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Distribution of promotional materials (as files) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones, hand-held devices, communicators, laptops, mini-laptop computers) within coverage. You can use «Proximity Promoter 24x7» for distributing your promo materials with no time constraints, i.e.
Does not require any special hardware – only a computer (PC, laptop) and a Bluetooth adaptor.
Flexible configuration settings allow running promotions by a variety of algorithms, not bothering your prospective customers. The program maintains a database of subscribers who have already been sent certain files, so that the same material is not sent to them again. Project-oriented approach and centralized database allow running several advertising campaigns, quickly switch between them and remain independent from external files. Built-in scheduler allows fully automating distribution, launching different advertising campaigns and ceasing them at appointed moments. Absolutely any files can be distributed; however, keep in mind that the files must be viewable on your customers’ Bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth marketing means your customers gain access to information about products and services. Bluevibe also supports all WiFi enabled phones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. Naturally, Bluevibe also provides a full range of traditional bluetooth marketing 'Content-Push' campaigns, offering you both interactive and one-way marketing potential.

Create your own Bluevibe-based mobile applications using our easy-to-use application creator.
Proximity Promoter 24x7 is software for proximity advertising via Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Marketing). Let your computer get in touch with your potential buyer and convey your promotional message to him. Deliver relevant, quality media advertising and marketing materials to anyone within proximity of your echoBlue Bluetooth Marketing System.
Our Bluetooth Proximity Marketing products enable you to send a direct advertisement in a wide range of formats such as: Video, Audio, Text, Still Images and Animated Images.
We have developed echoBlue to utilise the functionality of Bluetooth technology to deliver targeted content to Bluetooth enabled devices. It brings with it all the Bluevibe Hotspot features, as well as the ability to run on a wide range of hardware. Proximity Promoter 24x7 provides free transmission of any files (TXT, MP3, JPG, 3GP, MP4, vCard) to mobile & fixed devices via Bluetooth. Let it work on this around the clock; that’s a lot better than handing out promotional materials through promotional folks!
Deliver content to mobiles and PDA’s quickly and with no transmission cost to either you or your target audience.
Kommunizieren.Ziehen Sie waren Nutzen aus wertvollen Standort, Kontext und Benutzerinformationen.

Moreover, the software will let you cut your advertisement budget, since a computer doesn’t require paying it wages! Beacons (Apple nennt sie iBeacons™ und Google definiert das Protokoll Eddystone) sind am einfachsten beschrieben, kleine Sender, die permanent ein Bluetooth® Signal aussenden.
Sie werden am besten in geschlossenen Raumen eingesetzt, in denen GPS nicht oder nur sehr eingeschrankt funktioniert. Onyx Beacon senden ein Signal in regelma?igen Abstanden und haben eine Batterie die einfach austauschbar sind.
Entwickler Kit jetzt bestellen Content Management System fur Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons Wir bieten Ihnen Zugriff auf unsere cloud-basierte Beacon-Management-Plattform, die es ihnen ermoglicht, Micro-location Funktionalitat in Ihre Apps zu integrieren. Wenn Sie Beacons von uns oder anderen Anbietern kaufen, konnen Sie diese zentral hier verwalten.
Unsere Beacon Hardware-Optionen ermoglichen eine flexible Stromversorgung; entweder durch Knopfzelle oder AA-Batterien (mit bis zu 4 Jahre Batterielebensdauer) oder Anbindung an eine externe Stromversorgung oder Stromversorgung uber den USB-Port. Es ermoglicht Ihnen auch UUID, Major, Minor, Sendeleistung (Power) und Frequenz (Frequency) des Beacon-Signals fur unsere Beacons zu andern. Einzelhandler ihre Bluetooth Beacons Infrastruktur nutzen, um einen Mehrwert und Umsatz zu generieren, wahrend Sie gleichzeitig die Kontrolle behalten uber das, was an Benachrichtigungen (Notifications) durch Werbepartner an Kunden gesendet wird.

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