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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. QANTAS pilots have voted to take industrial action in a move that could cause further strife for the airline. A common feature of all those disputes are unions wanting to limit outsourcing or use of contractors.
The ballotreceived strong support with 94 per cent supporting the first industrial action by pilots at Qantas since 1966.
Captain Jackson said they would seek to minimise the disruption to passengers but accused airline chief executive Alan Joyce of wanting to outsource pilot jobs.

Australian and International Pilots Association president Barry Jackson said pilots had taken the action over concerns about job security. The ballot approves a range of protected, or lawful, activity including not wearing their Qantas uniform, stop work meetings and strikes of up to two days.
The pilots union said it would meet over the weekend to discuss what its next step would be. Under workplace laws a union has to give three days notice before it starts protected industrial action. The company says dropping BlackBerry could save the airline millions of dollars a year.“We haven’t started (the transition) yet but it’s not just the crew.

We’re actually moving away from BlackBerry across the board,” Qantas chief information officer Paul Jones said. “We haven’t started (the transition) yet but it’s not just the crew.
IBM Australia said they were dropping their 500 BlackBerry devices, which would result in an estimated $1.4 million in savings. Our infrastructure is trusted by some of the most security-conscious organisations in the world — including the Australian government.” Perhaps RIM can negotiate the carrier fees and other expenses associated with using BlackBerry as to better thwart corporate accounts from ditching the brand.

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