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Create like never before with Steinberg's Cubase 6 recording software, which features updated effects, premium synths and intuitive controls. No complaints out of the 4 years i have used cubase, big jump from the vst32 version with sx and then to the sx2, haven't really felt the need yet to go to the 3.0 upgrade although i will just to stay on top of the game of this EXCELLENT program!!! Since Cubase is a sequencer program that works with the ones and zeroes of digital binary code there is no "sound" to speak of.
Using any daw to it's full capabilities is not a beginner's task, especially if the program in question professionally aimed.
I'm not big on sex appeal with a sequencer since they are not toys and if you're serious about it you don't care about the sexiness as much as the work it can efficiently do. The accessories included a dongle - which is the only bit that concerns me because I could lose it! Again, with earlier versions (including SX1), if you installed poorly written free plugins, the program would sometimes choke on startup, leaving you to figure out which plugin was jamming it up.
You might not get an email response for a minor problem, but Steinberg has an excellent user forum that some of the programmers participate in, and there are other user forums, books, tutorials, etc. After 5 years of Cubase use, my impression is that though you might not get an answer to your email, it's because the techs are too busy already solving your problem to answer every email they get. My friend has Nuendo (basically Cubase with some multimedia features) in his professional studio.

Cubase does almost everything I need and is flexible enough to do the rest with a few more purchase. I used garage band to record an R & B singer with a very short attention span for about 2 months. One day I imported the audio that garageband recorded into Cubase for mastering and OH MY GOD!! It's like driving a manual transmission, it may seem impossible at first, but then it's no big deal.
Good news is Cubase 4 is STABLE, nothing irrates me more than a sequencer that crashes mid session. That being said, it's going to take some time before a novice can unleash the potential in a maturely developed and deeply concieved program such as Cubase 4. There's a warmth to the digital programming environment which has to be heard to be understood.
I sometimes need to spend a few hours re creating MIDI lines with a pen tool and lining them up against the original audio. IT is generally always rock-solid - and with the newer VST3 technology it seems harder to crash Cubase. I think it could definitely improve if it were less demenading on the processors inside the computer, that I believe, will come as computer technology eveolves.

In the world of mix and match PC components, it is surprising that this group designed a product that plays nice with almost any combination of components. I had Cubase 4 installed but I always fired up garageband because it saved me about the odd 10 - 30 secs extra to set up a new session so she wouldn't loose the thought.
She noticed the difference immediately and now she totally REFUSES to record using anything else but Cubase 4 lol. Cubase has such a liquidity in the screen, plus a cool targeting feature that seems to know just what and where you wish to edit, freely (not with quantization) lining things up to guide the eye while doing work with pin-point accuracy.
Having looked extensively at Cubase user forums, I have seen so few complaints regarding hardware compatibility problems. Steiberg has set many new standards in the DAW world and in my book is now the leader in the computer music world. But I tell you the audio quality is worth it, I've never regretted a single penny spent on it. The time warp tool, in-place editing, grouped folders and input channel strips bring the product that much closer to a decked out professional hardware based studio.

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