially retailers, can produce near one-on-one marketing experiences with consumers. Proximity marketing, sometimes called location marketing, is wireless distribution of advertising in a specific place. Really, proximity marketing is just the more technologically advanced version of Kmart’s blue light special. Conference or convention – change messages broadcast to attendees based on what breakout sessions are happening. Retail – As a customer enters the automotive area of a store, offer discounts on products found in that area. Improvements in existing retail one-to-one mobile apps – Target stores have a useful app called Cartwheel. Hotel – Restaurants tend to locate themselves next to hotels, especially when hotels don’t have their own restaurants. Car Parking Garage – When most people return to their car after a long day at work, they think about going straight home or worse, the errands they have to run before getting home.
Mass Transportation – This industry has a long history of selling ad space on the sides of its vehicles.
About authorWanda Anglin (Wanda Anglin)Wanda Anglin has a passion to help businesses and non-profits reach their goals by attracting more of the right website visitors.
We provide search engine optimization (SEO), website design services, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising management, and offline and web marketing services globally. Si deseas recibir mas informacion acerca de nuestras tarifas y condiciones, rellena nuestra solicitud de informacion. Por primer ano, el Festival Internacional de Musica Electronica de Burgos ofrece la posibilidad de bajar el programa en el movil.
To find out which of our top 10 shops takes top honours, pick up the January 2012 issue of Marketing.
The campaign won three Bronze Lions at Cannes and a slew of hardware at both Marketing’s Digital Marketing Awards and New York Festivals this year.
Lafond himself is one of several new hires at Proximity Canada; he stepped in as president in May when Bailey was promoted to chairman of Proximity North America in New York. If you are an existing print subscriber and you have not yet created an account and password for your digital access, please select “Create an Account”. The ad content transmissions are received by on enabled devices (mobile phone, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device) in which the prospective consumer has opted in to receive them…or at least not opted out on their device’s settings.
From 1965 to 1991 and a few sporadic times since, Kmart, a discount retail store, offered surprise in-store sales. Perhaps at a home and garden show, if the main stage features a celebrity landscaper, then ads might broadcast time-sensitive discounts for people who shop online (or at a booth) for that celebrity’s products.
Once downloaded onto your mobile phone, in-store shoppers can scan product UPCs to see if there are deals (coupons or price reductions) associated with the item.

Most people hate push marketing so brands will have to be valuable and engaging, think non-promotional.
Her empathy and understanding for small business challenges comes from a background in project management, sales support, accounting, and business ownership.
Visit us in person if you are in Houston, Cypress, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Brookshire, Sealy, Simonton, San Felipe, Fulshear, Pattison, Hedwig Village, Bellaire, Hockley, Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Pearland, Pasadena, Richmond, Wharton, Columbus, Humble, Tomball, Magnolia, Waller, Conroe, The Woodlands, Galveston, Kemah, League City, or other metro Houston areas. Engage in real time with your customers, convert prospects, send coupons for your special offers, advertise for your partners, gather powerful analytics about visitors’ in-store behavior.WatchVideo Increase store traffic and offer attractive interactionAttract more shoppers in your store by delivering welcome messages or tempting coupons at the entrance of the shop or on the hallways of the mall and by promoting the best offers of the day to those passing-by near your store. This is going to be amazing,’” recalls Bailey, who was president of the agency at the time. The agency has ballooned from 91 employees at the end of August 2010 to a current roster of 174. By knowing location and time, even with limited or no additional demographic information, businesses can make assumptions about consumers. A store worker would light up a mobile blue police light in the area of the store where the short-time discount was offered. Broadcast of discounts for online or offline shopping for music, T-shirts, and other fan paraphernalia are effective when the artist is onstage. A mall can be divided into multiple localized areas to offer ads for stores that are in the immediate vicinity. Surely there are some drive-thru fast food restaurants very near the garage that would be willing to buy the privilege to offer discounts to all those weary commuters. When not helping clients, Wanda is traveling, fixing her home, or tending to her 900 trees (really). When checking out at the store’s register, a scan of the accounts QR code displayed on the phone results in all selected discounts being applied automatically.
Remember that any marketing tool should be just one piece of an overall integrated marketing plan including offline and internet marketing strategies.
With modern technology and the combination of proximity shopping with a downloaded mobile app, the marketing can become even closer to one-to-one. No clipping coupons and consumers are more likely to find more discounts than without the app, plus Target can advertise its credit card or other complementary services on the app. For example, if the blue light special was for dog food and you had a cat, you just went about your business of shopping.
But combining locally broadcast ads with an app, you can know a lot more about a specific customer. But how much more effective would it be if the consumer did not have to scan the product, but rather was guided to the products the store wants to sell to them based on demographic data? Perhaps the app has discovered that a consumer owns a pool, then as they walk in the door of your store, you can offer discounts on pool supplies. If the app knows they own a pool and have an annual income over US$250,000, the ad can be for higher end automated pool cleaners or luxury pool toys.
When the bus reaches the station, the buzzer of the beacon broadcasts a specific sound, indicating the precise location of the bus needed by the user.Customized services, made-to-measure transportationOnyx Beacon is ready to seriously expand the capabilities of the solution and to offer an important number of new services, based on exactly the same Bluetooth Low Energy concept and infrastructure, or by just adding to the existing infrastructure supplementary Bluetooth Beacons in bus stations or introducing personal „keychain beacons” for passengers in special situations. CONTACT US BUY BEACONS EventsEngagement for AttendeesTake advantage of context and surprise your visitors or attendees at conferences, fairs, concerts, festivals or exhibitions, by offering them an interactive off & online experience. Welcome your hotel guests for a memorable staySimplify the check-in process for your guests, offer them information about special offers, facilities and services.

Understand customer needs and interests and deliver personalized contextual information to them.Reward loyal customersFind who are your most loyal customers and surprise them with a reward, based on the number of their visits. CONTACT US BUY BEACONS Education: Interactive LearningTechnology is ready to transform schools, to speed up the learning process and to facilitate the information sharing process in the classrooms. Students already have access to mobile devices able to double the knowledge flow between them and their teachers.
Students missing the classes will be instantly identified and a set of pre-defined notifications will be delivered to the specific student, to the teachers, and to his parents or other contacts.Share only relevant content, monitor online accessBy using a Mobile Device Management application, tutors can temporary limit online access only to desired web addresses, depending on the location and the daily program of the students.
Professors can instantly transmit multimedia material to all students’ tablets having the school’s application installed.Encourage individual research and discoveriesPlace Bluetooth Beacons in school’s courtyard or on hallways and create dedicated learning zones for different sciences. Build interactive games and contests using the mobile middleware and our cloud-based platform and offer awards to motivate participants and to encourage positive competition. CONTACT US BUY BEACONS HealthcarePatients & Resource ManagementMicro-location in hospitals.
All the important assets of your hospital or clinic can be identified with a unique beacon sticked on them, so it will be very easy to track, find and relocate these items.Coordinate your medical teamInform your employees, in a customized personal manner, about their working program, scheduled activities, emergencies, individual professional status, or medical conditions of each patient they have in attention.
You can individually indicate directions for people to the spaces where they are needed, where they are scheduled to be and check their presence in real-time, within the entire facility.Distribute multimedia contentDistribute multimedia material to all the attendees inside your location, using a dedicated mobile application and segmenting your audience by the criteria of their medical situation, gender, age, professional status and interests. The content could be text, videos, photos, audio, widgets, medical documentation, clinical results or related links.
CONTACT US BUY BEACONS Industrial Production AppliancesThere are thousands of cases when precise micro-location, doubled by instant communication, can be extraordinary useful in industrial facilities and production precincts.
Mobilefx bluegate is australias leading proximity marketing, proximity marketing applications. At the same time, precise statistics and studies could help to improve internal flows, space usage and administration.Wayfinding and access managementYour employees, partners or visitors can take benefit from a very capable guidance service based on BLE Beacons placed within your location. Setting up their destination, they can receive orientation notifications helping them to arrive at the desired place. Bluecasting affiliatesresellers affiliatesresellers affiliatesresellers affiliatesresellers.
A Mobile Device Management application can efficiently administrate access of personnel or visitors to each area of your building, opening only the routes and rooms allowed for each specific user level.Virtual tours for real estate industryYour potential clients can virtually visit the properties in your portfolio, without your physical presence and really entering the space. An iBeacon or Eddystone network can provide them all multimedia information about the location, offering an interactive experience able to create interest and facilitate transactions. CONTACT US BUY BEACONS Smart CitiesProximity and AccessibilityAccessibility for disabled, multi-level gateways, in-building navigation, emergency routing, simplifying or even avoiding bureaucracy, smart administration of public places are the main areas of application for our micro-location and presence detection capabilities based on Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons communication.
Smart interface with public administrationPeople can automatically complete a registration or request form when entering a public office. Tickets for accessing public services, managing queues in administrative buildings, respecting privacy in some conditions, providing equal opportunities for citizens, and many other automated interactions with the public based on presence detection are indicated applications of our technology.Analytics for development and improvementsAccurate detailed analytics about frequency, time duration, preferred areas and major flows regarding people presence in public spaces like main streets, markets, parks, bus and train stations or other crowded public places.
In special health emergencies, finding a defibrillator or another medical resource in public areas can be intermediated by Beacons.

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